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66 Reviews

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Is Appliances Delivered legit?

Appliances Delivered has 66 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.3 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Appliances Delivered customer care?

You can contact Appliances Delivered customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 01-8453562

Where is Appliances Delivered located?

Appliances Delivered is located at address Newgrange Business Park, Donore Road, Lagavooren, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland.

66 Reviews on Appliances Delivered

  1. Rachel Gould
    1 rating

    Avoid the entire process at all costs If you value customer service.

    Dec 5, 2022

    Avoid the entire process at all costs If you value customer service. Communication issues are abysmal. Frontline employees do to do their best, but there's an unresolved gap between Appliances Delivered along with their so-called 'delivery partners.' '

  2. Victoria Burch
    1 rating

    This a joke about a company

    Dec 5, 2022

    This a joke about a company that purchased a brand new refrigerator Freezer for my mother two weeks ago. We plugged into it at first this weekend. The fridge will freeze everything. I called them and was told to contact the manufacturer and notify them of the problem. After reaching the manufacturer myself, I was provided with a ref. Number. I had to call to get the ref. Number. They have now told me they'll call the manufacturer, and someone will visit and examine the refrigerator. They don't say when. .... So we're left without a fridge. I will never again deal with this particular company... stick with the retailers you do not.

  3. Patrick Steele
    5 rating

    Excellent service

    Dec 4, 2022

    We arrived promptly. Excellent service. Driver Brendan was extremely friendly and efficient. He removed old appliances without any questions. He's a credit for the company. I will work with this business again.

  4. Derrick Key
    4 rating

    Which appears to be defective

    Dec 3, 2022

    Danielle served as the contact person to arrange a visit with Whirpool. They are waiting for their evaluation of the device, which appears to be defective. Very accommodating and satisfied with the interactions.

  5. David Holt
    2 rating

    The washing machine was delivered on time and was a great price.

    Dec 3, 2022

    The washing machine was delivered on time and was a great price. However, there were two hoses from the previous engine, which they took out, and just one hose to fit the new model. The second hose was slow to drip at the back. Therefore, when the appliances arrived, the delivery crew put in the new machine, left the old hose in place, and hung it from the side (which I could not observe since it's an integrated unit). When I returned the next day, my kitchen was inundated, and the floors were warped in the living room. AD did not believe it was their responsibility to shut the hose that was not being used (I think they should at least informed me about it). However, they did send an engineer to repair the issue. However, the floorboards are still damaged...

  6. Edward Adams
    5 rating

    It is hassle-free and highly efficient

    Dec 1, 2022

    Friendly and accommodating staff. I had a conversation with Martin and Brendan regarding the purchase. I'll use this service for all my appliances in the future. It is hassle-free and highly efficient.

  7. Rajdeep Kaur
    2 rating

    It is probably better to buy locally.

    Dec 1, 2022

    It is probably better to buy locally. They provided me with an appliance that was damaged. They did not offer a discount or compensation due to it being damaged. I paid for a repairman to install the dishwasher, and now it needs to be removed and replaced with a new one—additionally, I the difficulty filling out the return paperwork. I'll never purchase at them again. The delivery man left the package in my 85-year-old mother's narrow hallway and couldn't carry it into the kitchen. It was a terrible experience for all.

  8. Sonal Vyas
    1 rating

    I am waiting for deliveries when they aren't paid

    Dec 1, 2022

    Horrendous experience. We ordered a washing machine five days ago and were informed that it would be delivered the next day. The device has not yet been provided. The courier came today and handed me the wrong package with many items. He demanded that I accept them, even after repeatedly stating that they were not my shipment. I feel sorry for the person whose order has gone missing. Poor customer service from the courier, who was rude and stated that they would not be bringing appliances to the house they wanted to put in a driveway. The courier also refused to take away the old machine, even though we were told that it was to be taken away. In addition, trying to get a response from the device delivered to determine my order's location has been proving to be a challenge. I am waiting for deliveries when they aren't paid. Next-day delivery doesn't occur with this site!!

  9. John Colwell
    2 rating

    I've purchased a washing machine and fridge.

    Nov 29, 2022

    I've purchased a washing machine and fridge. Excellent prices; however, the refrigerator was defective; instead of receiving a replacement, I was informed that the fridge would be repaired. I waited two weeks to hear from the refrigerator manufacturer and another week to get a service member to caltoldformed me that a new component was being ordered, and the manufacturer never called me again. After a month, I got a full refund when I returned the item through a courier service, clearly paying for delivery and then to the warehouse. Ridiculous! Horrible experience working with customer care.

  10. Matt Walker
    1 rating

    They're great when you do not have problems

    Nov 16, 2022

    They're great when you do not have problems. But if you have a problem, they can't assist you. You need to fill in online forms and submit photos extremely time-consuming, then explain to a variety of people.
    We're in Blessington, just 5 miles from the city's west base. I could have driven down there at least ten times over time. They gave them a fridge that is not working correctly and food freezing throughout the kitchen. When we contacted them, they told us they'd get someone out within 48 hours. The fridge we had before has gone, meaning we'll need to dispose of all this food. They've been trying to transfer blame to my installer and the manmanufacturerespite my interactions with them. I wouldn't recommend them.

  11. Frances Tate
    2 rating

    The appliance direct has been informed of the issue

    Nov 13, 2022

    I wasn't informed about the dishwasher delivery time and was at work when the delivery arrived, and none of my neighbors were present. Delivery was scheduled between half-ten and half-eleven the following day. I'm still here, and it's 1.45! I've rung appliances and talked with the lady who answered, and I'm trying to figure out how long it will take to deliver the dishwasher. Two hours later, I discovered that the dishwasher would not be delivered until Monday due to inexplicable circumstances. I demanded the dishwasher be canceled since I couldn't afford to miss an additional work day! I received a phone call from the delivery guy telling me he'd have the dishwasher for me within an hour. Dishw asher came with a scratch over it. It seems to be working perfectly. The appliance direct has been informed of the issue, and I is waiting for an answer.

  12. Lucy Berry
    1 rating

    I'll need to file a small claim to recover my money.

    Nov 11, 2022

    Poor after-sale service. Samsung Washing machine broke down six months after purchase. It came with a 10-year warranty! The manufacturer had no engineers available to examine the problem. I was told that there is there was nothing they could do. I contacted the appliance, and they told me it was unrelated to them. I sort it out by contacting Samsung, which isn't legal, too! It's a shocking situation! I'm currently out of pocket EUR500. I'll need to file a small claim to recover my money.

  13. Ellen Looby
    4 rating

    The gentleman was great, friendly, and professional.

    Nov 2, 2022

    Fantastic service Danielle McLoughlin provides such excellent assistance. I would have liked to have a bit more notice of delivery, but the gentleman was great, friendly, and professional.

  14. Suzanne Davey
    5 rating

    The washer stopped working on Friday

    Sep 28, 2022

    The washer stopped working on Friday; I purchased what I needed on Friday afternoon, received delivery on Monday, and the collection of my old washer. Everything went flawlessly. The delivery guy was terrific Excellent service all around.

  15. Leslie Mellin
    4 rating

    The shopping experience was fantastic

    Jul 14, 2022

    The shopping experience was fantastic, but I would only say that the delivery took an extra day to get the appliance delivered because I placed my order after 2 pm. The service, however, was exceptional. The delivery driver advised me early in the morning that he would deliver the appliance to our doorstep. When he arrived, he opened the device in the van and brought it (fridge) to our home, ready to be plugged into.

  16. Niamh Frawley
    5 rating

    The staff at the store made me want to return shortly

    Jun 11, 2022

    In truth, what attracted me to this website was the cost of the refrigerator freezer I was looking to buy.

    The ordering process was simple; however, what will keep me returning is the service I had to receive.

    I sent an email on Thursday evening asking when delivery would be and received a call early the next day from a fantastic lady who I don't recall her name, who informed me that it would be on Monday.

    I was happy. However, the fridge arrived Saturday morning, which was a delight.

    A personal note from the staff at the store made me want to return shortly. I highly recommend it!

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