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  1. Dave Craddock
    Oct 21, 2022

    They're only excessive scratches that ought to be permitted

    My phone is in “poor” condition, but they don’t want to make that payment and say that the front needs to be replaced due to it being “cracked,” but there are no cracks in my screen. They’re only excessive scratches that ought to be permitted. They offer slow shipping, so it took about a week for them to deliver it and then a week to return when I refused their offer. Please don’t waste your time with their low prices and unreliable inspections. I had it via, and they agreed to the proposal at the cost of 100 dollars over SellLocked. The item was received and checked within a matter of days, even in the middle of Christmas.

  2. Akin Magbadelo
    Oct 21, 2022

    I would use this service again

    Everything went as planned, and I was paid the following day after the phone was delivered. I spent in full the amount I was given. I would use this service again. Much easier than dealing avec people who are a joke on eBay LOL

  3. Thomas Ebel
    Jul 27, 2022


    I sold an iPhone 13 that I bought from the market site to them. The original owner had it missing a few days after I purchased it. I would have lost that money if I hadn’t sold it to the business. I was able to make the majority of it back. The check was due in two weeks.

  4. James Watson
    Jun 26, 2022

    Fantastic service!

    Fantastic service! I was initially wary. However, I finally decided to go for it and am more pleased with the outcome. The label was delivered quickly, shipping was fast, and I paid in 2 days, as promised. I will use this service again in the future if required!

  5. Melisa Montoya
    Apr 25, 2022

    Trusted Company

    It is straightforward to sell phones in any condition. I sold a phone that had a bad ESN and was blocked. I could not find the original owner’s information and filed a police report.

    However, to recover my loss (I lost an iPhone 13 Pro), I turned to SellLocked. I received a quote and an email prompt with a UPS shipping label. It was printed and sent out. It took just one day to turn it around.

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