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4 Reviews on Fortador Steamers

  1. Tom Her
    Nov 1, 2022

    Steamer issue

    I’ve purchased the steamer pro plus cause of the great reviews but only to keep having issues with it first out l it was the vacuum then the mother board and screen, then one of the pumps, now the mother board again.
    The first few time I reached out to them they kept saying it was my fault I was using it wrong. How when I followed all the steps and watched the videos on how to use it.
    Then I kept getting the run around and no one was getting me answers till I got aggressive with them.
    The service tech was helpful on his part but the customer service was horrible.
    They take your money happily and but when we have a problem they’re not happy to help. Ive requested a refund and they keep avoiding it and trying to push me to keep it so I did for the first year.
    Now it’s the second year using it only have 150 hours on machine and it’s down again. Not happy with steamer nor the way the company is handling things.

  2. Karl Owens
    Jul 27, 2022

    I am happy with the purchase I want to thank you for your help

    To upgrade the equipment at the sink, I sought assistance selecting the proper steamer for cleaning. The suggested Fortador PRO Plus model was delighted with its features. I am happy with the purchase. I want to thank you for your help.

  3. Dianne Garced
    Jun 26, 2022

    highly recommend Fortador products

    Fortador machine. Lev and his crew were fantastic in keeping us informed at every step, from the ordering process to the shipping dates. After we had everything unpacked by the directions, we were immediately impressed with how well Fortador was. There were minor “bumps on the learning curve” that were easily handled and dealt with by Lev and his staff. I highly recommend Fortador products and would strongly recommend their customer service.

  4. Robinson
    Apr 22, 2022

    After purchasing my Fortador pro

    My Fortador pro plus was purchased 5 years ago. It was flawless, it lasted the test of time, and the price for parts and accessories is too high. My home is Trinidad and Tobago, which has a different economy than the USA and Europe.

    I think that the parts cost should be set at a higher price. But overall it’s a beast of all steamers. I was thinking of buying the portable steamer, but the price is comparable to a karacher Steamer.

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