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23 Reviews on Buy A-charger

  1. Daniel Gray
    4 rating
    May 27, 2023

    Excellent service

    Excellent service and good product. Except for a faster delivery date (it took approximately a week for it to reach me, which was right in the middle of Christmas- New Year week), which I can understand is challenging because it came from the opposite continent. However, I cannot be unhappy with the service. And the charger is working fine.

  2. James Harman
    2 rating
    May 26, 2023

    No response

    I sent an email regarding delivery, no response. I arrived e to see the package on Lyithe Street in front of my door getting soaked from the rain. I was not particularly pleased with the service. However, I received the item I wanted.

  3. Heather Pearce
    1 rating
    Mar 13, 2023

    I would have read the Trustpilot review before purchasing.

    I would have read the Trustpilot review before purchasing. I received the charger about. 2 weeks, but it did not work. We've tried to contact them multiple times (via "Contact Us") but have received no response. Do not spend your money dealing with this company. They might be inexpensive, but their services are not worth it, and you're just wasting your money.

  4. Louise Huffer
    1 rating
    Mar 12, 2023

    Do not purchase from this fraudulent Chinese firm

    Do not purchase from this fraudulent Chinese firm. It's fraud. It's been twenty days since I paid for a "new and authentic battery' for my Lenovo that never came. I've reported the scammer to PayPal and am waiting to hear back. The website says they used to send the order to DHL, EMS, UPS, RM1R, EUEXP, Royal Mail, or HK Post...and they do not mention Yodel. In my instance, they stated that delivery would be made by Yodel and gave me a tracking number—a total fraud. I lost my money.

  5. Franky Sykes
    1 rating
    Mar 11, 2023

    Beware of all risks after I purchased my adapter.

    Beware of all risks after I purchased my adapter. I received a sale confirmation and a confirmation immediately. I received an invoice and proof that the item took three weeks to arrive; when it did, this was because it wasn't the correct adapter, and it didn't work. I sent several emails and was requested to send pictures which I did, and I was informed after sending further emails that they didn't receive the images after sending several emails. Still, I received no reply, wishing I had read reviews before purchasing from them. Also, I didn't realize that the company was located in China.

  6. Scott Potter
    1 rating
    Mar 8, 2023

    I've ordered a charger for my printer

    I've ordered a charger for my printer, which was HP Deskjet. I've not received it yet. The printer wasn't delivered, and I'm still waiting. Please get in touch with us to let us know where the parcel is located and the number of days it'll take to arrive. They stated 2 to 6 business days, but it's now the seventh day, and I await your response. My address for delivery is 78 Dorset street, bl2, 1hr Bolton. Check the address.

  7. Bruce Reed
    1 rating
    Mar 7, 2023

    They accepted the payment that same day

    I purchased a charger. They accepted the payment that same day. I'm still waiting seven days. I've tried to contact them two times and haven't received any response from customer service. They say 2 - 5 days from delivery. It's not acceptable without contact. I am not sure they are still in existence. However, they are still accepting payments. BEWARE

  8. Shelby Griggs
    1 rating
    Mar 6, 2023

    My charger didn't get sent for more than one week.

    False advertising- the website clearly states that products are shipped within a day. My charger didn't get sent for more than one week. After several emails to cancel my order, I was told it would be shipped soon. Also, the products are shipped from China, which is a problem for anyone thinking it's a UK-based website, as I did.

  9. Marge Kellogg
    1 rating
    Mar 5, 2023

    Do not deal with this business at all costs.

    Do not deal with this business at all costs. I ordered a new charge from their company. After it arrived, the charger was not connected correctly. I contacted them, and they provided images of the charger they offered. They told me the charge was valid. However, it does not. I'm assuming this is an essentially fraudulent business. If you order with their website, you will not get the charger you want or must pay for. They will also not refund you in any circumstance.

  10. Robert Shea
    1 rating
    Mar 5, 2023

    The charger they provided wasn't the correct one I put in

    The charger they provided wasn't the correct one I put in. I purchased one for my TV and got a completely different one to use as a laptop. I've been trying since the beginning of June to get a refund. I've sent all the pictures twice, and they don't respond. The problem is that they're located in China, so you cannot contact them—poor service. Avoid buying from the UK.

  11. Alan Zimm
    1 rating
    Mar 3, 2023

    They claim they "usually" send within one business day.

    They claim they "usually" send within one business day. However, after contacting support three butteriness days after placing the purchase, I was told they'd send the order within 1-2 days! Be honest or announce that you do not stock specific models and must import them from China or other countries, or stop saying you'll ship in a single day. I would not recommend untruthful business actions. Beware. An ongoing warning that you can find below.

  12. Seeley Farm
    1 rating
    Mar 2, 2023

    It's a disgusting service.

    This is a scam business. It's a disgusting service. It took a month to deliver a charger. They had the incorrect charger. They then nag you for a week, asking you to return your charger to China. There's no talk of postage or any refund. If you don't want to waste time and money and are annoyed, use this company. If I could rate it a zero-star rating, I would.

  13. Jessica Glaeser
    1 rating
    Mar 1, 2023

    I am highly disappointed with this company.

    I am highly disappointed with this company. I purchased a charger, and it was delivered perfectly. However, the charger wasn't the correct one for my notebook because of the pin. I have contacted them via their website multiple times, asking how to return the item and receive a reimbursement. I haven't received an answer from them. The communication they provide is poor.

  14. Linda Phelps
    1 rating
    Feb 26, 2023

    The laptop is not returned in the first week of next week

    Honestly, I am depressed that I haven't received my charger even though I ordered it over one week ago. I'm now forced to take a laptop loan from a relative to participate in my online meetings. I am furious and will seek legal action if the laptop is not returned in the first week of next week.

  15. Aley Desiderio
    1 rating
    Feb 24, 2023

    Please do not buy a charger from Buy A-charger

    Please do not buy a charger from Buy A-charger because they are useless when you order an alternative charger. They claimed to verify our laptop's serial number to ensure we received the correct charger. They didn't and shipped us the wrong charger, which wasn't the one we ordered. They claimed to use authentic parts but instead provided a no-brand product. They said they would send you 2-4 days postage via Royal Mail; they didn't, but it took six days via Yodel. Don't utilize these companies. I am so disappointed! I'm currently fighting for a refund, which isn't perfect since they're located in CHINA.

  16. Rod Burnham
    1 rating
    Feb 21, 2023

    We will never use them again.

    The courier Yodel has not been delivered and has failed them; I left some messages without a response. Beware, not a good company based in China. PayPal is currently. We will never use them again.

  17. Some Guy
    3 rating
    Feb 18, 2023

    It had to be shipped from the manufacturing facility in China.

    I purchased my charger had my order was acknowledged on 8tthe h. The tracking shows it is departing China and taking time until it finally arrives on the 16th, 13 days after. Don't expect instant results. The charger is working fine and could be unique in that it had to be shipped from the manufacturing facility in China.

  18. Anita Craig
    3 rating
    Feb 15, 2023

    Several problems were not necessary from the beginning to the point of delivery

    I would have liked to have the tracker system to find out the location of my belongings from the beginning to avoid having to contact you to ask for the place of my item since suddenly I could not hear anything, so I was worried about my product. Still, the tracker's information didn't make sense. I initially thought it would be sent via Royal Mail, but then I noticed on the tracker that Yodal was the owner, which I could see on the tracker; it appears to be having trouble finding my address on the first delivery attempt. It's now in my possession. However, several problems were not necessary from the beginning to the point of delivery

  19. Winston Reeves
    2 rating
    Feb 12, 2023

    The wrong item was sent.

    The wrong item was sent. When I wrote that I had sent the wrong item, I received a request for 5-6 pictures to make sure they knew I was not lying. I sent them but received no response, regardless of the remainder. It's a shame, as the delivered product was in perfect condition and came with the free USB charging cable for the first time as a present. Having an item of another model with a warranty that "works" is not a solution since using it makes it challenging to obtain a confirmation from the company that owns my device.

  20. Heidi Noble
    1 rating
    Feb 9, 2023

    I'm not getting my refund

    I was frustrated in arranging to return the item as it did not accommodate my laptop, and they had sent me the wrong charger twice. They provide a 30-day guarantee on their money back. It's been almost six months since I've been left with two charging devices I can't use, and I'm not getting my refund! Do not purchase from this company; they have poor customer service.

  21. John Fong
    5 rating
    Jul 27, 2022

    I would highly recommend this business

    When I considered where I purchased the item (China), I received my purchase in 10 days.

    The website updated me on the date it was shipped, where it was received, and its final destination.

    It gives the user peace of peace. Additionally, they gave me a complimentary present, which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

    I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking to purchase replacement items.

  22. Venkata Ramana
    4 rating
    Jun 26, 2022

    Correct charger provided

    The charger provided didn't get too hot ( roughly the same as the one included in the laptop ) 5 days from when I placed my order until delivery. The only issue was that I could not find any tracking data. I sent them a mail on the 5th of May and received a quick reply saying they would check it out and then discovered it on the floor just a couple of hours later, so there was no reason to worry that my order was not delivered.

  23. Devis
    5 rating
    Apr 15, 2022


    FAKE AND NOT UK-BASED. After complaining about the "Dell original" charger that I received, I was emailed to say: "After we get it, you'll get a refund." I'm sorry, but you can send it back to China for more than the cost of the fake charger. I don't think so. WARNING: After I searched for them on ACharger UK, they changed the name of their website to ChargerStore UK. They are a scammer! These companies need to be investigated by Watchdog! They advertise on A "We offer easy return!" FAKE ADVERTISING IS NOT ACCEPTED.

    You will receive an email with an RMA Number. People buy genuine products for a reason - to prevent their devices from malfunctioning. FAKE products aren't tested and cannot be guaranteed. You would expect to receive a counterfeit product falsely advertised and manufactured in China. These chargers for PS1 should be sold because they are worth it!

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