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3 Reviews on Buy A-charger

  1. John Fong
    Jul 27, 2022

    I would highly recommend this business

    When I considered where I purchased the item (China), I received my purchase in 10 days.

    The website updated me on the date it was shipped, where it was received, and its final destination.

    It gives the user peace of peace. Additionally, they gave me a complimentary present, which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

    I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking to purchase replacement items.

  2. Venkata Ramana
    Jun 26, 2022

    Correct charger provided

    The charger provided didn’t get too hot ( roughly the same as the one included in the laptop ) 5 days from when I placed my order until delivery. The only issue was that I could not find any tracking data. I sent them a mail on the 5th of May and received a quick reply saying they would check it out and then discovered it on the floor just a couple of hours later, so there was no reason to worry that my order was not delivered.

  3. Devis
    Apr 15, 2022


    FAKE AND NOT UK-BASED. After complaining about the “Dell original” charger that I received, I was emailed to say: “After we get it, you’ll get a refund.” I’m sorry, but you can send it back to China for more than the cost of the fake charger. I don’t think so. WARNING: After I searched for them on ACharger UK, they changed the name of their website to ChargerStore UK. They are a scammer! These companies need to be investigated by Watchdog! They advertise on A “We offer easy return!” FAKE ADVERTISING IS NOT ACCEPTED.

    You will receive an email with an RMA Number. People buy genuine products for a reason – to prevent their devices from malfunctioning. FAKE products aren’t tested and cannot be guaranteed. You would expect to receive a counterfeit product falsely advertised and manufactured in China. These chargers for PS1 should be sold because they are worth it!

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