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3 Reviews on World Wide Stereo

  1. Slater Hospitality
    July 27th, 2022

    It is incredible how the Amazon Pay payment system is very convenient

    It is incredible how the Amazon Pay payment system is very convenient. Delivery is swift, the payment process is simple, and everything is flawless. I want to mail coupons for discounts via email to the purchaser.

  2. Frank William
    June 26th, 2022

    they were rude

    The company shipped my expensive turntable as though it was a bag of used diapers..No packaging materials, and the moment I phoned to express my concerns, they were rude.

  3. Ken Weissman
    April 29th, 2022

    Overall, the experience was extremely positive

    Overall, the experience was excellent. My shipping information was not uploaded to UPS, so I’m giving it four stars. UPS offers a “my choice” feature that displays all outbound and inbound shipments on a calendar or dashboard. UPS was notified that my load had not arrived, and I needed to confirm. The seller didn’t upload my information to UPS, so My Choice wouldn’t work for this shipment.

    My 1-star deductibility is for having to contact UPS to get my shipment delivered. I hope you will upload the customer information to UPS for future orders, so the additional features available to all UPS users at no cost work correctly and don’t cause confusion. I was limited to three options: Amazon (shipping would have taken two weeks), the manufacturer’s website (shipping would have taken three days longer), and World Wide Stereo (shipping would be delayed by three days).

    I also could not use your website. I would have chosen another shipper if I had known about the UPS issue and could get next-day shipping elsewhere. I wouldn’t say I like calling UPS or FedEx.
    Everything else was excellent. My product was quickly found by the website search tool. The checkout process was simple and easy to understand.

    The overall experience was excellent, and I had no issues. If the shipping time and item were identical, I would shop elsewhere. You were the only way to ship overnight in this instance. If this were not an issue, World Wide Stereo would be at the top of my shopping list.

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