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6 Reviews on DFS Furniture

  1. Gary Gunderson
    August 2nd, 2022

    She was knowledgeable

    I am eagerly awaiting the furniture to arrive! Helen in The Sidcup Branch was accommodating during the purchase of a brand fresh Danbury couch. She was knowledgeable as well as patient while we made our choices. The sofas are of excellent quality and excellent service.

  2. Debora Leavens
    July 15th, 2022

    This item is for elderly parents

    This item is for elderly parents. Joseph was extremely accommodating and patient of theirs. My husband and I went to the store for an inspection on Monday because the room was limited.

    Katie was accommodating and helpful as well. The shop has a pleasant ambiance with willing and not pushing staff.

  3. Cherill Ricketts
    July 8th, 2022

    Sofa broke up after 6 months

    Sofa broke up after six months. They did fix it twice, but they used faux leather, so it’s split and cracked, and it looks downright awful. The frame is constructed out of chipboard, and it’s the most uncomfortable couch I’ve ever been on! The sofa is cheap and nasty, and it’s expensive!

  4. Lucy Mangielli
    June 25th, 2022

    excellent service, incredible value, and top-quality sofas

    From the moment we entered the building, We were warmly greeted and then left to browse around. When we asked a few questions (including several), we got the proper guidance… 30-45 minutes later, we found our perfect sofa and decided to purchase it: excellent service, incredible value, and top-quality sofas.

  5. Amy Watson
    May 14th, 2022

    poor customer service and lousy manufacturing

    Purchased a three-seater sofa at dfs Warrington for PS1.300 Buy a couch from this site if you are looking for a second-hand sofa. Sofa was missing padding in one corner. They called it a deep scratch, or as they call it, a cow bite. We were told to be aware of it, but they wouldn’t let us buy a sofa if they claimed it could be damaged from cow bites. Three leather settees have had no cow bites.

    A customer service manager came with thin padding to put in the corner. They refused to return it, so we have to pay for a settee that we don’t like. I advise you not to buy from them. I wish I’d read the negative reviews. If I had the opportunity to upload photos, I would. This company seems to be making excuses for poor customer service and lousy manufacturing. I will be investigating my rights as a consumer.

  6. Matthew
    April 21st, 2022

    The right place Right time!

    Heather met us at the store to help us find a new sofa. She was accommodating and understanding when we explained our needs. We chose the right sofas for our space thanks to her helpful and informative advice. We were so fortunate to be there that day.

    A customer had to cancel a delivery, and the sofas they received were exactly what we ordered! We were delighted to be able to order a 2-week delivery rather than having to wait seven weeks. It was meant to be! Heather, thank you for your assistance.

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