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  1. George Lane
    August 2nd, 2022

    How long will it take to stop the advertisements while I'm browsing?

    The product I purchased to gift my wife, a bowl, is gorgeous, though it is a little smaller than I expected. I gave the bowl a single star because since the middle of November when I purchased the bowl, I’ve been bombarded with ads for Artemest when I opened my internet browser.

    It’s January now, and they’re still going on incessantly. So the message is clear If you don’t are looking to avoid being bombarded by ads by them, avoid their website!

  2. Jeffrey Helal
    July 15th, 2022

    Overall, I'm very pleased

    Excellent product, extremely well-made, and delivered on time for the shipping date. The items were very well packaged and well-packed, which is crucial. Overall, I’m very pleased.

  3. Alice Burnett
    July 8th, 2022

    I was hoping for a better quality product

    I bought this set, “Marble Mortar with Wooden Pestle,” and the product description says, “This elegant set is crafted with the utmost care.” I didn’t find that as the actual case. The item was delivered with a small crack along the inside, and the rounded embellishments were not appropriately shaped. It’s okay for what it is and will function as intended; however, it’s not as described. I was hoping for a better quality product.

  4. Maritza Montano
    June 24th, 2022

    the service and the delivery

    I ordered two pieces and one of them was damaged. Your concierge was quick to address my concerns and the designer was able to replace the item in a short time. I’ve ordered additional items and am extremely pleased with the service and the delivery.

  5. Elvyra Sulska
    May 13th, 2022

    Incredible Craftsman and service

    I was worried about purchasing an item from Italy without being able to view it or knowing how to get it through customs in Australia. It was unnecessary to be concerned. The Chess Table was of high quality, and the craftsman did an outstanding job.

    It was well packed to ensure that the Table did not get damaged during transit to Australia. Artemest handled all of the customs paperwork. I was also notified via email and text that my item was tracking. It was so easy. Artemest Concierge was also extremely helpful. I appreciate your help. I will use you again.

  6. Philip Johnson
    May 9th, 2022

    A beautiful selection

    Artemest is a beautiful company. They have a great selection and reasonable shipping costs. They also provide responsive customer service and quick turnaround times. This is a big difference in today’s market.

    They beat their estimates every time and ship the crate in days. Although I have not ordered large items, this is my experience.

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