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  1. Brett Hissam
    Jan 13, 2023

    Wayfair ships defective and hazardous products

    Wayfair ships defective and hazardous products. After having reported the issue and seeking a refund, they charged us $100 because we were required to unpack the box. The idea is to give $100 to the company to return the $#*!ty products to safeguard my family. Daylight Robbery! I wish we had a mechanism by which these companies could be held accountable for their conduct. The stealing of money from the public promotes the convenience of e-commerce. I talked to the supervisor EVA. She stated she believed that “the product is not defective or hazardous. It just doesn’t suit my needs.”

  2. Larry Steidle
    Aug 2, 2022

    I've been using it for over more than a decade and will continue to use

    I’m a professional who decorates for television shows and films and utilizes Wayfair frequently. When their packages with a defect, Wayfair always steps up to fix the issue.

    They will be the ones I continue to use since they can access many things. Also, there is a professional assistance line that I can access… which for me is an essential factor in the business.

  3. Trista Speth
    Jul 15, 2022

    made a mistake

    A stock image of five bedspreads with patterns on their website shows them sideways instead of bottom to top, meaning that when the bedspread is correctly placed on the bed, the way appears different from the image. This was done to promote them due to a mistake made by mfg.

    They were notified that they had made a mistake, but there was no correction of the photos. I’m planning to take them over to the FTC for misleading advertising.

  4. Debra Rausch
    Jul 8, 2022

    I am very disappointed with this transaction and the response

    I found a portable open box hot tub for sale at a fantastic price. I called and spoke with an employee in the morning and then placed an order, then yelled at night to discuss the order as it was not showing as on hold. Rep assured me that this was not happening until the order was able to be completed. The following day, I received an email stating that my order had been returned and canceled.

    I talked to an online Rep who informed me it was not in stock. Since it was an open box, I’m guessing they cannot offer a replacement. I am very disappointed, and the discount of 10% is not helping. I should have been able to let me know when I placed my order or by talking to the Rep.; I am very disappointed with this transaction and the response.

  5. Gustavo Macgrew
    Jun 25, 2022

    Thanks Wayfair for the easy experience

    In a world full of delays, Wayfair is a blessing! Their selection of furniture is fantastic as well. I was looking at the boucle couch of another firm, and after buying, the delivery date kept moving. I could locate the boucle couch on Wayfair that was larger and prettier.

    It was also a more affordable price. I instantly canceled my previous company. My Wayfair sofa was delivered the following day following my purchase. I spent the extra $10 to give it to my home, which was easy! I want to thank Wayfair for the easy experience and the stunning boucle sofa I have always wanted!

  6. Vuyie Piyo
    May 14, 2022

    Unpleasing experience

    Wayfair patio furniture was a great place to shop for. I spent hours browsing the site. Nearly $1750 later, I had to re-arrange my schedule twice as their shipping date changed. This meant that my installation date also changed.

    Then I find out that FedEx must leave the boxes outside my condo. I must bring in three packages that weigh 50-75 lbs each. Wayfair will not allow furniture to be brought inside a home that weighs more than 150 lbs. This little detail would be helpful. Wayfair should make its delivery policy clearer on its website.

    Unfortunately, Wayfair’s reviews are not as extensive as they claim on their website. I was wasting way too much time on absolutely nothing. They were “gracious” enough not to charge me a return fee. It was only a one-time fee waiver. It was so thoughtful.

    Wayfair will not have to worry about me returning products in the future. I have no intention of ordering again from them.

  7. Bruce
    Apr 22, 2022


    I ordered a piece of furniture, and they put a hold on it for a few more days. I called them to find out what was happening. They said they would release the handle and that it would be delivered. They canceled my order within 5 minutes. I spoke to a customer service representative who informed me that they had found an error in the pricing and withdrew it.

    However, they said they would release the hold and deliver it. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE WAS VERY RUDE when I tried to figure this all out. Everything was new to me as a customer for the first time. They eventually disconnected me. These guys will never be my business partners again.

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