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  1. Stanislav Shin
    Jan 17, 2023

    This company worthy of ZERO rating

    This company is worthy of ZERO rating, as they provide me with inferior customer service. I called three times over three days to have my old email account active and remove my previous company profile on Facebook. Every time I contact the person I speak to makes it more difficult and complex, but so far, my mail isn’t opening, and when I get them to request my money, they deny it to speak with the supervisor. It was my error to pick this company.

  2. Dawn Farrington
    Sep 6, 2022

    The transaction was completed without issue

    The transaction was completed without issue. However, my subsequent attempt at transferring the Domain from my Domain to you and the second one costing $31.+ is an issue. I utilized this same card for both of the attempts, and the first one was successful, but the second one resulted in an email from you asking me to contact CS. I tried to call CS but was not able to get an answer.

  3. Joseph Oliverio
    Sep 5, 2022

    I am extremely satisfied

    I am delighted with the assistance from the fantastic helpdesk at Web.com. Today, I had the pleasure of working with Mary, who was terrific. She was very professional and extremely polite. She was not just able to assist in resolving the problem I asked about but also offered additional assistance for a problem I faced that I didn’t know about! THANKS, MARY! Thank you, Web.com!

  4. Thomas A. Jacobsen
    Sep 2, 2022

    Thank you for helping me

    Thank you for helping me. The representative was knowledgeable, gave precise in his responses, and was able to understand my concerns. He also offered me solutions, after which, at the close of the phone call was able to redirect me to another department to help me further. Thank thank you for your assistance.

  5. Douglas Skoyles
    Sep 2, 2022

    Sudden was awe-inspiring!

    Sudden was awe-inspiring! I had a list of questions regarding various aspects of creating a site. She patiently helped me and ensured that I understood the function of every feature. She even researched how I could convert my video on my iPhone to a URL for me to upload to my site. Thank you, Sudden! Kindness is a big way to retain customers.

  6. Stephanie Ragusky
    Aug 29, 2022

    Dave was a fantastic

    Dave was fantastic. One of the things he accomplished was resolving my access issues so I could send my request. The request I submitted with four PDFs was approved instantly. He then incorporated my modifications and provided me with his opinion on how the presentation should be. Very patient and understanding of my needs. Good job.

  7. James Maiorano
    Aug 25, 2022

    Web.com is doing a fantastic job

    Web.com is doing a fantastic job on the modifications I request for my site. They can make the changes quickly and efficiently, with only a few steps once I’ve given them the initial directions. I recommend them to anybody looking to keep their website in good shape.

  8. John Meksa
    Aug 23, 2022

    The hosting is in line with the latest standards for security and servers

    I’ve hosted and emailed through Web.com for a long time. It was so long that my account was classified as an old account. Adrian did an excellent job explaining the possibilities of upgrades and the associated costs. He also guided me through the process of converting my domain service. He also ensured that everything was accessible in a bundle. Transfers and conversions are being planned as I write this. I will be back in touch when everything is transferred to the new service. Except for the cost of site lock fees and labor charges for transfers, the price I pay annually to host and manage email has remained pretty similar to the amount I was paying for the previous service. The hosting is in line with the latest standards for security and servers.

  9. Amanda Morrison
    Aug 17, 2022

    The Web.com Service Agent

    Web.com Service Agent Web.com Service Agent not only responded to my particular question but was able to secure my Joint Ministry Website Domain Name for the next six years (Merzwebsite.com) through 2028. In addition, my Web.com Service Agent secured my business listing, SSL Certificate, and website builder for next year until 2023.

  10. Jerry Johnson
    Jul 26, 2022

    I am pleased that my website is on Web.Com!

    I was required to update my website to Web.com. I made numerous changes, and I was sure I needed help.

    I contacted them, and they connected me with a wonderful person known as Kary. She was able to handle my changes with the professionalism she is.

    She was able to make the changes she suggested, then helped me with any problems I might have. I am pleased that my website is on Web.Com!

  11. Tony Chapman
    Jul 16, 2022

    Customer service at this company is horrible.

    Customer service at this company is horrible. We have three websites that they own. They make it almost impossible to reach the person in their modification department. The phone number on their modification page doesn’t give you the option of contacting the department.

    I recently spent 90 minutes on hold and was transferred three times. The third transfer was the last to drop my call. I recently made an amendment request and stated that I required someone to contact me to talk about it. I received an email stating that my modification was approved? I haven’t heard back from anyone.

  12. Robert Merrifield
    Jul 9, 2022

    I had a wonderful encounter working Nina

    I had an excellent encounter working with Nina on a Project on the web. Command Nina was a great help and accommodating to the McCaughrin Maritime needs. Thank You, Nina.

  13. David Dunsmore
    Jul 5, 2022


    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! If there were an 0 for negative, Web.com would get it. I’m considering filing a class-action lawsuit to recover what you’ve caused our company, and I’m sure there are others who have suffered the same in the last two months. It has been my customer for more than three years, and have never experienced issues with billing like I’m currently experiencing. I have automated monthly payments, however in the past two months, WEB.COM has DELETED my hosting account and has shut down my site with no notice and no email. Anything. Their reason? It’s an isolated instance! Bull! Then I must wait for f-4 days before speaking with someone other than the customer service offshore team. They will make a hand payment to return my site. UNACCEPTABLE. The small non-profit we work for should receive the same amount of respect as Web.com for having a working website all the time to bring in customers. There’s no excuse to be the kind of business that you’ve become…sorry and unapologetic and operationally incompetent with untrained front-line employees.

  14. Eduard Mato
    May 20, 2022

    excellent customer service skills

    Curt was very helpful in helping me with my Simple SSL Security Certificate. Curt was the first person to walk me through each step of getting this done.

    I called web.com three times, trying to complete the process. He is an asset to your company because of his excellent customer service skills.

  15. Donald L. Vasicek
    May 5, 2022

    Expect to use more services

    I signed up just now, and I am sure that I will increase the functionality of my website. OK, I’m good for now, but I need to use the site before you can answer me! Also, you need to add “I don’t know” or “Uncertain” to the question: “Does this mean that you will use additional services?”

    I’m not sure what this will mean, so let’s relax. People will make changes to accounts based on their individual needs. Individuals will make the changes they need.

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