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14 Reviews on Web Verse Inc

  1. Richard Stephany
    Jan 17, 2023

    Great work!

    Great work! Mark has assisted me tremendously, and the direction for my project in terms of innovative ideas and solutions for my concerns has been fantastic, and so has Zach, who is the one leading my project and is exceptionally accommodating and patient. He assists me greatly in making things better on my website. I’m awestruck by their work.

  2. Desmond Salmon
    Oct 21, 2022

    I am satisfied with their service

    I’ve worked with Mark Keys and Marcus Jayson to manage our website, and they’ve been performing well. They provide us with the services we require and rapid response whenever we need something urgent or assistance. So far, I am satisfied with their service and plan to continue to work with them.

  3. Myuon Cung
    Oct 12, 2022

    Web Verse Worst. Shame and Lame!

    The company is known for its culture of high-pressure and high-pressure sales. It was a shame that I paid for the logo and website package. Communication was poor, deadlines were not met and the product delivered was terrible. I hired a different designer to revamp the entire website and complete the task.

    I wouldn’t recommend doing business with them. To further elaborate on the situation’s specifics, I was five weeks into a two-week project. I was assigned the new project manager, who sent me a text at 1055pm CST. Updates that showed ridiculous updates to the site. I created my logo as nobody listened to my requests from the designers.

    They don’t speak English and aren’t able to communicate professionally, and send out incorrect information over and over again via emails and texts. I’ll consider this to be a charity donation to a company that isn’t able to deliver and go on. RUN!

    I’ve never encountered anyone more absurd in my entire life. Professionals are expected to be professionals. Sad sickening performance. It’s been a curse having to face these people. I wouldn’t want it to happen to my worst enemies! We are fortunate that we don’t do healthcare this way!

  4. David Richart
    Sep 22, 2022

    Great Team and Great company.

    My experience with Web Verse Inc has been exceptional!!! I have been thoroughly satisfied with the website-building experience of my assigned employees. I have learned a great deal of useful information moving forward to the entire process of online marketing, sales, and advertising from this experience!

  5. Paul Linebarier
    Sep 5, 2022

    I am very pleased with the outcome

    They created a stunning website for my company, and I am happy with the outcome. Thank you very much for completing the work on time. Everything was completed on time because you were clever enough to follow the instructions. Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you all once more.

  6. Robert Fekete
    Sep 2, 2022

    I had a bad experience with the business

    I had a bad experience with the business. I was charged for a project on a website that was never finished. The last time I paid for a project, I was required to pay back fees due to nonsense reasons. Six months later, they try with a person named Jacob Jenk …… He was a charming man. However, I was hesitant to be sure of his character due to prior experiences—he was a calm and well-spoken man. However, I was unable to be sure of his credibility. The previous guy was insistent on getting more money and spoke with a foreign accent. I was sick of CoV! I was suffering from CoV! Jacob called and was highly insistent, which I didn’t like. I spoke to him today and sent him an email. What do you think? The email isn’t running (the same one was utilized several times before this issue without any issues). The phone line isn’t working either. I want to get my cash back ( $299.99). I was forced to expose this scam to help others.

  7. Jessica Willits
    Sep 1, 2022

    I am very happy to be a customer!

    Web verse has been incredible in the management of my site! I had the privilege of having Zach, who has been in the communication and updating of my website from beginning to end! He’s excellent, warm, polite, intelligent, and reliable! The website is gorgeous. Another business viewed the site and commented on how amazing it was! I am thrilled to be a customer! Choose Web verse to host your website and marketing requirements!

  8. Patrick Murphy
    Aug 22, 2022

    This business has professional capabilities

    We are a start-up website and require a page that could be used to communicate with visitors on both the front and back sides of the website due to the functionalities and the interaction with our customers. We began with a different coder who was using Wix. They weren’t able to fulfill our needs. American Web Coders/webserver Inc. not just took on the project but also improved its functionality. The team working on the code worked to make the dashboards function correctly. When we look back at the process, they have assisted with the tasks we required the website to accomplish and remain in collaboration with us to make it work. This business has professional capabilities and is up to any challenge—leaders of the team who want to assist and guide your company to success.

  9. Sherri Latimer
    Aug 15, 2022

    Brad is a great project manager

    Brad is a great project manager. He ensures my requirements are met. He also assists with innovative ways to differentiate my site from other websites.

  10. Nancy Sherer
    Jul 26, 2022

    The team is excellent and reliable

    Many thanks to the fantastic team at WebVerse and the director of the project, Martin!

    Starting a business can be stressful, and finding high-quality work was my main worry, but I could feel all my concerns go away as Martin helped me through each phase of my project.

    He also kept me informed throughout the process. The website was developed promptly and professionally, and the design was unique and highly creative.

    The team is excellent and reliable, and Martin was able to ensure that the process went smoothly. I look forward to the next time we work with you.

  11. Kathy Johnson
    Jul 16, 2022

    I would highly recommend! !

    Emmanuel has done a fantastic job on my web development. I appreciate the direct communication and the willingness to take my company to the highest step! I would highly recommend it! It!

  12. Derek Brummett
    Jul 9, 2022

    Brad and Emmanuelle helped me immensely

    Brad and Emmanuelle helped me immensely in the creation of my website. It took longer than I expected, mostly on my part. Before beginning the process, I highly recommend you be prepared with a well-thought-out concept. It will certainly make things go more smoothly.

  13. Alina Bolanos
    Jul 5, 2022

    The most reliable company

    The most reliable company I’ve had the pleasure of working with online help. They were thorough regarding the services I would receive for my project, and the cost was fair. They were in constant contact with me throughout the project. I was amazed. Martin, Daniel, and Jacob were a fantastic team to collaborate with. I also got an account manager to assist me with any queries or issues I wanted to be taken into consideration. I’m sure I’ll collaborate with Web Verse Inc on my future projects.

  14. Jesse Cote
    Jun 14, 2022

    Webverse is fantastic!

    Web verse has been amazing in their management for my site!

    I was fortunate to have the privilege of having Zach who has been to update and communicate with the site from beginning to end!

    Zach is amazing, helpful and professional, intelligent, and reliable!

    The website is gorgeous and appealing. A different company viewed the website and said how amazing it was!

    I am very happy to be a customer! Select Webverse to host your website and marketing requirements!

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