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Is Techxide legit?

Techxide has 20 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Techxide customer care?

You can contact Techxide customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 646 402 5671

Where is Techxide located?

Techxide is located at address 1129 Northern Blvd suite 404, Manhasset, NY 11030, United States.

20 Reviews on Techxide

  1. Myr Lem
    5 rating

    Very Professional

    Feb 26, 2024

    Nick and Robert are terrific! Their professionalism and endurance as I went thru the project of figuring out what I desired my first enterprise website to appear to be become beyond expectancies. They made me experience comfortable and have been very affected person. It’s notable corporation to work with on your organization to grow. I wholeheartedly endorse this enterprise and I will definitely refer them to colleagues and are looking for their steering as my business needs evolve. Well performed!!!

  2. Craig
    5 rating

    Outstanding Service

    Feb 26, 2024

    Robert turned into nothing much less than extra special at some stage in the entire technique. He built 3 web sites for me over the direction of four months and all of them became out lots better than expected. Multiple U.S. Embassies have praised us for the way professional we are and particularly noted our web sites.

    Various nations round the world have decided to do business with us because of the first impact we made thru our internet site. I can not recommend Techxide sufficient and specially Lucas and Robert for designing my corporation trademarks and websites. I can contribute a part of my achievement to the paintings they have carried out.

  3. Kelly Collien
    5 rating


    May 26, 2023

    They are awesome. They will do anything you can think of as an identity—every font I encounter. Please make use of Techxide; they aren't flimsy. I'm impressed by these people.

  4. Flavio Teixeira
    5 rating

    Process was as easy as possible

    May 25, 2023

    The process of obtaining the new website and brand-new logo was a breeze because Nick and Robert were there to assist with each stage. The entire process was as easy as possible, and we are a great team.

  5. Josh Clarke
    5 rating

    Quick to respond

    Apr 27, 2023

    Nick, and Robert from Techxide Robert and Nick from Techxide, were SUPER effortless to deal with! They are always pleasant and quick to respond to all messages, and the work they completed was beyond our expectations! Highly recommended!!

  6. Keyshia Simms
    5 rating

    Everything completed

    Apr 11, 2023

    I'm a particular person, and I am patient. I am not the most patient. The design team led by Mr. Lucas's leadership stayed with me throughout my review of every aspect of the design. I also made changes in my mind. I was desperate to get everything completed in a hurry. I couldn't be more pleased with the final result. We are now ready to launch the site!

  7. Fred Parrish
    1 rating

    Absolutely horrible experience

    Mar 28, 2023

    The WORST experience i have ever had while doing business. Ever.
    Cant stress this enough.
    I couldn't wait to write a review for them. They have earned every word.

    They promised to meet a deadline. Have unlimited revisions, etc. They got me to business because the guy who responded to my chat inquiry was really nice and courteous.
    They provided the initial mock up within 48 hours as promised... and it went downhill from there.
    I first noticed that their phone was constantly busy. I couldn't get anyone on the phone. I had to request through the chat to have someone call me or through email. It would take 2 days average to get a revision or a response. They always had a middle person acting like a customer service rep to intercede stating they would forward the request to the design team.
    After the initial mock up, I gave direction on what i wanted and what i didnt want. They provided additional mock ups, ignoring my requests. Revisions that looked as though a 2nd grader drew them. Like they went on google and used stock images thrown together. So I was forced to pick from the ones provided. Fine. I made it work but I wanted revisions. We went back and forth until I got frustrated. I emailed them to have a supervisor call me. I got a call days later and expressed that I felt my project was not a priority. So he told me that if I paid extra, they would do it quicker. So I reiterated that I hadn't received the service that I already paid for, why would I give them MORE money? I immediately requested a refund and told him I was upset and that this was a terrible business practice. He back peddled and apologized. I went back to the chat on the site and told them.. hoping to get a higher up and a resolution. They claimed to have reassigned me a different project manager. Come to realize that they all lie about their names when you talk to them to avoid accountability.
    I gave them a second chance. I opened the image THEY PROVIDED in ms paint and made the revision myself and sent them exactly what I wanted. They STILL sent me nonsense and didn't listen to my requests at all. This went back and forth for THREE WEEKS!
    So now, they missed my deadline. I was designing a logo to be used at a cancer fundraiser in honor of my sister who is on hospice.
    They missed my deadline. I demanded a refund. They refused unless we had a phone conversation; after which they would refund my money if we couldn't figure it out.
    So I agreed. They rescheduled our call. Then they missed the rescheduled time. I answered again later on. Went through the design. They FINALLY did what i wanted. We made it. Only to be told they would get back to me within 48 hours with the mock up. I was unhinged. Would have taken 45 seconds. I again demanded a refund. Their incompetence is unparalleled.
    I called another half dozen times and emailed and wrote in the chat and got no where.
    I had to threaten to call the district attorney and attorney General. I also emailed their billing department at the same email address I received my initial receipt from and the email came back undeliverable.
    I finally get a hold of someone and they told me they would process my refund. Another week went by with unanswered calls and emails. I again threatened a charge back and I finally got an email saying I got a refund and they sent a screenshot of the refund reciept.
    Problem is, IT WASNT MY PAYMENT METHOD!! I again replied to the email and got a call with the person telling me I already got a refund and they provided a reciept. I explained that it wasn't my card and to look into it. Got me no where. They ghosted me. I then contacted my bank and went through the charge back process.

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS "COMPANY". They have poor designs and poorer business ethics. They rely on frustrating you until you walk away. They provide fake receipts again hoping you'll go away. They didn't win this battle. Terrible. Just... terrible.

  8. Marcel Nelemans
    1 rating

    I was utterly disappointed with the graphics design solutions provided by

    Jan 17, 2023

    I was utterly disappointed with the graphics design solutions provided by Their designs were mediocre and lacking in imagination. Evidently, they did not have any expertise or experience in this field. I wouldn't endorse for any graphic design job. Don't waste your time and go to a better firm. The problem I see is that I was a paying beginner to learn.

  9. Lesley Like
    1 rating

    Warning! This is a fraud

    Dec 1, 2022

    Warning! This is a fraud. They will make you pay incrementally. Design t-shirt hosting. It's not working. We are now trying to recover our money. Don't ever use that business again.

  10. Emma Cartwright
    5 rating

    The experience I have had with Techxide is fantastic!

    Nov 28, 2022

    The experience I have had with Techxide is fantastic! Lucas has been accommodating in suggesting various ideas for the logo or business concepts to draw attention to the company or brand. Lucas makes sure that you receive what you are looking for. The entire company puts the customer first. I am awestruck! Since it's an online process, finding the item you desire cannotEmma Cartwright be easy since it's not on the ground. However, they've made the process very simple! After seeing my logo, it is so exciting to start my journey, and I am so grateful to have found an incredible company that provided me with everything I wanted! They'll be a company that I will return to help me with any logo requirements or other needs for my business!

  11. John Hahl
    5 rating

    We would like to thank you for the wonderful work.

    Sep 5, 2022

    Daniel L. Lucas M. and his team of designers are amazing to collaborate with. They provided my initial design concepts within 48 hours, just as I had hoped. I went through several revisions to my logo, but they have been extremely patient, cooperative, and professional. The process of communication and response was quick and efficient. The final result is that we have the logo we had in mind and are thrilled with the final product. We want to thank you for your excellent work.

  12. Michel Fuchs
    5 rating

    I love Techxide

    Sep 2, 2022

    I love Techxide. Techxide has done a tremendous job. Techxide's speed is phenomenal. I'm so pleased that my business is finally getting going. I'll continue working with Techxide again, and I will certainly recommend them.

  13. Henry J Fuller
    5 rating

    Working with Lucas is an incredible experience!

    Aug 29, 2022

    Working with Lucas was an incredible experience! They've helped me design logos for my company and all the other things I need since the beginning. They even worked with me on the financial aspect to assist me in getting up and running with everything I needed. Lucas described everything in great detail. I always ensured that I was happy with the work being completed. I am looking at working with Lucas! Incredible customer service! Thank you very much. Thank you!

  14. Joseph Deatherage
    5 rating

    Thank you!

    Aug 22, 2022

    Techxide has been there for me! Lucas assisted me through each step. And was willing to answer any questions I had. I now have a beautiful layout for my Twitch channel! Thank you!

  15. Leigh Smith
    5 rating

    Thanks to the techxide staff for an excellent experience!

    Aug 18, 2022

    Thanks to the techxide staff for an excellent experience! Thank you to Robert for taking care of my website's requirements and providing support. I truly appreciate your effort and time! The whole process was excellent! Thank you so much!

  16. Robert Nelson
    5 rating

    Thank you again for everything

    Jul 26, 2022

    I want to point out that they have skilled artists who understand what you want.

    I am thrilled with the work and service they offer in time! Thank you again for everything.

  17. Russel Jacobsen
    1 rating

    They are unprofessional fraudsters

    Jul 16, 2022

    This agency has stolen the work of MY portfolio without my permission and used it to promote its services. They even put it up with fake reviews.
    They are unprofessional fraudsters, so you ought to stay clear from them. I have no affiliation with them.

  18. Doris Kavanaugh
    5 rating

    Communication was constant and immediately

    Jul 9, 2022

    Communication was constant, and immediate follow-up was efficient. Very pleased with the direction and suggestions from the team. I would recommend the service to my family and friends.

  19. Madisson Ledet
    5 rating

    Fantastic service and excellent work

    Jul 5, 2022

    Being with Techxide was simple, fast to work with, enjoyable, and flexible. It was delightful. Techxide did not just deliver the work within their timeframes; their quality and design were excellent and unique. I would be happy to suggest This Company to anyone! Everything was accomplished quickly. They listened to every request and gave me various logo designs I could choose from. Fantastic service and excellent work. The best team to date.

  20. Tom Barrick
    5 rating

    Extremely patient, cooperative, and professional

    Jun 14, 2022

    Daniel L. Lucas M. and his team of designers are amazing to collaborate with.

    They delivered my initial concept for design within 48 hours, as was expected.

    I went through several revisions to my logo, but they've been extremely patient, cooperative, and professional.

    Communication was quick, and the turnaround response was fast and efficient.

    The final result is that we have the logo we imagined and are very pleased with the result.

    We want to thank you for the beautiful work.

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Do you own Techxide?

Customer reviews are a powerful tool for building trust and loyalty. Claim your profile to become a verified business owner.

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