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Is The Webbeeez legit?

The Webbeeez has 14 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach The Webbeeez customer care?

You can contact The Webbeeez customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 646 851 0678

Where is The Webbeeez located?

The Webbeeez is located at address 353 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States.

14 Reviews on The Webbeeez

  1. Heather Nelson
    5 rating

    Most impressed

    May 26, 2023

    What sets The Webbees apart from other web design firms is the extraordinary usage of WordPress, Magento, Woo Commerce, Shopify, and Wix platforms. They've got the biggest weapons! However, I was most impressed by their proficiency in Custom Design & Development, Laravel, and PHP. The attention to detail they pay is unparalleled.

  2. Henry Evans
    5 rating

    I strongly recommend them!

    Jan 17, 2023

    I recently launched an unassuming consulting and development firm for technology. Most of our clients are from healthcare, government, defense, and transportation. As a newcomer, it is crucial to have a top-quality site so that these businesses can discover and learn about us. The Webbers have created a top-quality corporate website at a reasonable cost. They were very accommodating and always responsive during the entire development process and ensured I was satisfied with the site. They were 100% on time. I strongly recommend them!

  3. Eileen Ochsner
    5 rating

    I've had a wonderful encounter with The Webeez

    Sep 5, 2022

    I've had an excellent encounter with The Webeez. They've been an excellent source and have exceeded every expectation. They're incredibly knowledgeable and quick to respond to any requests. I highly recommend The Webeez for any website-related need.

  4. Wanda Wright
    5 rating

    I highly recommend Webeez

    Sep 2, 2022

    I highly recommend Webeez for any project on the web. They're highly reliable and easy to deal with and will go above and beyond to ensure you're satisfied with the end product. We've been involved in several web development projects using them, and they've not disappointed us.

  5. Diana Czerw
    4 rating

    Incredible quality

    Aug 31, 2022

    When it comes to the most effective services available online, you are guaranteed to locate them with the most reliable company that can be trusted to give you top-quality results. Getting your project completed by the best people is crucial, even if that means paying an extra amount. I would have done it if it weren't for The Webeez, which provided me with outstanding services and competitive prices. Incredible quality and ingenious designs helped my company appear more impressive than before. This increased my faith, and the result was precisely how I imagined it would be.

  6. Guy Dunn
    4 rating

    The Webeez team has done an excellent job

    Aug 28, 2022

    The Webeez team has done an excellent job in my web-based application. They have taken my idea and turned it into a real-world application. I was thrilled to find them, and I will work with the company again on future projects.

  7. Emily Bristol
    5 rating

    The professionalism demonstrated by the customer support

    Aug 25, 2022

    When using online services, the best way to assess whether you are hiring appropriate people to perform the task is to examine the customer service representatives. In most cases, customer service representatives follow the scripts they must follow and cannot answer any question that is not scripted in a matter of minutes. With the professionalism demonstrated by the customer support from The Webeez, it became clear that my project was in good hands. I was thrilled with the outcome when the company received the final submission.

  8. Cathy Gaul
    5 rating

    We are thrilled with the brand new website

    Aug 23, 2022

    We are thrilled with the brand new website The Webeez helped us build. The layout is gorgeous, and the functionality provides us with the tools we require to succeed. We couldn't be more pleased! Our business has been growing because of the new website.

  9. Joseph Berardi
    5 rating

    I was not disappointed by the quality of their services

    Aug 20, 2022

    I could be raving about the service that is provided by The Webeez all day. Still, one thing you must pay the most focus on is the commitment they show to each prospective client immediately after I begin to contact them about my interest in using their services. They did not just provide me with their full attention but also offered me sensible suggestions for how I could cut costs while taking advantage of various services. After the meeting, I was confident of the trustworthiness and reliability I had in them for my project. I was not disappointed by the quality of their services.

  10. Joseph Martin
    5 rating

    They truly are the most reliable

    Jul 26, 2022

    It was a tough time before I was introduced to The Webeez team of IT experts known in the Webeez. The Webeez team offered me expert advice and helped me learn the basics before giving me the help necessary to ensure that my website was visible.

    With their SEO services, it was impressive how I saw my website ranked higher on search engines. It was a fantastic experience, and I am delighted with their work.

    I highly recommend them to anyone as they indeed are the most reliable. I'm sure to be a long-term customer of these wonderful people.

  11. Marcia Aquilino
    5 rating

    I started searching for the most reliable web hosting company

    Jul 16, 2022

    I started searching for the most reliable web hosting company on the market. One of my buddies suggested I try them. They provided me with a reasonable cost, and I was impressed by their efficiency. The staff here was always available to help and listen to webeez.

    The customer support team was always available to answer any questions and resolve any issues I encountered. They made sure they were within my budget and offered me most excellent quality of services—Thankensuredyour outstanding work. I am incredibly pleased the ed with the outcome of your hard work.

  12. Mark Smyers
    5 rating

    The excellent services

    Jul 9, 2022

    You'll be amazed when I say I could not find a single company online with the top and most skilled designers ready to offer you whatever your company requires to grow.

    From my experience, I can tell you that these folks don't care about how much money they make but are concerned about giving their customers a perfect experience.

    In the end, I'll have to work for a long time to complete a massive project as they have never been able to disappoint me since the beginning.

    They've been there to answer every question I had, and they have managed to provide everything I wanted to know.

    My website is stunning. It has a high conversion rate, and I have many new customers and clients daily. It is due to the excellent services they've provided at a highly affordable price.

  13. Robert Ganjoo
    1 rating

    Awful company

    Jul 5, 2022

    I received a call from this company on July 4. They were furious at me for my honest assessment of this awful company. I paid 4000$ for their premium plan, and two and a half months later, they offered me a site that showcases my products and products from a third party's website. I finally had control of the website, and one week later, after reading my review, they removed the WordPress account I had paid for. Now I'm stuck with an awful webpage removed because they didn't like my post. So I'm currently consulting an attorney to determine my options. Please do not make the mistake I made by trusting these lawyers.

  14. Jonah Legend
    5 rating

    The quality of service

    Jun 14, 2022

    I am extremely pleased with the quality of service I received from the staff of this amazing company.

    They are always there to assist me whenever I require assistance, which is tremendously helpful since I have no experience or knowledge regarding design and development.

    We can guide me through any problems I have regarding my site.

    They are highly skilled so that my website is always professional looking.

    I am delighted with the services you offered and wanted to thank you for making this possible for us.

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