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4 Reviews on GreenZone Bikes

  1. Glenn Burgess
    July 15th, 2022

    The components are of high quality

    I love my third Greenzone bike on every one of my rides. It is the best value folding bike. If I go on trips, this bike goes with me. The components are of high quality, and most accessories that push the price higher than other brands (fenders and back rack) are included in the design.

  2. Quinn Garcia
    July 8th, 2022

    Great to ride with some surprising features

    There’s no doubt about it. This bike is enjoyable to ride. But there are a few things you need to be aware of. The technical support team does not have the specifics of the bike. Therefore be wary of them, even if their advice isn’t correct. There are components of poor quality that could require replacement after only a few hours of use. The seat post shims are constructed of inferior material. You should choose one made of aluminum. The left crankarm needed repair after the screw loosened to the point that it began to wear out. If you change onto gear 7, and there isn’t sufficient tension in the chain, it is possible that the chain periodically falls out of the wheel (the largest one on forward!). You’ll get dirty, soiled fingers that fumble it back to its original position. The bike is enjoyable; however, if you need repair shops for each one, you’ll need to find a new one.

  3. Silvia Lopez
    June 25th, 2022

    This kit for e-bikes is fantastic

    This kit for e-bikes is fantastic. It took less than a half-hour to put it onto my wife’s tricycle. I was worried that 250 watts were not sufficient, but it was able to push me along an inclined road from a stop. It is highly recommended to purchase this electric bike kit. I love getting everything you require from one source.

  4. Randy Benson
    June 17th, 2022

    extremely helpful

    First off, Alan was really helpful. The videos were extremely helpful.

    Secondly this is an innovative, yet simple device that has significantly made my life easier by making it possible to ride my bicycle.

    I’ve been searching for a device that could convert my bike into electric power, but it seemed to be so complex.

    This was the ideal answer… simple to set up and is effective! The motor is extremely smooth and it’s very easy to use.

    I made some adjustments to help me use the throttle, and now it’s just right.

    I’ve already recommended this item to a colleague and I believe I convinced her. It didn’t take too long!

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Since we started selling folding bikes online in 2001, Our goal was always to provide high-quality folding bikes at the most affordable prices while never compromising the quality of service we provide to our customers. We manufacture and purchase massive numbers of folding bikes from the most modern factories in the world. We can avoid wholesalers and distributors and negotiate our best prices directly with the proprietors and managers of factories. This is the reason why we can offer huge savings. We invite you to look at the cost and quality of our folding bikes with similar bikes at other bike shops around town and online retailers, and we're confident that once you have done so, you'll be back at us to buy.

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