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  1. Dena Rose
    Jan 13, 2023

    Absolutely the worst customer service

    The worst customer service. Their site states that they will process your order within 48 hours if the product is available. I placed an order for a fender and a rear rack, both in 40+ available products at the time they were placed on order. In the ten days following, the status of my order remains that the order is being processed. It is essential to clarify that their 48-hour processing time is the dog year. Additionally, I contacted them by email. I’d had a better chance of seeing a unicorn instead of getting a reply.

  2. George Gantte
    Jul 15, 2022

    I am happy with the purchase!

    Purchased fenders in metal for the 26×4 wheel. I am happy with the purchase! Fenders are superior to those I’m replacing: great rolled edges and a slight flare towards the end. Shipping was speedy, and packing was excellent!

  3. Walter Gable
    Jul 8, 2022

    The owner personally contacted me with the order information

    I was satisfied to a large extent, but the light I purchased had no packaging and no instructions on how to assemble it, which meant I had to figure out my way, look up on Google, and seek assistance from my friends for assembling. The surfboard racks, as well as the metal latches, broke off and were not secure. It happened before even their first use. We tightened them up, but it caused me to question the quality. The shipment arrived relatively quickly. The owner personally contacted me with the order information, telling me that whether I needed help in the future, let them know. This alone was enough to make me satisfied with my purchase.

  4. Ruben Quinones
    Jun 25, 2022

    The strike is excellent

    It was carried out by looking over the YouTube assembly instructions and then repeating the same sections repeatedly as it frequently went swiftly through several steps. The tail light’s mounting was not included. (It is not likely that I would have completed the assembly without watching the video.) The tools that were provided did not meet all my tools needed. It was good that I was armed with my Hex and socket wrenches. The strike is excellent.

  5. Helyn Rose
    Jun 17, 2022

    selection is fantastic

    I took a rental of the Emojo Panther Pro for the day at a local bicycle shop.

    I loved the bike so that I purchased one.

    PBeforeplacing my order, I visited numerous dike shops and tried different brands, with more affordable and less expensive.

    Emojo proved to be the perfect fit for me. It’s simple to slide my legs through the bike The throttle is spry as well as the pedal assistance is working effectively.

    The only thing I’d like to see is the ability to have a trip odometer.

    It gives me the miles traveled on all of my trips, but doesn’t provide me with a number for only the currently scheduled trip.

    I’m still learning the features of this bike which means that the feature might be present, but I might not have discovered it at this point.

    Overall, I strongly endorse this model. Its battery selection is fantastic and everyone is awed by the color turquoise.

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