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4 Reviews on Priority Bicycles

  1. Jerry Beeler
    July 15th, 2022

    Continuum Onyx, w/mustache handlebars

    I purchased the Continuum Onyx and am very happy with the product in every way, but I’d like to make some suggestions. When I contacted customer service, they responded quickly. However, I received an individual representative on each email, so the responses were somewhat scattered. I would suggest assigning a representative to each customer to communicate better.

    The other one is the Onyx with its full fenders and fenders. It’s more of a cruising/commuting bike (which is precisely what I wanted). However, the handlebars are pretty straight and set in a forward direction, making me ride with my back bent forward.

    I am delighted with the bike! I upgraded the handlebar with a mustache and a shorter stem for an upright and natural reach and grip. I’m left scratching my mind about why the bike was designed to allow the rider to be oriented towards performance and speed on a large, heavy motorcycle.

  2. Morris Paulsen
    July 8th, 2022

    it was a great experience

    I’m Thierry, and I purchased the eBike from Priority in 2022. it was a great experience. It’s like buying your product directly from Amazon Prime. The customer service was beyond my expectations. I am a massive fan of Priority customers and my bike, and recently I’ve been riding it to work. I would purchase from Priority bicycle again and would recommend them to anyone.

  3. Anita Maldonado
    June 25th, 2022

    Customer Service is top-notch

    Great e-bike. Easy to set up in 1.5 hours (installed by Mr. Tuffy liners in the tires). My wife is pleased with this bike. Its Shimano hub is fantastic. It has a great range of gear for our hilly and flat terrain. Great for windy return trips. Customer Service is top-notch. I highly recommend Priority Current e-bike. Priority Current electric bike.

  4. Shawna Moore
    June 17th, 2022

    delivered very quickly

    I purchased the Priority 600X, and it was delivered very quickly.

    I received it much earlier than I expected.

    I was delighted, particularly in comparison to other bike companies with lead times of months/years.

    It was straightforward to put together. I did experience a problem with the brake rotor being a bit sloppy; however, I could straighten it using a rotor tool.

    It was in good shape, and I had no issues. I can’t wait to see what adventures are to follow!

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Priority Bicycles is on a goal to make cycling more enjoyable. We've reinvented bicycles through inventive design and engineering. We've created an entire line of bikes that range from corrosion-resistant beach cruisers to a high-performance commuter that is simple to assemble and ride and doesn't require routine maintenance.

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