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15 Reviews on Americas Bike Company

  1. Noor Alnahhas
    May 22, 2023

    An unprofessional

    It's been 48 hours since I ordered my bike through this firm. I've tried calling and sending messages, but they haven't answered my inquiries. This is an unprofessional way of dealing with anyone, and I will not do any other business with the company, and I would not recommend them to anybody.

  2. Patty Copeland
    May 21, 2023

    No response

    I have placed an order but do not know what's in the process. We've called several times ry day over a week, but no one answered. I also emailed but no response. I would like to know what the status is. Thanks.

  3. Gary Hengstler
    Apr 25, 2023

    An incorrect tracking number

    It wasn't the most enjoyable experience. I needed to put in longer and more effort to track my bicycle. I received an incorrect tracking number, and then my bike was not shipped due to something else, and I wasn't given the details of what transpired. The service provided by the customer was friendly, but they could not do much. They promised to make the right changes but are still not getting the issue. The bike runs excellently have no complaints. However, I am not sure I would buy from them again.

  4. Nick Marchese
    Apr 23, 2023

    Replacement is defective

    The service was excellent. However, their product was far from good. The bearing in the rear wheel broke. It rendered the wheel ineffective. We won't be repurchasing it, and I can't drive it because the wheel replacement is defective straight out of the box.

  5. Parris Schlett
    Apr 10, 2023

    Knowledgeable and determined

    I've never had any business dealings with Nic, but I have taken an excursion through his store, and he's highly knowledgeable and determined. I was immediately impressed by his manner of working. He also gave me several free samples, etc. After leaving,n I require bicycle parts, I know which shop I'll visit, and I would recommend doing similar.

  6. Tracy Pressley
    Jan 3, 2023

    The company employs traditional bait-and-switch techniques

    The company employs traditional bait-and-switch techniques. I placed an order for a sale bicycle via the "Shop available bikes" section of their website.ABC promptly emailed me that the bike I had ordered was unavailable for a month and advised me to cancel the order or reserve a different bike If the waiting time took too long. When I chose not to wait for the cycle to become available, customer support emailed me the delay was more than two months. The other bike they recommended was three times the price of the one they ordered. The possibility that the bike is listed for sale in the available bikes section leads me to believe this is a marketing tactic (to take advantage of a bait offer by offering a low price and a to switch), not a single issue or honest error.

  7. Gerald P Artinian
    Dec 30, 2022

    Nick, along with his team, are extremely friendly and accommodating

    Nick, along with his team, are extremely friendly and accommodating. There isn't much better in terms of customer service. The shop isn't equipped with an enormous inventory of items. However, Nick will try his best to find you everything you need. This shop will be the best choice if you require a tune-up or assistance with your bike.

  8. Heidi Zapata
    Dec 28, 2022

    All reviews that are older than wo months ago are very excessive

    It appears they are in short supply of staff right now. I bought my son a GT Little Performer to celebrate his birthday. I was worried that it might not arrive on time or they might not have it on hand. I tried calling, emailing, texting, and posting on social media but got no response. He finally reached out to me the following week and told me they were having technical issues regarding their telephones. They checked that they could get the bicycle in their possession and delivered it a week after receiving the order. However, they added some gloves to my son. The bike was delivered in time, so hopefully, they'll modify their voicemails to provide a better method to reach the company for future customers and address their staffing problems. After speaking to ABC over the phone, I believe they are trying to be ethical but need to address any internal issues. All reviews that are older than two months ago are very excessive.

  9. Jimmy Armstrong
    Dec 28, 2022

    Don't purchase a bicycle through this business

    Don't purchase a bicycle through this business. I bought my bike in July and received confirmation of my purchase. They informed me the bike was on backorder until August, which I was able to manage. Then, August went by, and the backorder was moved forward to later (which they didn't notify me of). The date is now. 28th, and I've not received any replies to the numerous emails I've mailed regarding the bike. Don't buy from here at any cost.

  10. Maritza Ruano
    Dec 27, 2022

    Excellent service and a wonderful owner

    Great Valley Center business! They have excellent service and is a wonderful owner. I've taken my bicycle to the shop several times for tune-ups and parts upgrades, and Nick, the owner, has always had work completed quickly and efficiently. Even in the face of supply issues in the bicycle industry, he can get parts quickly, even if he does not have them on ness! For a fair cost.

  11. Michelle Ocasio
    Dec 24, 2022

    Customer service appears to be concerned about their customers honestly

    Initially, I left a one-star review after a disappointing experience with the company. Since then, they've gone to great lengths to get things back to me by offering me a significant refund on my purchase. They also called me several times to ensure everything was on my bicycle. Customer service appears to be concerned about their customers honestly.

  12. Tarrene Whitcomb
    Jul 15, 2022

    The bike was excellent

    The bike was excellent, and I couldn't find it elsewhere. There was some minor to moderate damage from shipping, requiring contact with the manufacturer to request the replacement part. Fortunately, local bike shops were capable of repairing many of the other issues to a satisfactory level.

  13. Byron Archer
    Jul 8, 2022

    Nick was very friendly and knowledgeable

    Nick was very friendly and knowledgeable. Also, he was accommodating and assisted me in putting my bike back in my trunk. I would highly recommend America's Bike Shop at any time! I will return to buy a new bike if I require one shortly. Thanks, Nick.
    Sincerely, David Lee

  14. Armando Trevino
    Jun 25, 2022

    Shipping was much faster than anticipated

    Shipping was much faster than anticipated and as fast as it could have been before COVID. The bike arrived in excellent condition, with nothing missing from the package. One error was quickly rectified within an hour of making a phone call. The company has a personal touch, even if you're an online customer.

  15. Eduardo Alvarez
    Jun 17, 2022

    Excellent overall experience!

    This is the second time I've enjoyed shopping with this online retailer from CA.

    Both times, the experience was seamless, and I needed some help via phone or email from Nik.

    This time, Nik did a great job helping me design bikes and giving massive smiles to two of my kids. (Last year, and then this week during the Pandemic in which bikes for children were minimal).

    I highly recommend Nik and his site personally to everyone in my circle of friends and family seeking a bike without hesitation.

    Nik helped me locate the bike we wanted with a budget that was a bit tight when many bikes were out of stock everywhere other places!

    Nik didn't stop the hunt despite being out of nearly all bikes.

    I was also persistent with him to search for more because I wanted to offer him my business for the second time!

    The result was a stunning Redline 24" bike that my daughter Brielle loved celebrating her birthday!

    We swapped the tires to create a Redline special! It was an excellent overall experience!

    Thank you very much, Nik! You indeed came through in a moment of need!

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