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  1. Angelika Fuller
    Jan 13, 2023

    They do a great job!

    I have ordered tubes, tires, and other items from TerraTrike, and I am pretty happy with their prices and customer service. They are my first choice for all my bike-related needs. They fulfill orders quickly and accurately. The staff is easy to talk to and super considerate. They do a great job! Thanks for what you do for cyclists!

  2. Zolnai Nancy
    Jul 15, 2022

    Wasn't what I imagined

    I bought the Terratrike Rover i8 off the showroom floor of the dealer. I drove the car home and gave it its first spin around the blocks. The brakes were not functioning correctly, and it started to slide when I put it on 5th gear. I was depressed. At nearly $1700, I felt the quality was not up to par.

    The dealer offered me the possibility to “fix” the brakes and examine the shifter; however, I refused and got the money. I was forced to return the car. Sorry Terratrike, I’m going to invest the extra cash and purchase an e-Catrike. I didn’t expect an entirely new bike to be fixed from the bat…

  3. Ben Pimentel
    Jul 8, 2022

    excellent condition

    I purchased a few accessories for my wife and me and my Traveler trikes. All was in stock, shipped quickly with great communication, and delivered perfectly and in excellent condition! I love our trikes, especially this time of warmer weather! What else could you want?

  4. Irma Garcia
    Jun 25, 2022

    New to Trike

    Just bought an “Traveler” after deciding that at the age of 80, balance was a problem for me on my racer Peugot. The primary consideration was being smaller in weight, lighter, and folded since we live in an old home and no garage. It is evident that the capacity to adjust the height of the chair as well as adjust the boom are advantages when skill levels vary.

    Additionally, the ability to adjust the direction of the handles is essential. One suggestion is to install a magnet inside the pouch that is on the back of the pack. This should aid in securing six mil. Hex wrench. One isn’t able to be ranked at 15-20 miles per hour on the racer, but “maybe” I’ll get back to the racer in the future.

  5. Anonymous
    Jun 17, 2022

    gain experience

    Before reviewing, I was hoping to have some time to gain experience with my brand new Rover TerraTrike. I can tell you that the incident was straightforward and effortless.

    I was informed about when my trike was delivered, when I could expect it, etc. I didn’t use the local bike shop I ordered it from me, and everything worked perfectly.

    The bike was shipped fully together in a big box, with ramps for cardboard that aid in taking it off the container.

    I put on the few things that weren’t yet connected (the bag for storage and fenders) within about 30 minutes and began riding the trike around town in no time.

    The trike looks stunning and runs like an absolute dream. I am amazed by its CVT drivetrain.

    I’ve added LED lighting to the wheels for nighttime visibility and an ordinary computer.

    I’m thinking of the possibility of adding a mid-drive electric motor, but I’ll leave it in stock for more workouts and not cheat when climbing hills.

    It’s not the best climber, but I believe adding a little more weight to the rear wheel could assist, but I haven’t yet ridden it loaded up with a lot of stuff so far.

    When it first arrived, it was snowing, so I went for the ride. Despite not having heavy or studded tires, it performed exceptionally well and never slowed down or felt insecure.

    I’ve managed to go as fast as 25km/hr over the smooth ground when I’m in the top gear. However, I don’t want to turn quickly at this speed.

    I’ve clocked up to 40 km/hr on long downhill runs, and that’s pretty white-knuckle for someone new to tadpole-like me!

    It is safer than my standard delta cargo trike when I’m cornering, and the rover’s center of gravity is more minor. I would never be able to corner at 18 km/hr on my cargo trike.

    I’d probably flip it even when leaning heavily. It is possible to brake enough to push the boom to the ground.

    I’ve only done it once in the house, and I was looking for where the risk zone is as well as certainly lifting the wheel, or turning it around too abruptly, especially on a slope or when you are using brake steering.

    This isn’t an issue but rather a matter of the basics of trike handling. It’s always important to know the maximum speed it is possible to push the new trike under controlled conditions before when it gets out on the street.

    The only issue I’ve encountered is the slipping of my seat clamp. The problem is becoming worse, and I’m thinking that I’ll have to alter the clamp or secure it by using a hose clamp to stop the seat from moving backward in time.

    The coating of powder on the tail section and the clamp shims have a minimal coefficient of friction, making the clamp quite useless.

    I also lost the lower shim. It fell out of the way, and I’m not sure how it could happen to a C-shaped bit of plastic; however, it did! I had been able to secure the cruciform the boom set screws.

    They loosened after about 20km but haven’t been a problem since then.

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