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5 Reviews on Urban E Bikes

  1. Chris Kwak
    Jan 13, 2023

    I do love the bike, but the customer service wasn't excellent

    I do love the bike, but the customer service wasn’t excellent. Communication was difficult. The bike was not 85% assembled as advertised. A short-term order turned into a long one and had to be canceled. The website was misleading about shipping times. Two stars for being a polite and helpful administrative assistant.

  2. Thomas Partyka
    Jul 15, 2022

    Urban e-bikes are highly recommended

    Urban e-bikes are highly recommended. I have found their customer service through email and telephone unique. I was impressed by how they assisted me with each inquiry. My bike was packaged correctly and shipped quickly.

  3. Renather Edwards
    Jul 8, 2022

    the excellent buying experience

    A great company to deal with. I was aware that I needed an electric bike, and when I contacted them, they were able for me to understand which cycle for me, the accessories I required, and the ones I didn’t need.
    A kind driver safely delivered my motorbike, and once again, it was explained to explain the whole process.

    I’ll use them again when I need to achieve that lift of 50cc!

    Thank you, UrbanEBikes, for the excellent buying experience

  4. Marco Zavala
    Jun 25, 2022

    how poorly he runs his business

    I’m the type of person who when I don’t have something pleasant to say, I just do not say anything whatsoever. But it must be mentioned. Chris, the CEO for urban E-bikes, is not an honest man. I’ve sent him more than 15 messages, and he’s never come back to me once. I’ve sent more than 20 emails. He then waits for several days to reply to Tumi when he does get back to me.

    Then the CEO chooses which of my emails we are responding to. He isn’t able to address all the issues that I’m facing with the bike I bought from him, and the guy doesn’t seem to be concerned that I paid $2100 for it and haven’t been able to enjoy my bike.

    I’ve been requesting an RMA for over two weeks, and he’s still not given me the paperwork I need to get. He’s a poor excuse to be an entrepreneur. And I will never purchase anything from the shop ever again, and I will make sure that it is be made aware of how poorly he runs his business

  5. Demarcus Ware
    May 25, 2022

    My new tricycle is excellent

    My new tricycle is excellent. I received great service from everyone regarding tracking and delivery. I look forward to a great season with my bike.

    The pedal assist works excellent at one or two settings. If I need more boost, the thumb throttle can be used. Pedal-assist can be adjusted while I ride.

    I will be installing mirrors to see if cars are coming toward me. My husband is my driver, and I love my freedom.

    I can take the car to the senior center, library, or even the beach. Chris, Alyssa, and the rest of the team thank you!

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