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25 Reviews on Folsom Bike

  1. Jen Pittsley
    May 22, 2023

    Helpful and experienced

    Folsom Bike is a well-filled store with everything you need for the cycling journey. The shop was clean and the staff were helpful and experienced.

  2. Scott Jenkins
    Apr 23, 2023

    Knowledgeable sales team

    I got my Giant bike from Folsom Bike and couldn't be more satisfied with it—excellent, knowledgeable sales team. After a few millimeters of miles, I requested them to make a stop on my bike, and they made everything work perfectly. I'm giving them four points instead of 5 because they aren't stocked with every part I need to be required for my bicycle. They're the only components of the Shimano 105, and I was unhappy with that. Overall, I'd highly suggest them since they've worked well since I purchased them or bought the bike last year. I typically logged around 70 miles every week all year long.

  3. Kam Braxton
    Apr 22, 2023

    There was no information

    I took my bike to the shop to adjust the cable, and the technician said the cycle would be back in one week. When I contacted them after six days to inquire about the status of my bike, the chief mechanic stated that there was no information on the invoice about a due date. I explained that I would be going for a ride that would last two days and require my bicycle. The mechanic in charge said he'd see what options he had and would contact me the next day, around 5 pm if he could fit it in and get it in to pick up. He was faithful to his word and had it completed.

  4. Jasire sherman
    Apr 10, 2023

    An excellent horn

    I needed assistance in getting my awesome adult tricycle roadworthy. The guys helped me out. They gave me an excellent horn for it. The bad guy is rough. A chick magnet all the way.

  5. Jaime Hernandez
    Mar 23, 2023

    It didn't have the feature I was looking

    However, I could find. It didn't have the feature I was looking for; however, t. Howeverrep told us wh. I also offered other suggestions for how to accomplish something in the theaccomplishingot locate "precisely what I wanted.

  6. Lex Bowman
    Mar 22, 2023

    I've been to this location numerous times and will likely not return.

    I've been to this location numerous times and will likely not return. The customer service desk manager is rude and requires some classes on customer service. The most recent version of his sexier than thow approach is to make you wait at the entrance due to covid. When you are ready, they will inquire about your needs and decide how much they are enough to allow you to enter the store and investigate your items. In the sales department, you are instructed to stand at the front door as they're too busy with their phones to let you enter.

  7. Carol Brewer
    Mar 21, 2023

    I took my beach cruiser to the shop for new tires

    I took my beach cruiser to the shop for new tires. When I returned, they stripped the threads on the rear axle. They claimed I had a broken axle. Then I went to Rufus bicycle shop for diamond springs, and they got a brand new axel because my Folsom bike couldn't locate one. The front tire was just finger-tight. It's as if they didn't notice, as I wasn't spending much. They were great when we purchased my wife's bike for 3000 dollars. I'm sure there is some fantastic staff in the shop, but they missed the mark in this instance. I'm sorry that we have the misfortune of rating them so low. This doesn't seem right.

  8. Carrie Esparza
    Mar 18, 2023

    I'm not sure where these positive reviews are getting their information from.

    I'm not sure where these positive reviews are getting their information from. I've used this bike shop for a couple of purchases and minor fixes. The service has been exemplary until now. They're charging me $35 to repair my tubeless. Additionally, the cost for one tubeless tire is a hundred percent higher than what's sold elsewhere at $105 per tire. Prices increased for everything I examined. I also noticed that the staff changes every ten minutes, saying, this is not a pleaworkplacerk. Hey,, I'm in the market for a Michelin tire; the car I drive costs $134. You nuts! I won't be back and would not recommend this bicycle service to anyone. Make sure you save your money.

  9. Kyle Long
    Mar 17, 2023

    We went to this shop three times and had three bad experiences.

    We went to this shop three times and had three bad experiences. The staff at this business are young people who appear to have no idea how to greet customers. This includes how to greet customers or smile. I inquired about mountain bikes with full suspension. I was offered an index finger in the area. They seem to think you do not need them, but they do, and their service is expensive.

  10. Lisa Biddle
    Mar 16, 2023

    My experience with bikes is minimal.

    My experience with bikes is minimal. I am determined to encourage local businesses, especially right now. I was looking for my boys' bikes and learning more about the options. I stopped by on a rainy day. The store was not crowded. The young man who was working as a greeter was terrific. He tried to assist and connect me to a sales representative to ensure my questions would be addressed. The only thing the sales representative wanted to give me was to call back at the beginning of January 2021. Naturally, I was not happy with the service provided to customers or the lack of it. I will not be returning.

  11. Jesse Martinez
    Mar 14, 2023

    We were very disappointed, considering all the positive reviews.

    We were greeted as we entered, invited to explore, and told we would be assisted shortly. We waited with the attention of the employees to ensure that he would not forget that we were there. After waiting for 30 minutes, an employee approached us to ask if we'd received help (no, no, we're not) but was advised that they would be here in a hurry since they were "dealing with some stuff right now." He was referring to the fact that they would be helping individuals who came after us. We left without any assistance and instead spent our money elsewhere. We were very disappointed, considering all the positive reviews.

  12. Cyber Surfer
    Mar 12, 2023

    I was forced to visit a different shop to alter my size.

    I had a wonderful experience when Folsom Bike repaired my bike following a crash; I hesitated to recommend them if someone I know wanted to purchase a bicycle. They not only gave the veteran a discount of 25 or 20 percent, but they also provided him with the water bottle cage and water bottle, a repair kit for the saddle, and a tire pump. I was ecstatic to visit Folsom Bike following my friend's purchase experience. I then was looking to buy my bicycle. I was very dissatisfied. They didn't even offer me the discount of 10% they offeshowedlier in the day when I went to them at the beginning of my search, but they did not even provide me with any of the things they gave to my friend and even not water bottles. The handlebars were scratched when fitting the new grips that I bought, and my seat height was not right, and I was forced to visit a different shop to alter my size.

  13. Dan Murley
    Mar 11, 2023

    The service was fantastic.

    The service was fantastic. We followed the salesperson's recommendations, but the bike we bought for our daughter is too big for her to use it's pretty disappointing since we took her to get it adequately measured. We now have a lovely bike for her to develop into...

  14. Regina Souza
    Mar 10, 2023

    I took my bike in to have the brakes adjusted or fixed

    I took my bike in to have the brakes adjusted or fixed. The person at the counter was rude and rude, pushing me to do an entire bike tune-up (at 85 dollars) even though it was the first bike I had purchased. Additionally, the tune-up would take six calendar days after. I told the person that I was planning to use the bike the following day and only needed the brakes repaired and if I required the complete tune-up later...I could bring it back. The person did not hesitate to offer $30.00. After I picked up the bike the following day, he tried to charge me $85.00 and prpromisedhat I would take the bike back to complete the "rest of the work." I informed him that our contract was $30.00 to fix the brake and that I would bring it to him for any additional work required. He disagreed with me but hesitated to charge me the agreed-upon $of 30.00. I aim to improve and buy another bike over twelve months. But I won't look at Folsom Bike ln El Dorado Hills.

  15. Sean Nash
    Mar 8, 2023

    They need an improved mechanic.

    It's an excellent location where you can find the best mountain bike, road bicycle, or whatever you desire; they'll be able to assist you and tell you what's suitable for your needs and what you would like. However, there is a problem with their mechanic. I own a Cervelo S3. I bought it there, and a year later, I was involved in an accident that damaged my fork. Then, I need to purchase and install a new division; however, the mechanics aren't doing well. They let my split loose, and even I'm dead while out riding. Not only did they let my knife get loose and sagging, but they also didn't cut the fork in the right way each time I tightened it, and then a few days later, becobecamese, which meant I was required to cut again to ensure it stays in the correct position. Yes, they need an improved mechanic.

  16. Jacob Mink
    Mar 7, 2023

    This is the end of my experience with this place and Trek.

    When I filed a lifetime warranty for a Trek bike that required me to be paid up to the initial purchase amount, the deposit for a new frame required a brand new chair post and a wheel. They retained my old parts and charged me the retail price for the new components. I expressed my displeasure to the employee and was told, "You get what you get, and don't throw a fit." This is the end of my experience with this place and Trek.

  17. Joyce Miller
    Mar 6, 2023

    I bought a brand new bicycle at Folsom bicycle shop

    I bought a brand new bicycle at Folsom bicycle shop. It was a 90-day service tuning after 90 days. I took it in for assistance within 90 days. The service department put the bike on a rack before the counter but did nothing to it. I waited between 30 and 45 minutes before he handed me back the bicycle. I was required to ask to tighten the gear shift cables since the cables were loose. It wasn't very comfortable—Poo—poorer service.

  18. Carol Donahue
    Mar 5, 2023

    It lacked the seat clamp wedge.

    I purchased a Folsom Bike pack and shipped the bike I bought at the time, and after I got the bike, it lacked the seat clamp wedge. This was an unintentional item that should be tucked away with other loose items on the bike. However, they didn't wish to assume any responsibility for the missing part. I paid them $250 to transport the bike back to me, and they could not do it right.

  19. Elle Varga
    Mar 4, 2023

    I brought my road bike to the shop for routine service.

    I brought my road bike to the shop for routine service. My shifting was just a tiny off from the calibration. The shift was more pronounced when I returned my Bike than when I took it in. I requested to adjust the change to the correct setting, and they could do it. It was terrible, just like the initial. I was later told that it was an issue with my equipment and that I needed to replace my front derailleur. I bought a new one. I just returned from my first trip with the new device, and it's still in adjustment, just as it was the first time. I'm looking for it to be perfect. I've utilized my Bike many times with excellent results. However, this time it seems like an issue. I'm unsure if I'm using a problem with my equipment or if the service isn't at the level they usually provide.

  20. Melody holmes
    Mar 2, 2023

    The bike service was unable to fix the mark on the tire

    The bike service was unable to fix the mark on the tire. They informed me that my rim was scratched, so it wouldn't be able to do it ...they then said I required an entirely new edge? I explained to the service person that I wanted to cut time by letting them put my tubes on and now must go back home to finish the work. I paid $10 for labor per tire + $8 per tire and got boxes... 36 dollars plus tax. I waited over 25 minutes for two lines to be installed, but they didn't complete the job correctly. I was disappointed and left and went home to set the bead within 5 minutes using soapy water and high tension on the pump. The clerk at the service counter was able to explain that the pressure hose can only go to 80psi. If I read the tire's pressure before pumping it the tire, it was 55psi. ...??? I increased the pressure to 67psi or 70, and the tire was set. I called to speak with the manager (nicelovelytleman), that apologized and promised to debit my bank account to pay for the labor. Haven't I yet seen any credit on my account to date? I'm not sure if I'll ever be back. The rumor about the rim and the untruth made me angry. I rarely get mad or write reviews like this. However, this review must be reported. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Tyler Tuttle
    Jan 13, 2023

    I am most grateful for it

    The merchandise is similar to those you'll see at other bike shops in the area; however, I appreciate the most from Folsom Bike, personally, the experience I have while I'm there and when I go home. The employees at Folsom bike have always maintained the highest standards of professionalism and class. The environment is one of the most professional I've ever seen, and I am most grateful for it.

  22. Lamont Foster
    Jul 15, 2022

    Great service/maintenance department

    I took my 9-year-old TREK Madone to Folsom Bike for a major tuneup. The employees of Folsom Bike were excellent. They were very friendly and accommodating. I was promised my bike to me on a specific day, and it was there on that day.

    I would endorse Folsom Bike to anyone who needs excellent service. My bike is brand new, and I was able to feel like I could fly like a breeze. They even expressed their appreciation for the state that my bicycle was in.

  23. Luis Garcia
    Jul 8, 2022

    Horrible horrible!

    Horrible horrible! My sister brought my racing wheels with her for a ride to Folsom Bike. They had difficulty figuring out how to change the wheels, and when they got them back to swap them, they misplaced the cassettes. They gave me an outdated, worn-out cassette. It was necessary to purchase another. Never go to the bike shop for any reason unless you don't want to repurchase every item!

  24. Rosa Vizcarra
    Jun 25, 2022

    Folsom Bike fixed a issue

    We had some issues in obtaining a part ordered for a new bike, Folsom Bike. Initially, the repair shop was scheduled to purchase a component that was removed from the bike after some changes were made; however, they didn't place an order for the part, and we contacted them a couple of weeks later. The piece was ordered, then received, and installed soon afterward. We had a problem with the repair team not wanting to initially adjust the gears on the bike due to an issue with the bike's grinding on the bags. However, they eventually agreed to it and then made the adjustments. Folsom Bike provided credit to our account to compensate for the inconvenience.

  25. Jodie Dawson
    Jun 17, 2022

    Friendly and knowledgeable

    Friendly and knowledgeable. They're not pushy, just helpful.

    I'm in love with my new bike. It's an excellent fit and a fantastic riding experience.

    I visit them for accessories or questions, and they're always with me.

    They've done many other things on my behalf (e.g., sync my computer with my mobile, etc.), and that's why I'll be back.

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