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Is eBid legit?

eBid has 29 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 2.9 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach eBid customer care?

You can contact eBid customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at

Where is eBid located?

eBid is located at address United States.

29 Reviews on eBid

  1. Thomas Furlong
    1 rating

    Unveiling Hidden Listing Fees on eBid

    Nov 22, 2023

    I decided to give eBid a shot to sell some of my items. The website and promotional materials emphasized the message: "Don't forget... It's free to list on eBid!" However, my experience contradicted this claim. Contrary to the initial impression, listing items was far from free.

    Upon signing up and attempting to list something, I was promptly informed that I needed to pay for an account, choosing from options like silver, gold, or platinum, each requiring various upfront subscription fees. This unexpected cost caught me off guard, and had I known about it beforehand, I wouldn't have invested my time signing up and sharing my data. I recommend avoiding this platform for potential sellers due to the undisclosed listing fees that could be a significant deterrent.

  2. Vicki Crosby
    1 rating

    A very frustrating experience

    May 22, 2023

    I'm able to rate only using a seller's viewpoint. I've had listings running for over three years—many different items. , I've sold nothing and Received inquiries or requests about any item. It was a very frustrating experience.

  3. Anne Atwell
    5 rating

    Highly satisfied

    May 21, 2023

    A great Experience. The pen I was looking for was on sale at an affordable cost. The seller delivered the item quickly, packaged it well, and informed me about the shipping details. The eBid site is pretty simple to navigate. It's just unlike another well-known website. Highly satisfied with the purchase and my shopping experience.

  4. Emma Cannon
    1 rating

    A very competitive price

    May 19, 2023

    I went to this website to purchase a vitamin supplement at a very competitive price, but I didn't realize they do not accept any payment other than that from PayPal. I accidentally joined an eBid account but cannot unsubscribe—a very misleading website.

  5. Michael Gottlieb
    5 rating

    Professionalism was outstanding

    Apr 25, 2023

    I've sold on the eBid website for several years. This week, I encountered problems with the listing software eBid makes available to sellers adding bulk listings to their sale pages. I contacted the Support Team via e-mail, and I got a response that very same day. While members of the Support Team do not give their details, it was evident by our discussions that I was dealing with an individual who took responsibility for the issue. The information and direction I received were precise and valuable. The reason for the problem was identified and explained. I could quickly reply with the information necessary to help an individual from Support Team achieve a solution to the issue rapidly. Overall, I was delighted with the competence and expertise of the individual I worked and their professionalism was outstanding.

  6. Sheila Hilton
    5 rating

    It's less expensive

    Apr 23, 2023

    I've used Ebid for quite a long time, and I'm convinced it's a better option than eBay in both the case of the buyers and sellers. Its more rational pricing structure ensures sellers who sell on Ebid will charge a lower price than on other platforms. Also, selling is more accessible, and the search engine operates. Additionally, PayPal is part of the option to pay. This means it's less expensive and more convenient to offer your products via Ebid, and also, it's easier to locate the item you're seeking if you're purchasing. Furthermore, PayPal guarantees that transactions are secure and safe.

  7. Philip Henselin
    1 rating

    It will not be reopened

    Apr 22, 2023

    I signed up for Ebid and issued it from the beginning. They kept blocking my account for no reason.....first, they asked me for my documents. I sent them my passport and ID as I have a foreign name they got suspicious...mha......than they activated my account...I posted my sale and asked them how to import from Ebay, where I have over 35 positive review..no answer...I got blocked again because I was using a foreign IP address; I told them I work for a European company and use a VPN. This was their answer: Due to several inconsistencies, we have closed their account after careful consideraiandiand t will not be reopened. They do not even have a CS phone number...EBAY is 10000% better even if more expensive

  8. Tammy Burke
    3 rating

    Great results

    Apr 10, 2023

    As an eBay deserter, I wanted to see great results from eBid. We tried listing some products and were disappointed to find the process for listing to be a little iffy. It's not highly stable, and I've required re-inputting data for several attempts to list. Uploading photos is confusing, difficult to understand, and takes a lot of time. For example, you can't simply upload pictures directly from your computer into the list; however, you could, but it won't work. I also looked at the downloading third-party app to create bulk lilistingwhich was awful and unsuitable. I tried it but didn't like it for quite a while. I believed I could make a big difference with eBid, but now I'm scared I'll be forced to stick with eBay and shell out more money to use the service.

  9. Laurie Brubaker
    1 rating

    I've never had any issues with eBay.

    Jan 10, 2023

    I purchased an opener for garage doors that did not work, so I returned it to the seller. They won't give me a refund even though it was in the original packaging, with a note inside the box. There's no enforcement by EBID to ensure that this does not happen. I'll stay with EBAY. I've never had any issues with eBay.

  10. Cathy Shaw
    5 rating

    The low fee structure is attractive.

    Jan 9, 2023

    I purchased two items for PS93.85 from an auctioneer on the eBid auction website. The items were of excellent quality and delivered the next day using Recorded Delivery. I was delighted with the excellent service provided by this seller. It is also simple to use. You can pay using an existing PayPal account and other methods, and it has many items to sell. It is an absolute pleasure. I am also selling on eBid and have found that my products sell very well. The low fee structure is attractive.

  11. George Lattie
    2 rating

    The entire procedure was similar

    Jan 8, 2023

    I paid for the lifetime cost to insert fee-free listings and then populated my account with items I sold. The interface was simple to use , and the entire procedure was similar to the eBay process. It was simpler since all the data entered to list the item is contained on one page instead of several on eBay.

  12. Mike Valiente
    1 rating

    Nobody wants to purchase

    Jan 7, 2023

    Everyone wants to sell their stuff, but nobody wants to purchase. Everything I mentioned that I deleted due to the fact that it was sold elsewhere first. It could be that this site can work better in the coming years after the site can do some advertising and gains rgaintion that can translate into buyers!

  13. Alison Green
    2 rating

    A terrible website to navigate.

    Jan 7, 2023

    A terrible website to navigate. Bidding and navigation are very complex and complicated. I wouldn't suggest using these services. I tried calling them and calling because I was having a credit problem; however, nobody seemed capable of answering simple questions. When a manager finally stepped to the phone, did I get some help; however, it was an ache.

  14. Robert Rigsby
    2 rating

    I recently bought an antique railroad figure

    Jan 6, 2023

    I recently bought an antique railroad figure through ebid.com and haven't yet received it or even a reply to my questions. I'm hopeful Paypal can help since the bid has given canned responses. We can't recommend this site, unfortunately.

  15. Clarissa Hancock
    2 rating

    They respond quickly

    Jan 6, 2023

    The site is complex to navigate for buyers as well as sellers. As a seller, I was born before computers were invented, requiring more technical assistance than eBid provides. They respond quickly back to me via email; however, I am unable to comprehend the written instructions. There's nobody from the company who can be contacted directly. I want to make bulk edits sure of my listings. However, I'm not sure of the best way to do it. Many of my customers on other websites do not like signing up using Creditcards before they are allowed to browse my listings. Paypal is not an option on my sitsiteoweverr; my customers have told me that they are unable to determine how to pay for the site using a credit card.

  16. Vicki Brands
    5 rating

    Customer Service promptly handled my request,

    Jan 5, 2023

    Recently returned to Ebid after several years. I needed to change my username to begin again. Customer Service promptly handled my request, providing a more personal service than the automated replies of other well-known rivals. Listing is simple, and the fees are very affordable compared with other auction sites online. So far, so good.

  17. Marcia Fritz
    4 rating

    This site has a lot of potential for buyers and sellers

    Jan 4, 2023

    A week on the bid as a seller. 13 listings. Around 18 views per listing but no sales. This site has a lot of potential for buyers and sellers because of the affordable price compared to the slashing we do from other sites. I have much lower prices on Ebid because of the lower price. Check out Google Search results; my products appeared on the first page. Every seller should give this test, but don't get started with Ebid due to the lack of several visitors. The site is a little hard to navigate through, and we must make improvements to this.

  18. George Grantin
    1 rating

    They stole my buddy points when they shut down my account.

    Jan 3, 2023

    When I bid on Ebid, they would accuse me of shill bidding and claim they knew who the seller was. I was able to close the account! It was not the case, and I told them I didn't see any seller they had on their site, but they continued to insist that they knew who the seller was. I had accumulated some friend points which I planned to buy products using. They stole my buddy points when they shut down my account. The Ebid police are trying to make it difficult for customers to open their accounts and make purchases. I would give them zero stars If I could.

  19. Nathan Holden
    1 rating

    I have received no response.

    Jan 2, 2023

    So I've completed 20 successful bids, with no hassles and quick payment to sellers everywhere. But then, out of the blue, Ebid threatened me by removing my account and requesting evidence of identity, passport, and driving license before they allowed it to be reinstated. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable giving them my documents, and I think this is not something they should request however I decided to do it anyway. What do I have to choose? It's been 24 hours since I uploaded my documents, and I have received no response. I believe their service to loyal customers is terrible.

  20. John Lanzetta
    1 rating

    I feel bad for those who have used it

    Jan 1, 2023

    Sorry E-Bid buddies, today I've decided to move back to E-bay following nearly an entire year of trying to market my items on E-bid. But nothing has moved. It appears that nobody is looking at the thing, or perhaps nobody is aware of or trusts this site. I must admit that the E-bid is simpler and more user-friendly to upload stuff; however, what's the reason to use it if your property isn't selling? I even paid a premium for a year for maximum exposure, but I am losing funds for it. Sorry to say that I don't suggest e-bid for the next time. I feel bad for those who have used it, but it's a fact.

  21. Esther Guerrero
    3 rating

    That was a good decision I made

    Dec 31, 2022

    I logged into eBay when it required me to change all of my images to be larger and I did so. my photos. I then accessed the bid and loaded all my photos and auctions. That was a good decision I made. EBay takes pictures off after 90 days if the item isn't renewed. EBay has increased the price of their listings in the year 2000, but they didn't have free listings. If you own five thousand items, there's a chance that you're likely to lose lots of images. Ebid does not, so at the very most, I have a great storage system to store all my photos and an easy method of finding the exact image when looking up my listings. In addition, I make a few deals here and there.

  22. Rose Twomey
    5 rating

    I can sell products for less and do not have to pay

    Dec 19, 2022

    I believe that people are inclined to be skeptical of Ebid because it sounds too appealing to be true in comparison to other fee-snatching websites. I've been a bid member for many years, and the lifetime fee is precisely as it claims I can sell products for less and do not have to pay. The only thing is that more people need to join to make it their primary option when looking for something.

  23. Sheryl Kirby
    4 rating

    Ebid is a safe and secure platform to purchase and sell

    Dec 16, 2022

    Ebid is a safe and secure platform to purchase and sell. Ebid's selling costs are less than eBay, and we don't need to endure the constant buyer admonishment that eBay specializes in. It has, however, taken some time to make an order. Ebid must do more promotional work.

  24. Mary Wagner
    5 rating

    An excellent alternative to other auction websites

    Dec 13, 2022

    An excellent alternative to other auction websites. It is easy to list items and a pleasant marketplace to purchase and sell with a wide selection of goods. With increased media exposure, sellers and buyers will become more attracted to the more relaxed and friendly trading environment.

  25. Waymon Strickland
    2 rating

    The research of what's selling or sold, or customer support.

    Dec 7, 2022

    Have my daily log-in, or we will close the listings today. Therefore, that's me logged into. There were several views; however, no sales. At the same time, with eBay, I've had more than 100 sales despite my prices being higher on eBay. It's fantastic. Is the number of views real? I want a list of items sold on eBay,d, but I haven't found a way. I've been a member for more than 15 years, and I have more than 150 reviews, all of which are positive. Sales were slow, but they were regular. Now there are none. I tried to contact eBid toswitch my account to an eBay username a few years ago. I didn't get a response despite repeated attempts. I'll continue to keep the listings I have on eBid however it isn't able to compare very well with eBay for sales, the research of what's selling or sold, or customer support.

  26. Brashear Robinson
    5 rating

    Excellent customer service

    Dec 3, 2022

    I've been on eBid for just a few months and have sold multiple items with numerous sales. It is a very accessible format to use. Excellent customer service. If you're a seller selling on eBay.......get here!

  27. John Wilson
    5 rating

    The top auction business online!

    Dec 1, 2022

    I have been using Ebid for over 12 years! There's a reason Ebid is awarded the Best Award each year! It's an excellent online platform with plenty of tools to accomplish the task. It's worth purchasing the Platinum Package (FKA 'Lifetime Package') to save significant money on Final Costs. I bought it for the first time and am so happy I did. It's hard to beat the 0-2 % reduction in charges for selling, regardless of the value of the sale! The top auction business online!

  28. Dian Thompson
    1 rating

    It's a complete waste of time sellers

    Nov 29, 2022

    It's a complete waste of time, sellers. My lifetime cost of PS49.99 was almost eight years ago, and I still haven't sold one thing! The items I've listed are selling quickly on eBay. Please don't waste money because you'll throw it in the trash!

  29. Anthony Gonzales
    5 rating

    The response has been excellent

    May 25, 2022

    Since I deal mainly with stamps and a few coins, it would be great for eBid to place an advertisement in Linn's Stamp News and Coin World.

    I sent a mass mailing to my former buyers from that other rip-off auction site.

    The response has been excellent. Now I am tailoring my purchases to their past purchases.

    So far, it seems to be working.

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