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6 Reviews

Kelly Roach Coaching

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Is Kelly Roach Coaching legit?

Kelly Roach Coaching has 6 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.7 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Kelly Roach Coaching customer care?

You can contact Kelly Roach Coaching customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at (610) 910-3600

Where is Kelly Roach Coaching located?

Kelly Roach Coaching is located at address 1379 Dilworthtown Road #111, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382, United States.

6 Reviews on Kelly Roach Coaching

  1. Vincent
    5 rating

    Great Service, Very Professional

    Jan 29, 2024

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  2. Maryann
    1 rating

    BUZZWORDS and BS is all you will get

    Nov 20, 2023

    I genuinely believe Kelly believes she is actually providing value to her customers but just reading marketing and business books and giving clients snippet of advice from such books does not the provide tailored strategy that her customers are signing up for. Buying a few business books would be a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER AND PROBABLY MORE USEFUL THAN KELLY ROACH COACHING SERVICES!!@@

  3. JRS
    1 rating

    This is not a B2B coaching service. There is no process to the coaching, you will be super stressed. It was a total waste of money. Plus they charged me 3 extra payments to end early. No integrity whatsoever.

    Aug 8, 2023

    I was sold a program that could help me take my current solo-preneur B2B business to million dollar company with subcontractors and clients. I am a driven person and I know this goal is completely possible. I was asking for help with making sure I considered all key aspects of a successful business so I didn't miss anything important. Every call was about posting on social media, have live launching and mass selling.

    I have a very small niche and I sell very high ticket services. They sales tactics and nurture process is completely different for B2B.

    When I started to learn more about the differences between B2B and B2C selling (because none of the tactics felt right or worked), I pointed out why this program was NOT B2B and why I was sold a program that was not applicable to my needs, they refused to let me out. I had to pay an extra 3 months of payments. This $7500 was a lot for my family and considering none of their tactics lead to any sales or warm leads.

    This is NOT a business that works with integrity or honesty, they want your money. They have nice people working there who will string you along.
    If you are considering them, ask them for deliverables, what processes are they using to help you?

    They have none. This a completely self-driven program meaning you need to know everything, it's NOT a coaching service. It's a place to go to get random, all over content that you need to tailor in your own way. They don't help you create clarity out of the chaos of building a business, they just create more.

    If I had to do it again, I would leverage my LinkedIn network to find a coach. I started with a new coach at half the price and he has presented me with all sorts of processes that we will be going through to create the clarity I'm needing and I'm very excited!

    Please to not use this service.

  4. Maryann
    1 rating

    Yup its a SCAM

    Jul 7, 2023

    Just google "Kelly Roach negative reviews" ans you will see the truth. Don’t waste your time and money on her programs

  5. Mujabir
    1 rating

    Kelly got a lot of fame for free stuff

    Jun 15, 2023

    Kelly is a good speaker and best for motivation, but getting coached does not sound. To add, paying thousands of dollars does not sound well to me. Go, Kelly go!

  6. Mike Hugo
    1 rating

    Not a good coach

    Jun 13, 2023

    I had a rather unsettling encounter with Kelly Roach Coaching that left me profoundly questioning the integrity of their programs and the actual value they offer. When the opportunity arose for me to sign up for their programs, I proceeded cautiously, ensuring that I made an informed decision. However, what unfolded during the process left me with serious concerns and unease.

    One particular issue that caught my attention was their reluctance to provide me with the contract for review. It struck me as odd and raised some red flags. After persistently insisting, I finally managed to get my hands on the contract, and to my surprise, I discovered some troubling clauses regarding refunds and cancellations. These terms appeared highly questionable, and I couldn't help but wonder about their legality, casting doubt on the entire contract. This experience left me deeply skeptical about the ethical practices of Kelly Roach and the credibility of their coaching services.

    Furthermore, as I delved deeper into researching Kelly Roach and their background, I couldn't help but question why anyone would willingly invest in their programs, particularly considering the exorbitant prices they charge. I searched for evidence of their business acumen, training, or formal education, but my efforts yielded very little. It became increasingly apparent that there was a lack of substantial proof to support their claims of expertise in the field.

    Another concern that emerged during my investigation was the difficulty Kelly Roach seemed to encounter in securing partnership projects. While this could be attributed to various factors, it served as a stark reminder of the importance of conducting thorough due diligence and research before entering into any business collaborations. It became clear that relying solely on reputation or surface-level information could lead to undesirable outcomes.

    Based on my experience and the doubts that have arisen, I feel compelled to advise others to approach Kelly Roach and its programs cautiously. Given the significant financial investment required and the uncertain value they seem to provide, it is essential to carefully consider alternatives that offer greater transparency, proven expertise, and a solid track record of delivering tangible results. Making an informed decision is crucial to safeguarding your resources and ensuring you receive the support and guidance you need on your business journey.

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About Kelly Roach Coaching

Kelly Roach is a highly successful business coach and CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching. With years of experience and a proven track record in the corporate world, Kelly Roach brings her expertise and knowledge to help entrepreneurs and service providers thrive in the online space. Before transitioning to coaching, Kelly Roach achieved remarkable success in the Fortune 500 world, managing teams of over 100 people and breaking company records even during economic downturns. Additionally, she built a 7-figure side hustle while serving as a Senior Vice President. Drawing on her extensive background, Kelly Roach and her team of 30+ professionals provide guidance and support to business owners and CEOs who are looking to overcome burnout, increase income, and achieve true entrepreneurial freedom. Kelly Roach Coaching offers various coaching programs tailored to meet the specific needs of different stages of business growth. The Empire Builders program helps entrepreneurs simplify their focus and accelerate their path from 6 to 7-figures, focusing on core profit producers, marketing, sales, team building, and scalable high-ticket offers. The Legacy Builders program focuses on mastering back-end operations, including employee management, client renewals, and financial literacy. For $1M+ CEOs ready to take their businesses to the next level, the program offers exclusive immersive experiences and a supportive community. Kelly Roach's coaching approach combines timeless business foundations with cutting-edge strategies to help clients sustain success. The results speak for themselves, with over 75 7-figure businesses supported in the last 18 months and a 1943% company growth over the last 3 years, earning recognition on the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the US. The mission of Kelly Roach Coaching is to help everyday entrepreneurs achieve freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance. Through live events, workshops, personalized coaching, and a podcast, Kelly Roach Coaching provides valuable insights and practical tools to help entrepreneurs overcome challenges, master the basics, and achieve tangible results. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering others, Kelly Roach has established herself as a trusted resource for business growth and success.

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(610) 910-3600
1379 Dilworthtown Road #111, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382, United States