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Is Iman Gadzhi a scam?

Reviews of Iman Gadzhi show a terrible opinion, marking him as a scam. Reddit labels him as a scam, criticizing his courses and questioning the legitimacy of his claims. For instance, Redditor claims that his agency has only made a maximum of 40k annually. On the other hand, other reviews state that while his courses might be overhyped, they are not technically scams. Users can make money with his program, but success varies. There are also positive reviews noting evidence of his accomplishments and the value he delivers in his courses.

Is Iman Gadzhi legit?

Iman Gadzhi has supporters, critics, and haters. Some reviews acknowledge his successes and the legitimacy of his courses, while others have raised concerns about the effectiveness and value of his offerings. Before deciding, you should approach his courses critically and gather information from multiple trusted sources i.e. the person who took the course.

5 Reviews on Iman Gadzhi

  1. Shannon Denton
    3 rating

    Doesn't Care For Customers!

    Jan 19, 2024

    The company's management is staffed poorly, meaning that employees have to be more productive in order to compensate for the lack of personnel. You do have a year-long vacation but it's difficult to make use of it since there is only a handful of hours allocated for the staff who can take leave. If you decide to leave, make sure that you take 2 to three months ahead of time!

  2. Mithiles
    2 rating

    Iag Media and Iman Gadzhi are scammer!

    Dec 13, 2023

    I knew this guy and company before he got started but never had the audacity to write a review. This man is a great YouTube marketer. He sells through podcasts. Many a times he shared a fake screenshots,he is a gray hat marketer and know how to manipulate the entire thing. Bad guy. Stay away of iag media.

  3. Tina
    1 rating

    Review for Grow Your Agency by Iman Gadzhi

    Sep 2, 2023

    I recently enrolled in Iman Gadzhi's "Grow Your Agency" course, drawn by its promise to help beginners start and scale their agencies. While there were some nuggets of wisdom, the experience wasn't entirely what I expected.


    Provides a structured approach to building a marketing agency.
    Some strategies were insightful and could be applied practically.


    Some content felt generic and not as tailored as advertised.
    I came across mixed reviews online, with some users questioning its authenticity.
    The promotional content might give you high hopes, but the course's reality can differ.

    In a nutshell, "Grow Your Agency" has its merits, but setting realistic expectations is essential. Do your research before diving in!

  4. Jubair
    1 rating

    Review on Iman Gadzhi's Programs - He is manipulative!

    Sep 2, 2023

    I've always been curious about these YouTube business gurus, and Iman Gadzhi caught my attention. But after diving deep into his content, I started seeing things differently. When you're young, like I am at 16, it's easy to get swayed. But stepping back, I noticed how manipulative some of his tactics felt.

    I joined a discord server where many were devout followers of his teachings. Seeing how unthinkingly they followed every word was disheartening. Over time, my respect for him dwindled.

    Now, I've shifted from YouTube to Reddit for business advice. A piece of advice for young folks like me: Pursue your passion. I started my venture, and building it from scratch is the joy. It's not always about following a set video series. True success comes from taking the initiative and growing a business you're genuinely passionate about.

  5. Greg Hussain
    1 rating

    Rough Experience with Iman Gadzhi and Grow Your Agency

    Jun 13, 2023

    I'm writing this review after a profoundly disappointing experience with Iman Gadzhi, a self-proclaimed Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) guru. I initially found Gadzhi through his TikTok videos and was intrigued by his content. However, as I delved deeper into his offerings, I found a series of unsettling discrepancies and questionable practices.

    Gadzhi's backstory, which he often uses as a selling point, seemed inconsistent and exaggerated. He frequently speaks about a "rough childhood" and an abusive father. Yet, he admits on several podcasts that he grew up in a privileged environment in one of London's best neighborhoods. This discrepancy made me question the authenticity and credibility of his narrative.

    Iman Gadzhi's claims about his SMMA agency's success raised red flags. He claimed that his agency was massively successful, yet he abruptly shut it down to "get to new levels of wealth." This didn't make sense to me. Why would anyone shut down a profitable business without a clear transition plan?

    Moreover, Gadzhi's lack of technical skills was a significant concern. He openly admits that he doesn't know how to run ads, a fundamental skill in digital marketing. This made me question the value of his teachings. How can he teach others if he doesn't possess the basic skills?

    Gadzhi's move to Dubai for tax reasons and his open support for Putin made me question his moral compass. It seemed to me that he was prioritizing money over ethics, which was a big turn-off.

    My experience with Iman Gadzhi was far from satisfactory. His inconsistent backstory, questionable business practices, lack of technical skills, and questionable ethics made me regret my decision to engage with his content. I hope my experience is a cautionary tale for others considering investing in his courses or products. Always do your research and exercise critical thinking before making such decisions.

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About Iman Gadzhi

Iman Gadzhi, originally named Iman Gadzhimagomedov, has become a well-known British business person, online promoter YouTuber, social media figure, and content maker. Born on January 3rd, 2000 in Dagestanskiye Ogni Russia, Iman accomplished exceptional success early on, largely thanks to his hardworking attitude and creative business plans. Iman is most recognized as the creator of IAG Media, which supports coaching and e-commerce companies by using paid ads and sales funnels. With over 1 and 85 million YouTube subscribers as of February 2023 Iman shares his experiences and ideas on rapid business development and entrepreneurship, which have likely motivated and inspired many ambitious entrepreneurs globally. Despite facing numerous difficulties early on, Iman has stayed determined, proving his outstanding business skills. Notably he started his business career at 15 by buying and selling Instagram accounts. By 17, he handled social media and created content for various clients, raising his earnings. His dedication and persistence have led to his estimated net worth of $20 to $25 million and made him a respected leader in business. Iman's mission goes beyond his companies. He wants to improve the education system, showing his commitment to community growth. Today Iman lives in London, England, where he enjoys a wealthy lifestyle, proof of his business success.

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