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  1. Timara Kingsbury
    Jan 13, 2023

    This is a great class

    This is a great class; everybody should learn this life lesson. It can help anyone’s life transform into an entirely new experience. Thanks to Dev and their team for changing billions of lives.

  2. Manoj Prasad
    Dec 31, 2022

    Waste of time and money

    He is doing his earnings and giving advice, not at all practical workouts for us. Waste of time and money, not at all useful, it’s a significant benefit to him, only, not to us. First, ask you to pay 99, and following three days, the course is one lakh after he gives a 50% discount, and then, he will sell for 16500/-.

  3. Anil Sharma
    Dec 30, 2022

    He deserves to be praised for his personality

    It was a tremendous three-day course. I would suggest that all professionals go through, at the very least, a Passionprenour masterclass to clarify the skills we must have to advance our careers. And Dev Sir is a great person. He deserves to be praised for his personality.

  4. Prashant Patel
    Dec 30, 2022

    The inflation rate is already too high.

    I’m rating it one star as I felt I attended another workshop for Rs 20000 but didn’t receive any value for money. It was more about marketing his next preneur mastermind workshop at this workshop. What I didn’t love about it was that making money was more prominent than providing worth to the people. It’s a service-oriented approach, but it’s pure business and not service when they charge such high costs as 3.5 lakhs plus GST. There may be some skill development at the next session, but my 20000 rupees are gone. I want to request that dev gadhJadhav not encourage people to increase the cost of services as he would like people to make money quickly. The inflation rate is already too high.

  5. Nishant Patil
    Dec 29, 2022

    This was the most memorable experience of my life

    What is an incredible transformational journey? I am incredibly grateful and happy to have met Devghavi and the great community. This was the most memorable experience of my life. Three days and the past 25 days of learning and inspiration. This was a fantastic gear-changing experience. I’d love to be a part of this incredible community and place.

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Dev Gadhvi is India's #1 Passionpreneur Mentor. H is by being a person who was born into poor circumstances and went on to become the family's first millionaire; Dev believes that our biggest enemy is not our circumstances but rather our limitations about ourselves. His goal is to change 1 billion lives by empowering people to find their passion and create businesses around it.

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