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5 Reviews on Dr. Ameet Parekh

  1. Pranav Gandhi
    Jan 13, 2023

    The most annoying person on YouTube

    The most annoying person on YouTube. No matter which videos you’re watching, He appears between the beginning and end of his workshop for 99 rupees. He’s self-proclaimed Brahma for business. He is out to deceive everyone every single day. Therefore, the quicker you get rid of his ads, the more quickly they appear while watching another video. Most Youtube experts are fake. However, this one is the top of the Fekus.

  2. Mike Thomas
    Dec 31, 2022

    the form of increased profits by 5 percent

    After having the coaching sessions for six months with Amit Sir and his team, as well as my coach, Sir Joseph das, it’s now going impact my business in the form of increased profits by 5 percent, better order delivery timelines, and also gaining a clear understanding about how to manage the company using the provided path. Therefore, I am confident that more results will be seen after the completion of the coaching program. However, I am sure that with the actions I’ll decide to take.

  3. Riku Chabra
    Dec 30, 2022

    Ameet Parekh runs a colosal fraud. Avoid his stupid courses.

    My son was in Ameet Parekh Coaching in Goregaon, Mumbai. The money I earned was spent as it was a colossal fraud. The experience revealed that these people are money-makers who can make us believe in being big. This is based on the fact that when they inquired about what they had done, they offered basic information. Anyone can find them at no cost through Google.

  4. Anne Merrell
    Dec 27, 2022

    scammer selling a product

    Suppose I see celebrities like Ameet Parekh appearing as non-invited guests at wedding receptions on YouTube each time I watch a show or movie and listen to music. In that case, I have nothing but an abundance of negative words about him. The way he talks is not only obnoxious but also dishonest. It is a matter of how often it is possible to skip an advertisement constantly popping up on Covid 19 times. Successful people should not shout like madmen. I have read many reviews online about him, and he’s another scammer selling a product that doesn’t exist or works. I wish he would go out of YouTube.

  5. Lipika Panyanak
    Dec 26, 2022

    I've grown my business to 300 percent

    I’ve been a maker and choreographer throughout my existence, yet I never knew how to define my specialization and talents to create a business around it. The meeting with the business instructor with my mentor helped set up an enterprise model. I had the choice of developing effective strategies to promote my work and to form an organization to provide more customers. Over one year, I’ve grown this business to a 300 percent revenue growth. Not only that, I have successfully automated this entire business by utilizing efficient frameworks and a skilled team. with the assistance of my coach, but I’ve also started another company in which I’m helping individuals with Artis build and grow their work into a profitable business. I think that none of possible without the guidance of a coach. Eternally grateful to the entire team.

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About Dr. Ameet Parekh

Dr. Ameet Parekh is India's most renowned Business Success Coach, and creator of the novel The Mind is Your Enemy. Post-Graduate in Business Management thru Pune University and completed his ICF-accredited ACSTH training in 2018 through the Symbiosis, the prestigious Symbiosis Institute, U.S or TLCCG, Canada, formally recognized by ICF and is a Coach of highly acclaimed coach associations such as CCA and ICF Business Success Coach Educationalist Executive Coach, Pranic Healer Practitioner through WPHF Inc, Manila, Serial Entrepreneur, Author of the Amazon Bestseller "YOUR MIND IS YOUR ENEMY" and founder of Anaiah Edutrain LLP.

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