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38 Reviews on PRAGA MEDICA

  1. Marilyn Merrill
    May 25, 2023

    Very disappointed with Praga Medica

    The company's decline in performance is evident, with noticeable delays in response times and an unwillingness to accommodate requested changes.

    My previous experience with them, which portrayed professionalism, is now a far cry from their current state.

    Their responsiveness has significantly slowed down, and when attempting to research reviews of the dentist they partner with, the available information is scarce.

    Considering the existence of superior services elsewhere, it is my personal opinion that one should explore other options.

  2. Kimberley Anne
    May 24, 2023

    Recommend this service

    The second time I've visited Praga Medica. Five years ago, I went to undergo laser eye surgery. I just returned two weeks ago after having my replacement lens procedure. They're very efficient and professional. Everything went smoothly, and I'd recommend this service to anyone. I paid extra to remove the laser lens and am happy with it. It was PS3500 to both eyes and could have cost PS9000 for the U.K.

  3. Raquel Gonzalez
    May 24, 2023

    Eyesight is excellent

    I went through a lens repair five years ago. My eyesight is excellent. However, I did notice some blurring, but I fixed the eye clinic in 10 minutes. Five years later, I could never think about wearing glasses again. It truly changed my life. I am so annoyed by my peers squinting and getting rid of their drinks.

  4. Chad Mckenzie
    Apr 27, 2023

    Would recommend

    Thanks to Iveta and Praga Medica for helping my gynecomastia procedure go effortlessly and ensuring I felt at ease and prepared to go through my procedure . Would recommend anyone seeking the best treatment—five stars from beginning to end.

  5. Shelby Annexo
    Apr 11, 2023

    There are horror stories

    I'd suggest anyone coming to this center think well about their choices and be different from me. There are horror stories everywhere that you hope won't happen to anyone else; however, in reality, they could happen. I had a tummy tuck, and after surgery, the surgeon informed me that it could create an opening. Then I got an infection with bacteria two days after my operation. I am now suffering from a hole in my lower stomach. The hole measures 9cm by 4cm and is deep enough to see the muscles. It has been suggested that the wound should get better with the packing process and prolonged recovery. In what way do I not know? Please avoid being like me and believe this can be fixed quickly. The surgeon is not talking to me, and I depend on my doctor in the United Kingdom to address the issue.

  6. Hernan Casetta
    Jan 17, 2023

    I would recommend having it done at any time

    Two years ago, I was treated with an ICL lens fitted by the Neo-Vize (still Duovize as of 2020) eye clinic. I received excellent guidance and support regarding the procedure from the company Prag Medica (interpreter Helena) and the clinic. I would recommend having it done at any time.

  7. Kay Williams
    Nov 15, 2022

    Dr. Jendel, my dentist, was excellent

    Dr. Jendel, my dentist, was excellent. She gave me two porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers created on the spot and fitted in only 3 hours. The slightest discomfort I've experienced at a dental office was just 20 seconds for injections. I'm thrilled with the outcomes; my next dentist is only one flight away. I seldom award five stars. However, Praga Medica deserves every one of them, at the cost of 3rd of the Uk and just one day I needed. A special thank you to Lucie. She took care of me with such care.

  8. Anne Nixon
    Nov 12, 2022

    I'm happy with my surgery and the attention of the personnel.

    I have had an otoplasty recently by Dr. Josef Kulhanek, arranged by Iveta at Praga Medica. The entire experience was terrific. Iveta was fantastic, made sure that I was well-informed, and helped throughout the process. She was able to help me organize the trip as well as answer all questions I had. The procedure itself was simple and comfortable. The facility where the surgery is carried out is well-maintained, and my doctor was amiable and comforting that he was able to guide me through the procedure at every step. I'm happy with my surgery and the attention of the personnel.

  9. Ana Bayford
    Nov 9, 2022

    I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

    It's been almost one year since surgery in Mostiste. I am very fond of my stay there. The nurses were very welcoming. My room was cozy and sparkling clean. Dr. Tvaruzek was the kindest man. He made me feel relaxed. He is a highly skilled surgeon, and I cannot recommend him enough. I am delighted with the outcome.

  10. Craig Williams
    Nov 8, 2022

    I'll certainly recommend you to anyone who may require you!

    I visited Praga Medica to have my cataracts removed. A translator welcomed me on the first day and led me through the different examinations of my eyes and health and the written instructions on the procedure. Within a week, I had both eyes treated and brand-new trifocal lenses put in place with no issues. It's been five weeks, and I can see better than I've had in many years. I no longer wear glasses, and my optometrist here at home believes that it's a great job done! Thank you, Praga Medica; I'll certainly recommend you to anyone who may require you! FM

  11. Steve Huckstep
    Nov 7, 2022

    Great service and fantastic result

    Excellent service and fantastic result. From scheduling to getting dental treatment, Every step was managed. The payment process was precisely according to the plan previously agreed upon and discussed. The staff was amiable throughout the process - a special thank you to Adam, my contact with Praga Medica, and Dr. Jandova for her advice and outstanding work.

  12. Jane Austin
    Nov 5, 2022

    Thanks to everyone. The team involved.

    I was initially nervous because it was my eyes. However, the change in my vision within a matter of one week is difficult to explain in words. The entire process, from beginning to end, is top-quality. I would highly recommend that anyone considering laser-assisted lens replacement visit the clinic. They are highly professional from the beginning of communication to the system, which is simple and, for me, life-changing. Thanks to everyone. The team involved.

  13. Peter Valvona
    Nov 3, 2022

    My experience with Praga Medical was excellent

    Praga Medical Trifocal Lense Operation. My experience with Praga Medical was excellent, and anyone considering having the procedure should seriously think about Praga Medica. I went to the Bratislava clinic, and Daniela, who greeted me and accompanied me during my exams and conversations with the staff, was fantastic. Everything is explained in detail, and exams are far superior to what you'd receive in the UK. This was the best choice I've ever made as it is much more comfortable without glasses or contact lenses.

  14. Mark Gillespie
    Sep 20, 2022

    Do Not Use this Clinic

    In early March 2020 I paid the equivalent of £4k for replacement lenses surgery in both of my eyes at the DuoVize Clinic in Prague. Whilst the clinic itself, and all the staff, were wonderful, especially Marie, the overseas treatment consultant, the end result to my eye sight was unfortunately not. I was told that the initial blurriness I experienced after surgery would disappear over time, however over two and a half years later my eyes have never recovered, and my sight in both eyes is worse than even before the surgery. I returned to the clinic in August 2021 for a check-up, and was told that they could adjust the lenses with an excimer laser and my vision would be corrected. However, for this I would have to arrange another trip to Prague and pay them a further 500 to 700 euros per eye, dependent on the type of treatment I would have. As they made such a poor job of the original surgery, I was not impressed they wanted more money to correct their original mistakes. I would not recommend this clinic with such a vital life-changing surgery. I now have to wear stronger glasses than I ever needed before.

  15. Richard Ketchum
    Sep 8, 2022

    I strongly recommend using Praga Medica

    If you're planning to travel to Prague to undergo IVF treatment, I strongly recommend using Praga Medica. IVF Praga Medica took away a lot of the anxiety and stress you might anticipate from undergoing IVF abroad. They coordinated with the clinic on our behalf. They arranged transfers and taxis, set acupuncture appointments, provided guidance (especially for COVID), and even visited the clinic when I needed to travel alone.

  16. Shervon Walker
    Sep 7, 2022

    Highly recommended

    I have spent a lot of time looking for a way to straighten my teeth without surgery. I found Pragamedica and couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome provided by a team that is, more than anything, proud and concerned about the high quality of their work and their client's satisfaction—highly recommended.

  17. Robert Mitchell
    Sep 6, 2022

    The surgery was highly professional

    I would have expected. Thanks to Iveta, the whole experience went according as planned. It was a well-organized treatment, and the surgery was highly professional. She organized pick up and return to the airport with the taxi company.

  18. Jeanice March
    Sep 4, 2022

    I am happy with the outcome.

    The customer service at Pragamedica was outstanding. The staff took their time to respond to each question in depth. This gave me a positive overall impression, and I am happy with the outcome.

  19. Margaret Tenet
    Sep 2, 2022

    My eyes are perfect after two of surgery

    I recently had trifocals installed by Praga medica..from the beginning to the end. It was top-quality in every aspect. Professional and highly experienced staff who know their jobs inside out. .....I can't praise the staff enough. My eyes are perfect after two of surgery. I want to thank Katerina, who arranged every session for me and was there whenever I needed help or had questions. I had to inquire about it. ....many many thank you to all of you ..stan

  20. Kathrine Silvio
    Aug 30, 2022

    Praga Medica was an excellent clinic

    Praga Medica was an excellent clinic to work with. Dr. Alexander was extraordinarily straightforward and efficient. All my interactions with the clinic came through one of our clinic coordinators Blanka. Blanka was quick and efficient in responding to my concerns and questions and facilitating communication in the hospital. It was a very stressful experience for my husband and me, even though we didn't get the result we'd hoped for. However, it was still an enjoyable experience. I appreciate your help.

  21. Stephen Tuttle
    Aug 26, 2022

    Thank you, Dr. Pilka and the team

    Thank you, Dr. Pilka and the team. Everything went as planned, Thanks to Ivetas excellent organizational abilities! I look forward to seeing the final results in the next few weeks. ....will forward photos in the manner you asked. I am excited about the new version of me after the divorce. I hope to be the best self I can be.

  22. Renee Vento
    Aug 24, 2022

    Excellent people

    Just got monofocal lens surgery at praga medica . I can't say enough thanks to them for their fantastic work on my glasses after 54 years of Jana, for whom I cannot be grateful for all she has accomplished. She is an extraordinary lady who was able to arrange everything for me, starting from Airport pickup to setting up my hotel and organizing everything at the clinic, including the taxi to Airport and the entire personnel at the clinic from Michaela, whom I met at the hotel and drove me to the clinic and helped in any language difficulties to all the doctors, nurses and the Eye surgeon. There is only one word to describe all of them. Excellent people. I would recommend this practice to anyone considering laser surgery. James from Ireland

  23. Michael Gill
    Aug 23, 2022

    Also, Prague-beautiful!

    My husband and I visited The clinic when I made an appointment through Blanka, who works at PRAGA MEDICA. She was fantastic! Everyone was great. Even with some communication gaps, it was a wonderful experience. Also, Prague-beautiful! I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

  24. Craig Pritcher
    Aug 23, 2022

    The post-surgery care is excellent

    I was scheduled for a breast reduction as well as an uplift. I flew into the country via the UK. I was apprehensive about flying into an entirely different country, but from the time I made the booking the appointment until the time I arrived, Lenka was a pleasure to work with. She kept me in a good mood and up-to-current with everything. We were looked after as soon as we arrived in Prague (including my companion). The procedure went well, and I was comfortable having everyone communicate in English. Dr. Pilka was fantastic, knew exactly what I needed, and was attentive to my needs and concerns. Especially now that I'm back home and enjoying the excellent post-surgery care. I'm thrilled with my outcomes! Recommend thanks!

  25. Stacey Reiss
    Aug 21, 2022

    I wouldn't suggest these shady charlatans to my biggest enemy

    I experienced LRT about 18 months ago and was diagnosed with problems with my vision; upon my arrival back to the UK, I called Praga medica and was left out in the cold. I was not even contacted by Praga medical about my concerns. Eighteen months and hundreds of euros later, I am now wearing glasses. Anyone contemplating using Praga media should pay great attention, as I wouldn't suggest these shady charlatans to my biggest enemy.

  26. David Burke
    Aug 15, 2022

    Dr. Tvaruzek, the surgeon, was excellent

    I had gastric surgery with a sleeve. Dr. Tvaruzek, the surgeon, was excellent. The hospital was extremely well-maintained. However, sure nurses are harsh, insensitive, and do not speak English. (all documents were in foreign languages, and they could not complete them. The driver who took us to the airport did not speak English and was highly ignorant. When we returned home from surgery, he drove too fast and over bumps, especially considering that I had just undergone major surgery. If you can avoid the procedure, I'd strongly recommend anyone considering the system do it!

  27. Rosario Alvarez
    Aug 12, 2022

    The first email's speed of response

    After three years of failed TTC and IUIs, we decided to switch to IVF. It is our first IVF, and we chose GEST because of the glowing reviews. The first email's speed of response and communication was fantastic and prompt. The transportation package was very beneficial as it allowed me to concentrate on other aspects of my life instead of traveling to and from the airport in a different country and communicating with the offices. I was always made feel incredibly welcome each time I went to the clinic, and the doctors I spoke to were professional.

  28. Brian Blake
    Aug 6, 2022

    An enjoyable experience

    I employed Praga Medical to arrange a neck, facelift, and eyelid lift in Prague. I can't recommend them highly enough. Brigita was extremely accommodating and responded to all my questions quickly. I had a lovely lady Gabriela at my side throughout the consultation process. She was waiting for me to arrive when I was released from the clinic. She helped me get back to my accommodation. Jan was also fantastic and took me to the airport, picked me up at the airport, and drove me to my hotel. Since I was traveling alone, I was worried. However, Praga Medical made it an enjoyable experience.Thank for the help of Brigita, Gabriela and Jan

  29. Wayne Birster
    Aug 2, 2022

    I highly recommend it

    My friend and I both got our eyes examined simultaneously. We were welcomed and relaxed when we arrived at the clinic. The procedure took just 10 minutes to get the replacement lens and was no pain. Anyone considering this procedure, I highly recommend it. We're still receiving Halo's round headlights. However, we were told it could take six months to be cleared. Negligible cost to are thinking of taking off our glasses.

  30. Valarie K Noble
    Jul 24, 2022

    Excellent company

    I can't ask for better results and service—an excellent company to work with without hassle. Highly recommend traveling to London in the UK to Prague to undergo surgery through this superb company.

  31. Avnish Malik
    Jul 23, 2022

    The problem was immediately from the first day with blurred vision and halos

    At the start of the year, I had trifocal toric lenses fitted to both eyes. The problem was immediately from the first day with blurred vision and halos. It was necessary to make a journey to Prague after six months to find out that they would remove the lenses fitted to me and put in an alternative at my expense... I paid for a guarantee and glasses-free service. .... Now, my vision is significantly worse, and I have to wear two prescriptions to function. Praga Medica washed their hands of me and offered little or no assistance aftercare... It was a complete waste of time, and I wouldn't recommend Praga Medica.

  32. Polly Stratton
    Jul 23, 2022

    Highly recommend this program!

    Excellent service and the sleeve surgery was smooth. I've been wearing sleeves for almost four years since May and have lost eight stone! I'm now at my ideal weight. I've maintained the loss of 8 stone for three years and haven't gained weight! I am delighted and would highly recommend this program!

  33. Edward Kane
    Jul 18, 2022

    Professional friendly

    I have no complaints about Vision Praga Medica, from planning our trip to Prague with their first class administrative staff to getting to the airport, getting picked up, and having our treatment first class.

    This is the third member of our family who has used the clinic, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Professional friendly, efficient, and excellent results, And you won't experience any discomfort.

  34. Maria Cortez
    Jul 12, 2022

    There's no way back, but apologies

    My teeth are protected by dental crowns (instead of veneers) that are a bit irregular in size and shape and can be sensitive at times. I would not recommend them to those looking for an ideal aesthetic dentist. I should have conducted more research before approving the treatment plan I've been through. But they've not yet met my needs. There's no way back, but apologies. I am sorry to say that there are dentists who are more concerned about their patients than other patients. Therefore, I concluded that aesthetic dentistry was an art form that only a few people could master.

  35. Christine Rider
    Jul 11, 2022

    My experience was a disaster

    My experience was a disaster. It was good until I saw the physician at GEST and paid one payment. I was faced with an interruption in my shift. The process is stressful enough, so don't increase the anxiety by working with PRAGAMEDICA and GEST. Spend a little more money and travel to SPAIN or USA. This is where my hopes became a reality. I'm thankful that GOD has made sure I did not lose much. I hope this article helps anyone and they don't have to go through the same thing I experienced.

  36. Robert Friedland
    Jul 7, 2022

    Extremely pleasant

    I'm just back after my Lens exchanging surgery in Prague. I cannot express how delighted I've been. After numerous consults with doctors in the UK who find them challenging to sell, I contacted Praga Medica after reviewing them. My contact was Rita. She was accommodating and helpful throughout the process. The facility was extremely well-organized and clean, with an excellent English staff. The procedure was extremely smooth, and everyone I spoke to was also pleased with the process too. The recommended Panorama hotel is a mere 5 min walking distance from the hospital and extremely pleasant. I'd highly recommend using Praga, and I honestly cannot be grateful to Rita enough for her work in helping with the form for locating a passenger.

  37. George Jewell
    Jun 30, 2022

    Exceptional Service

    Prague Medica and a beautiful lady named Iveta found all the necessary information from various surgeons and clinics and even helped with transport and accommodations when needed. Most importantly, they provided me with all my and numerous questions throughout the entire journey. I was in search of the procedure in Prague and found it was difficult to connect with any clinic because they didn't respond to emails or respond to their phone.

    A lady named Katja visited me the day I had my procedure in the clinic. She was extremely comforting, mainly when I was in a country that might have language barriers, and stayed with me until the time came for me to leave the room. Thank you so much for all your assistance! After the discharge from the clinic and throughout the subsequent days, they will be looking over your healing.

  38. Jocelyn Lluesma
    Jun 6, 2022

    Highly recommended from beginning to end

    Excellent service, highly recommended from beginning to end. The clinic is spotless and well-maintained, and the staff is helpful and attentive.

    The highlight must go to Lenka, who was terrific and extremely helpful throughout the entire journey, always at the other side of an email for any queries.

    A special thanks to Dr. Pilka for his incredible work. I'm thrilled with the outcome to date.

    Just ten days after surgery, I'm already enjoying the new shape of my body.

    I was nervous about traveling overseas for surgery but would not be hesitant in the future.

    I have already recommended Praga Medica to a few of my acquaintances, and I will keep doing the same. Overall, very pleased.

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