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3 Reviews on Canna Care Docs

  1. Frederick Young
    July 19th, 2022

    The whole thing is nothing more than extortion

    Doctor (?) contacts you after you have paid the state $50 for an application. Then you spend $200 for a three-minute conversation with the doctor. The whole thing is nothing more than extortion.

    The doctor will probably spend an additional 30 seconds looking over the application before calling you, which means that for three and a quarter minutes, you will be charged $200.00.

    Since my primary physician was not involved in the process, I had to take this route. The person who wrote this procedure gets a piece of this scam.

  2. Herman Brents
    June 30th, 2022

    Great people

    A professional, friendly manner of conduct from Karen, the PA who conducted my recertification, and Christina, who arranged the telephone interview. Great people who made the whole process an absolute pleasure to work with. Rare in our lives:)

  3. Amy Farmer
    June 6th, 2022

    very grateful

    I paid $125 to obtain a medical marijuana license with Canna Care. I was told that the next time it came due to renew, I only had to pay $50.

    They said they didn’t say that, but I was required to pay $125 more than once, so I wasn’t thrilled. However, I paid for it.

    The last time I tried to find a way to get registered with the state. They wouldn’t help me.

    They continued to give me a telephone number for the state to call, and no one responded the phone. It kept calling until they hung up on me.

    This year Canna Care set up a day on which a lady called Carol phoned me and assisted me in registering for the state.

    Carol is a lovely beautiful woman. I’m not a computer expert and had never sent emails before this, and she helped me through the entire procedure. She was a charming person.

    I thank she was very grateful for that as, as I started the year before, I wasn’t registered with the state, but this time I had the opportunity to do so, and I’m incredibly grateful to Carol for this.

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