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14 Reviews on The Treatment Center

  1. Jess Kurpiel
    May 24, 2023

    Very accommodating

    It's been three years since my treatment, and I'm still blessed and thankful for the experience I received in The Treatment Center. Ost therapists, group facilitators, nurses, and behavioral health technicians were outstanding. It would have been impossible to do without them. Indeed, it could have been much higher. Food was adequate- Chef was very accommodating to ensure I was fed for someone allergic to dairy products.

  2. Carly Testa
    May 24, 2023

    No reply

    The consumption was tremendous, and afterward, there was no reply to my messages and no following-up calls with my brother's doctor as well as his AA sponsor me. He has been drinking once more.

  3. Monte Davis
    Apr 27, 2023

    A hazardous environment

    Being an RN case manager for myself, discharge scheduling was a hazardous group- I was near to making a call to ACAHas the persons responsible for the placement of my family member were not available and incompetent? They failed to return phone calls and put my family member in a hazardous environment. Discharge placement for addiction treatment is the most critical step to any lasting improvement, which was not evident in the way this discharge was handled very insufficiently

  4. Pablo Chirico
    Jan 17, 2023

    EMDR in the presence of Jojo is an unforgettable experience

    EMDR in the presence of Jojo is an unforgettable experience that I will never forget. I've searched all my life, moving from therapist to therapy, looking for an answer like I experienced during my session with Jojo. She guides you through the most challenging moments of your life, and you'll feel fresh and rejuvenated afterward. It's something I would recommend anyone should try. It's excellent to de-sensitize your feelings from the trauma you've experienced.

  5. Julius Mejia
    Jan 1, 2023

    It's a horrible experience.

    It's a horrible experience. Stay far. They don't permit you to talk with loved ones. This is more of isolation. If you decide this place isn't for you, the policy is to fight to return your belongings. You can also stay on the streets for a night and return the following day to collect your possessions. Drinking and drugs will not cause as much crying as the staff here.

  6. Tom Malta
    Dec 31, 2022

    The recidivism rate is very high

    Possibly among the most sloppy facilities that are available. The recidivism rate is very high. Staff is not equipped to deal with numerous problems... Twenty-eight to 30 days does not even start to scratch the surface. There are better facilities in the area. Do your homework...

  7. Rashid Quincy
    Dec 26, 2022

    They're cold in their hearts, unprofessional, and heartless people

    I was admitted to receive treatment. I was transported to a nearby hospital, where I was treated for six weeks due to an exceptional heart condition. In the hospital, I put everything I had in the hospital and was assured that the personal possessions of my family would be secure while I was at the hospital. After my release from the hospital, I went to Recovery Village only to find that everything I had was missing. Tony, the manager, visited and talked to me, reassuring me that they would discover my belongings and compensate me for the loss. But I didn't hear from Tony, and he never returned any of my more than 30 messages or calls. What a lovely letter you could send someone just going through a transition to recovery. I also received an amorphous for the one time I was there. The people who run this place ought to take a slap at themselves. As of today, I haven't been contacted by them. I was left without footwear, clothes, hygiene products, and other items besides the ones I was admitted to the hospital. In all my years, never was I treated so badly. They're cold in their hearts, unprofessional, and heartless people. A machine that makes money without regard for the needs of others or accountability.

  8. Michel Westrich
    Dec 24, 2022

    Don't visit this location

    Don't visit this location. The only thing I like about it is the food. Other than that. I had the worst detox experience ever. I was bullied for the last three days and could defend myself, and I was exiled for self-defense. The only person I can be able to trust is Jimmy He's a fantastic person and has a strong heart; if security were actually on guard and in the area, I'm pretty sure I'd in the facility, and that bully would get exiled to be pushed around from the very first day I arrived however I have found a different rehabilitation center which is greatForor my first rehab, this was, by far, the worst experience. I'm requesting that you do not come here.

  9. Francis Mauceri
    Dec 23, 2022

    I would suggest you go elsewhere.

    I was recently here to seek help for an addiction to prescription drugs and generalized anxiety. It's a stressful place at times as it's chaotic and unorganized. Customers are constantly angry and are being mistreated. I was disappointed that my counselor wasn't interested in helping me and was only there to collect the paycheck. Some staff members were highly insensitive to my needs and not well-trained, I thought the place was a trustworthy treatment facility, but I was utterly wrong. I didn't feel safe and felt supported. The person who runs this facility does a terrible job and should be replaced. I would suggest you go elsewhere.

  10. Jerome P. Heaton
    Dec 18, 2022

    The place they work in is a joke.

    But was rude and rude. Jimmy and the other people were OK. Andre cared a little, but they were all on their phones. I would love to be a part of the team. and earn $13 per hour to talk on my phone for six hours. Overall, the food was good—steak, chicken, and pasta. The therapist was OK. Michelle was excellent but the only one who had spiritual values. There were no AA books, NA books, and no external gatherings. Meetings are only for clients with less than 30 days of blindness. They are blind and lead the blin
    . The blame lies with covid. It's not an actual IOP program. It's impossible to get employment or even leave. Use your phone for two hours. You can enjoy walking around in circles or watching the 5 TVs for 85 customers for free! I got into a dispute with a client who threatened me. The client also threatened me with assaulting me. I was accused of everything. He left, and they released me the following day. My fault was attributed to me. DAVID SLOAN sends me on the streets with no place to go. I could have gone to the bathroom or even gotten high. It could have been a statistic for him. They only care about cash. We wouldn't recommend this place if you are looking to become sober. Shalom even claimed that David was a competent administrator but not a great director. Shalom does not care. A few of these therapists ought to be dismissed. The place they work in is a joke.

  11. Jim Hunsicker
    Sep 7, 2022

    The discharge planning process was an awful, unsafe cluster

    Being an RN case manager, the discharge planning process was an awful, unsafe cluster. I was near to calling ACAHand the individuals in charge of placement were unresponsive and incompetent. They didn't return my calls and placed my loved ones in an unsafe setting- the order of discharges for addiction treatment is essential to any lasting change. This wasn't evident in how this discharge was executed- disappointing.

  12. Steven Schepp
    Jul 19, 2022

    It was a fantastic overall experience

    The staff was all very accommodating and friendly to me at the time of my arrival. They were all extremely accommodating in helping me to get settled and helping me feel more at ease. Other patients were welcoming too. My detox was a comfortable experience with my treatment.

    The counselors were extremely accommodating, and the behavioral specialists were extremely accommodating. They were able to explain the process to me and also advised me of my illness. It was a fantastic overall experience.

  13. Suzanne Brigham
    Jun 30, 2022

    This place saved me from death

    It's challenging to evaluate a rehab facility, but I am obliged to do so because this facility helped me save my life. The staff and the program, as well as the tools and care you get while there, can be used daily, every day. Thank you for this. and blessed. Thanks, TTC, for everything you did and will continue to provide for me and others.

  14. Christine Coleman
    Jun 6, 2022

    Honest, and accommodating

    My sister was an alcohol user for a long time, and it impacted her physical body and her mind.

    We talked to various centers before we settled on The Treatment Center. It was a great choice.

    The Treatment Center staff was straight in the right direction, honest, and accommodating.

    I didn't think I'd ever be able to witness the day that my sister had a clean drinking record, but it happened with assistance from the entire personnel at the center.

    We could not be more thankful to them for everything they've done to help our family and have my sister back.

    Thank everyone for everything!

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