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4 Reviews on The Treatment Center

  1. Jim Hunsicker
    September 7th, 2022

    the discharge planning process was an awful, unsafe cluster

    Being an RN case manager, the discharge planning process was an awful, unsafe cluster. I was near to calling ACAHand the individuals in charge of placement were unresponsive and incompetent. They didn’t return my calls and placed my loved ones in an unsafe setting- the order of discharges for addiction treatment is essential to any lasting change. This wasn’t evident in how this discharge was executed- disappointing.

  2. Steven Schepp
    July 19th, 2022

    It was a fantastic overall experience

    The staff was all very accommodating and friendly to me at the time of my arrival. They were all extremely accommodating in helping me to get settled and helping me feel more at ease. Other patients were welcoming too. My detox was a comfortable experience with my treatment.

    The counselors were extremely accommodating, and the behavioral specialists were extremely accommodating. They were able to explain the process to me and also advised me of my illness. It was a fantastic overall experience.

  3. Suzanne Brigham
    June 30th, 2022

    This place saved me from death

    It’s challenging to evaluate a rehab facility, but I am obliged to do so because this facility helped me save my life. The staff and the program, as well as the tools and care you get while there, can be used daily, every day. Thank you for this. and blessed. Thanks, TTC, for everything you did and will continue to provide for me and others.

  4. Christine Coleman
    June 6th, 2022

    honest, and accommodating

    My sister was an alcohol user for a long time, and it impacted her physical body and her mind.

    We talked to various centers before we settled on The Treatment Center. It was a great choice.

    The Treatment Center staff was straight in the right direction, honest, and accommodating.

    I didn’t think I’d ever be able to witness the day that my sister had a clean drinking record, but it happened with assistance from the entire personnel at the center.

    We could not be more thankful to them for everything they’ve done to help our family and have my sister back.

    Thank everyone for everything!

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About The Treatment Center

We are a nationally-recognized treatment facility for alcohol and drug addiction committed to providing compassionate treatment to all of our patients. In addition to our alcohol and drug dependency treatment services, we provide therapy for teens aged 13-17 years old struggling with mental health issues and other behavioral problems.

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