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39 Reviews on Grubhub

  1. Joyelle Oakes
    4 rating
    May 24, 2023

    Experienced more problems

    I've experienced more problems having issues with DoorDash as opposed to Grubhub. It was never late or cold for Doordash, and they couldn't comply with my instructions to get to my place. Does it seem I'm not having problems with Grubhub drivers in my home. ?

  2. Ross Plont
    1 rating
    May 24, 2023

    This dishonest business

    It was impossible to get in touch with the grub hub. We contacted the restaurant. After waiting more than an hour to get our food, the restaurant canceled our order saying, "restaurant was out of a food item." They claimed that this was incorrect, that they were in stock of any food items, and that they were willing to take care of our order. This dishonest business is ready to throw its restaurant in the dirt for its lack of professionalism.

  3. Brydin Eckert
    1 rating
    May 24, 2023

    Poor-tipped meal

    A delivery driver tried to get my food. When I called Grubhub, they made a new order and refused to give the delivery driver a 10% discount. The company gave me a full refund directly from the driver's wallet. I always make sure that I tip my drivers at least 25% since they get orders taken care of much quicker, and the drivers also deserve an honest tip since this company certainly isn't providing them with reasonable pay. You wouldn't believe it, but no drivers wanted to pick up this poor-tipped meal, and I was forced to wait an hour and a half to receive my cold meal. Don't trust this business, and don't screw the original driver!

  4. Cinde James
    1 rating
    Apr 26, 2023

    Something missing from the menu

    It's not the first time we've had a disappointing encounter with Grubhub. I ordered food at a Japanese restaurant. First, they stated that it would arrive within 40 minutes, but it was delayed by an hour and a half when at around 8:30 pm, we received a notification that it was canceled because of something missing from the menu. When we called the restaurant, they could have everything we requested; however, the order never got made. We experienced this in the past, but the food in history came 2 hours later cold, and the soup container spilled inside the bag. Grubhub's central primary is food delivery, which could not be sloppy. Very charges, additional fees, driver fees, delivery charges, driver tips, and all kinds of absurdly extra costs and the company ruined our nights, having paid $120 for food.

  5. Janelle Barfield
    1 rating
    Apr 25, 2023

    Unprofessional behavior

    I was with GrubHub for a couple of months and am currently. I was able to make a non-contact delivery. The drop-off location was not precisely slick, so I contacted the client. The customer started screaming at me, so I dropped off the food at his home's door. What was the food he received? Lost. GrubHub called me to inquire about the incident. I explained to him that I had told him. They froze my account due to my unprofessional behavior. Haha. Then I'm broke.

  6. Steven Tomasi
    1 rating
    Apr 24, 2023

    The cake was only delivered

    I ordered a birthday meal for $60 for an old friend. It included any fees they deemed unnecessary, as well as a gratuity. The cake was only delivered. The customer service told me I could only claim a refund for the food. I asked for a conversation with her manager. I was told the exact similar thing. Goodbye, GrubHub!! It's over.

  7. Queen Carmen
    1 rating
    Apr 10, 2023

    Grubhub is a total disaster

    Grubhub is a total disaster, and their service to customers doesn't provide the necessary support. I strongly recommend door-dash or Uber food delivery. It even has a brand new option known as caviar. There's nothing I can say about problems with other providers and plenty of competition, in my opinion, to fall as Grubhub did. The food I ordered has been delayed, and tonight's order is arriving an hour behind. I am going to bed so that I won't take it in. Another day, it was extremely late, and the food was dry and cold. It smelled disgusting. The "resolution" is here at $5. They're not interested in making the same mistake for their lousy performance over the past few instances I've had to use the service.

  8. Arthur Murray
    1 rating
    Jan 17, 2023

    I am unable to use it!

    I was given a gift card worth $60, and on every single site I tried to use, I got a message telling me that we don't deliver from that location (DOOR DASH does). I even phoned GrubHub, and they offered an absurd excuse about how they must have it approved. It is a GIFT CARD!!! If I could provide less than one, I would! The money is in the GrubHub account. However, I am unable to use it! I will inform everyone PERSON that I know never to use GRUBHUB!

  9. Stephen Ruffle
    4 rating
    Oct 8, 2022

    I am a massive fan of Grubhub

    I am a massive fan of Grubhub. It was my first choice to make Uber food delivery, but they charged me two times every time I placed an order with them. Each time my food was not hot or correct. Then U changed to Grubhub, and my demands are punctual and hot. They never double-dip my account and issue the item back if it isn't there or is delayed. Grubhub is the most reliable delivery service I've ever used.

  10. Derek Clarke
    4 rating
    Oct 8, 2022

    No hidden costs like other options

    Utilizing Grub Hub made food delivery simple. No hidden costs like other options. Any issues I may have encountered are promptly solved. If you shop regularly, it's worth being a Grub Hub member. It will help you save on delivery costs.

  11. Zufriedener Kunde
    2 rating
    Oct 8, 2022

    Grubhub cheats me on what I order

    Last time, I got only one dinner. I contacted Grubhub and was told that the cost of the meal that was not eaten would be taken off my credit statement. The issue is that most of my Grubhub purchases result in something missing. When I place an order at Red Lions Diner in Horsham, the restaurant usually leaves out some vegetables along with the meal. Thus, I paid $43 for a sandwich that was a basic one, fries that I do not need, but which came in the box with it, 2 condiment containers of coleslaw, and an alcoholic fountain drink.
    The Metro Diner made a basic sandwich since they conducted the sundae instead of placing every topping in its container. I'm not sure why people can tolerate Grubhub. And its rival was not any better. They never give me anything additional, but it's just less. We're stuck with those services until the time we can change to a more suitable type of life. We hope that nobody else will have to depend on them at the same level I do.

  12. Adam Garland
    4 rating
    Oct 6, 2022

    I can afford to utilize GrubHub shortly

    I am a victim of a GubHub addiction, and I always inform my family and friends that it's easy. I am working to overcome my addiction, but there are no complaints. There will always have accidents, but none that weren't solved by a friendly customer service representative, either by phone or online. Hopefully, I can afford to utilize GrubHub shortly.

  13. Fritha Mason
    4 rating
    Oct 3, 2022

    I am disabled and can't drive

    I am disabled and can't drive. This service helps me live a more exciting life. The driver is always following my instructions for delivery. I never have any issues with my order. The one time that a purchase was not completed (restaurant errors), I called Grubhub and was quickly given an exchange.

  14. Steve Boulter
    3 rating
    Oct 2, 2022

    I haven't utilized Grubhub for over two years

    I haven't utilized Grubhub for over two years. I last tried them, but my order was delayed until they canceled it entirely. I will test them again before completely deleting their application from my phone. Check back later this morning. I'll certainly keep you updated on my experience.

  15. Roger Lawson
    2 rating
    Oct 1, 2022

    They're not paying their drivers

    Suppose you click on a restaurant, and the delivery time shifts by at most 5 minutes. Delivery drivers abruptly change mid-air of the order because they're serving someone else's demand. They're not paying their drivers. Do you pay someone a tip before when they've delivered services?

  16. Kirsten Taylor
    2 rating
    Sep 27, 2022

    Never again!

    I tried ordering food from KFC, but the menu could not be contained specific items that you usually can through the drive-through. The app kept booting me out of the application. My purchase was to cost me $56 with the $4.00 (or $5.00 delivery fee typically costs around $20 for drive-throughs because you can set specific requirements. Additionally, it says that the store closed one hour before its official closing time. This is a true story!! Never again!!

  17. Man Gurung
    2 rating
    Sep 27, 2022

    There's a reason why Grubhub isn't working

    I've been a Grubhub customer for more than an entire year. I place orders at least every week, if not more than twice. The experience today made me think twice, and I have decided to end my membership. I gave clear and precise instructions to the driver who delivered my parcel. They didn't either receive the education or ignore them. I called the driver after receiving notification that my order had been given. It wasn't where it should be, and she offered little help. I traced the order myself and contacted Grubhub's helpline. After explaining my issue, they asked me to resend the order. I had already informed the agent that I was the one who had it, but I wanted to make a complaint about the delivery being wrong. Then, I decided to give up and ended my account. There's a reason why Grubhub isn't working. The reason is that there's a lack of quality control.

  18. Gareth Fairclough
    2 rating
    Sep 24, 2022

    Poor service

    Poor service. If they can't locate drivers, who are waiting for extended durations of time (I just waited for an hour), Then they stop the order and offer the excuse that someone else took your order and the restaurant isn't willing to duplicate it. I'd bet that wasn't the excuse they used each time. Don't accept orders if you don't have drivers within the region. Then they tell you it'll take three to five days to receive your refund. They also inform you that you have the option to reorder. Why do I want to make a new order with a company that will not fulfill my order?

  19. Mercedes Ernst
    3 rating
    Sep 22, 2022

    Found my food on my porch

    I found my food at my doorstep. My front entrance was opened, and I had a sign taped to my front home "Please ring doorbell" (written in cursive and not in print). I was sure I didn't select"no contact delivery" as a "no contact delivery" option. Indeed, most people don't have a cell phone or electronic device in their hands all the time.

  20. Lisa Baraona
    3 rating
    Sep 19, 2022

    The delivery was excellent

    The delivery was excellent. However, you cannot trust the delivery time, so take your time. Sometimes the food may not be served hot. I prefer to continue using the delivery service, so long as I don't encounter rudeness. Restaurants need to secure the bag with a staple or tie it shut to avoid altering it. I'd like to see Grub Hub ensure that the restaurants take this step.

  21. Jenny Redferne
    4 rating
    Sep 17, 2022

    Grubhub is an excellent service

    I think that, overall, Grubhub is an excellent service. The food is delivered to you, so you don't need to take it home. This is an excellent service. Overall, they have done a great job. However, there can be problems with the driver or restaurant, but generally, everything has been great. I will continue to purchase food from Grubhub and consider tipping drivers appropriately.

  22. Stephen Parkinson
    2 rating
    Sep 16, 2022

    This company is a shambles

    This company is a shambles. Holy hell. Customer support is genuine, but it is a scripted service that gives the impression of speaking to a bunch of idiots or terrible computer software. These services will rip you out of money; however, at least the door dash competent human staff customer support.

  23. Melanie Ross
    4 rating
    Sep 14, 2022

    This is unacceptable

    Grubhub and also drive for Grubhub. I am a Grubhub customer. I am aware that I use my hot bag to ensure things are hot once they arrive at the customer. I'm concerned and strive to be very accommodating to my client and ensure items are on time and hot. However, I've realized that most drivers do not have hot bags! This is unacceptable. Food will not remain warm to the consumer in the event of a hot load, fellow Grubhub drivers; pay attention to your ears!

  24. Trudy Grant
    3 rating
    Sep 13, 2022

    People aren't so sure

    I am grateful for companies and people who provide excellent service. The app is fantastic. However, people aren't so sure. I'm biased, and I believe in not setting unrealistic expectations. I think it is best to have distinct categories for ordering and the app procedure and another type for food items and delivery. Then you will not be disappointed if the food doesn't taste correct or takes too long.

  25. Tony Clark
    4 rating
    Sep 11, 2022

    GrubHub always offers an immediate refund

    Most of the time, I use this app to order lunch for the employees in the office. However, the drivers are always helpful and punctual. Food is always hot, and the application makes it speedy and straightforward to place orders. I've had a few minor issues, like an unavailable drink or a different charge because of a food shortage; however, GrubHub always offers an immediate refund. I'm giving them four stars rather than five because, sometimes, fees are a bit high.

  26. Claire Barnard
    4 rating
    Sep 11, 2022

    I'm hoping these delivery services and restaurants work to get it done!

    Rapid, efficient, and reliable, and after having heard about these services, you will not last long due to the cost is high is a significant snare since it's appropriate to order your most loved foods via an app rather than taking the whole way to get it depending on your location. I'm hoping these delivery services and restaurants work to get it done!

  27. Sarah Ashe
    5 rating
    Sep 9, 2022

    Always grubhubing

    I have ordered through Grubhub for pick-up; I am not a big fan of delivery. I love the discount perks and round-up donation options for charities. In the few instances I've had in restaurants, Grubhub was able to refund my money promptly.

  28. Andrew Skinner
    4 rating
    Sep 8, 2022

    I haven't experienced any problems with Grub Hub

    I haven't experienced any problems with Grub Hub. I've experienced a few canceled orders and a few wrong orders or food that wasn't up satisfactory, but I think Grub Hub is among the best food delivery services.

  29. Sushil Gupta
    3 rating
    Sep 6, 2022

    I enjoy it and not taste cold

    Please note to all your drivers that they must use doorbells and text or call them when dropping off food. Foods aren't emails; they're food. Food should be warm when I enjoy it and not taste cold. It should also not taste like cardboard as the drivers take it off and disappear. Keep on Grubbing.

  30. Ronald Bennett
    2 rating
    Sep 5, 2022

    There's a chance for luck

    For me, it all comes down to the amount of your bill and the person delivering the food. Some drivers aren't planning to get out of the car and ask you to go and look for your food. Other times, you're walking to your car only to find that your food basket is resting on top of the animal's kennel, and other times it's okay with a neat delivery driver. There's a chance for luck.

  31. Paul Davies
    2 rating
    Sep 3, 2022

    This experience using grub hub was my first and only time

    We decided to go with cash tipping. The option was receiving delivery without contact, which involved the delivery driver calling or texting when food was delivered. I have never received an email or phone call. I was able to get through the door before the scheduled delivery. The food was sitting in the front yard with flies swarming. I called grub hub customer service. They couldn't figure out what I was saying. I contacted Facebook Messenger, and they were unable to help me. This experience using grub hub was my first and only time.

  32. Alexandra Harris
    4 rating
    Sep 2, 2022

    The delivery person was not very friendly and rude to me

    I wrote a review of Postmates sometime back, but I've also used Grubhub and wanted to share my experiences. I am a fan of going out for dinner. However, there are times when you're just too exhausted to cook and lazy to head out, making it the perfect time to utilize an app for food delivery. Naturally, every experience is unique. However, my food was delivered slightly late, so my food came cold. The delivery person was not very friendly and rude to me. I gave them a rating of 4 since I'm sure not every delivery goes in this way. I think it's a good idea.​

  33. Patsy Ridley
    4 rating
    Sep 1, 2022

    Subs are fantastic

    Subs are fantastic, but they come with a limited selection of candy, especially chocolate, which I love. I've placed an order with this company ten times but haven't received one. Constantly tells me that I'm getting an extra free item after placing my make order. Other than that, I am a fan; however, if you do orders from GrubHub, anticipate at least an hour's waiting time.

  34. Rach Ware
    2 rating
    Aug 8, 2022

    The delivery guy wasn't amiable and made me feel a bit grumpy

    I wrote a post about Postmates in the past, but I've also tried Grubhub and want to share my experience. I like going out to eat. However, there are days that you're too exhausted to cook and lazy to venture out, so it's a great occasion to utilize an app for food delivery. Of course, every experience will be distinct, but unfortunately, my food was delivered slightly late, so my food came cold. The delivery guy wasn't amiable and made me feel a bit grumpy.

  35. Steve Barnes
    5 rating
    Jul 26, 2022

    It's a great thing to contact her

    I have a GrubHub driver in Chicago is She calls whenever items are lost and gives an optimistic attitude. It's a great thing to contact her when you have a headache or tiredness.

  36. James Rice
    1 rating
    Jul 16, 2022

    Never ever

    Food was ordered for delivery at 11:45 am. It never arrived. A restaurant called and my order wasn't got there. I was charged the total amount for no food. A $20 credit was given against a bill of $33. Never.

  37. Kristeen Pazula
    1 rating
    Jul 9, 2022

    I ordered 2 1/2 lb of crab leg that boils in seafood

    I ordered 2 1/2 lb of crab leg that boils in seafood. The website says it comes with corn and potatoes. One potato but without corn. Also, I ordered hush puppies. $60 for just one order cold and didn't weigh half a pound. I contacted the restaurant, and they said I needed to get Grub Hub to solve the issue. Never again for this amount I'll visit the restaurant or to a different one. The restaurant said it was my issue, not theirs. It was my responsibility to notify the driver. In exchange for what I paid

  38. Kevin Yoder
    5 rating
    Jun 24, 2022

    The best food delivery service

    I've tried the best food delivery service, and I've tried every one of them! I love the Gubhub Guarantee. If any order is a bit late, they've offered me credit. The rates are excellent in comparison to other stores. I would highly recommend it!

  39. Melanie Giguere
    1 rating
    May 30, 2022

    Two orders were wrong

    In 24 hours, two orders were wrong. Although it wasn't their fault, they demanded that I pay a delivery fee, tip, and additional charges to have my sandwich replaced.

    The second-order didn't always get the food. After waiting 90 minutes, they canceled the order but didn't give us a full reimbursement.

    They still charge me $5. What's the point of paying them $5? I don't care how many discount codes they give me. They're done.

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