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5 Reviews on The Skinny Food Co

  1. Dennis Civitella
    July 26th, 2022

    my favourites

    I’ve tried a variety of products from the range of skinny; however, the last time I ordered, my top choices were protein bread (delicious flavor with a nutty flavor), banana as well as a chocolate spread (soooo delicious) along with amaretto syrup (like real amaretto, but without alcohol).

    The only issue is that everyone in my household likes the same things I do, and when I visit the pantry, they’re gone! And I’m the one who is trying to shed the pounds!

  2. Darren Simmonds
    July 16th, 2022

    Excellent products

    Excellent products, helpful website. It’s easy to find the information I’m looking for. High-quality products would recommend high-protein bread, low-carb bread, or sandwich-thins. Quick delivery, too.

  3. Gail Swenson
    July 9th, 2022

    They're fantastic!

    I purchased the jams of marmalade, cherry and strawberry jams, and chocolate containers. It’s hard to say, but they were tasty! I felt like I was eating real food, but I felt no guilt because the calories were not too high. Buy SKINNY products. They’re fantastic!

  4. Cesar Dominguez
    June 24th, 2022

    speedy and professional service

    I would have given this rating a substantial fat zero since I didn’t get my item. It was a slow response time, and the initial customer service representative was unaware of the issue after numerous emails. But, Amy, the Customer Support Officer, has earned the company three stars for her speedy and professional service. I eventually got my money back, including postage, because of her.

  5. Shelley Crawford
    May 24th, 2022

    The customer service was outstanding

    This company is not only known for their excellent products, but they are also well-respected for their ability to work under extremely difficult circumstances.

    They were unable to correct my order upon arrival so I immediately contacted them.

    They were busy expanding their warehouse and apologised instantly.

    I was offered two options: a full refund or replacement products.

    I also submitted another order. It was shipped overnight.

    The replacement goods that I requested were sent today.

    The customer service was outstanding.

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About The Skinny Food Co

James Whiting and Wayne Starkey founded The Skinny Food Co to help people improve their health and wellbeing by offering healthier options. We stock Zero Calorie Syrups and Virtually Zero Sauces. We also offer healthy snack options such as 100% pure peanut butter, low-fat chocolate spreads, low-calorie jams, and 0 Palm Oil Chocolate Spreads.

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