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3 Reviews on Banggood

  1. Alvin Zemlicka
    Jul 27, 2022

    I needed to call customer service since my phone was not working properly

    I needed to call customer service since my phone was not working correctly. It was among the most pleasant and positive encounters I have had with any customer support.

    These people are amiable, courteous, and focused on solving my issue. They responded quickly and provided me with precise details about the possible next steps for my refund or return claim.

    It’s perfect. If you’re concerned about what your guarantee will do at another point in the world, don’t.

  2. Taufan Mica
    Jun 26, 2022

    I purchased a smartphone it was not working after four months

    I purchased a smartphone from Banggood. It was not working after four months. After a lengthy explanation, BG’s guarantee resulted in an offer of less than one-fifth of the price. I wouldn’t recommend this shop to anyone.

  3. Tim Belding
    May 10, 2022

    Banggood customer support

    Because my smartphone was not working properly, I needed to contact customer support. It was one of my most pleasant experiences with customer service. They were polite, helpful and focused on solving my problem.

    They respond quickly and provide clear information about the next steps for my refund/return. It works flawlessly. If you are worried about how your guarantee will work at another end of the globe, don’t be.

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