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SignalTech WiFi Booster

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12 Reviews

SignalTech WiFi Booster

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Is the SignalTech WiFi Booster a scam?

There is evidence that the SignalTech WiFi Booster may not live up to its claims. While it might extend the Wi-Fi coverage in your home, it doesn't necessarily increase the speed of the connection.

Does SignalTech WiFi Booster Work?

Yes, the SignalTech Wifi Booster works to extend the Wi-Fi range, but its effectiveness in terms of connection quality and speed might be compromised, especially if it functions as a repeater.

Is SignalTech Legit or RipOff?

SignalTech claims to extend Wi-Fi coverage, but there are concerns about its actual performance. It's advisable to approach with caution before purchasing.

12 Reviews on SignalTech WiFi Booster

  1. Charles Brison
    5 rating

    Effective Solution for Wi-Fi Woes

    Dec 20, 2023

    My router is located in my living area and my bedroom is at the back of the home. I was unable to obtain a reliable signal from the bedroom. I put the extender halfway in the middle of the hallway, but it was ineffective. I relocated the extender to the master bedroom, and it was a success. It is possible be able to move it around in order in order to locate the most suitable place. It's very easy to set up. With the cost, I could not be happier.

  2. Alon Lakstein
    5 rating

    A Satisfying Solution for Seamless Connectivity

    Oct 14, 2023

    My home WiFi was so slow, but it solved my WiFi issues. Now, I can smoothly use my WiFi anywhere in the house (upstairs, downstairs, basement) without any problems. It was easy to install as well. So I am satisfied with this product.

  3. Arlene
    1 rating

    An Agonizing Experience with a Faulty Device

    Sep 3, 2023

    SignalTech WiFi Booster is a piece of junk that frustrated me. I spent two hours trying to connect it to my WiFi, following all the instructions diligently. After finally getting it connected, I moved the device as per the instructions, and it worked for maybe two hours before losing the signal completely.

    Despite my best efforts, I haven't been able to reconnect it to WiFi since. I've invested more than enough time into making this supposedly "simple to install" device work, but I've reached my limit and tossed it in the garbage. Consider yourself warned, potential buyers!

  4. Megan
    3 rating

    A Hands-On Review of My SignalTech Wi-Fi Booster Experience

    Sep 2, 2023

    I set it up in repeater mode about 5ft from my router and got a 15mbps upload and 10.5mbps download. When I connected to my router's 2.4GHz network, I got 80 down and 11.6 up. This was the best-case scenario, so I didn't expect much when I relocated it to my garage, about 30 feet from the house. It only dropped slightly, 10mbps down and nine up. I will still use it since some Wi-Fi in the garage is better than none, but I'm disappointed that the speed is nowhere near advertised.

  5. Patrick
    1 rating

    Struggling to Boost My Wi-Fi Coverage

    Sep 1, 2023

    Unfortunately, the extender I purchased from Signal Tech WiFi Booster didn't perform as expected in my home. My house has a challenging layout, and I needed a second extender to cover all the dead zones. Regrettably, I didn't successfully get the two extenders to work together seamlessly. It was a pretty frustrating experience trying to improve my Wi-Fi coverage.

  6. William Holderby
    4 rating

    A Game-Changing Wi-Fi Extender for Improved Connectivity

    Aug 30, 2023

    Even though I have a pretty good router, I still encounter issues reaching the farthest corners of our 900sqft house, given that the router is positioned in a room right in the middle. I had been hopeful that the Wi-Fi extender would enhance the signal and allow me to connect my PoE box to the security camera, reducing some of the wiring clutter. And I'm happy to report that it achieved both goals quite effectively, I must say!

    I found the instructions incredibly straightforward, making the setup process a breeze. The synchronization with the router happened in no time at all.

    As a side note, for those who, like me, don't have a WPS button on their router, you can log in to your router online. You should find an option to perform the WPS synchronization with the extender through that interface in the Settings or Advanced Settings section.

  7. Kristen Cannon
    1 rating

    Better to stay away with 'SignalTech WiFi Booster'.

    Aug 29, 2023

    I decided to purchase a SignalTech WiFi Booster product to enhance the signal strength at the rear of my house. Upon installation, I saw that it improved the signal from good to excellent. However, I encountered an issue with my internet speed as a result. When I performed a speed test on my phone while connected to the extender, the download speed was a mere 11 Mbps.

    To troubleshoot, I disconnected the extender and reconnected directly to the router. Even though the signal was only fair in this setup, the download speed jumped to 39 Mbps. I repeated this process over several days and also tested it with my smart TV, consistently yielding similar results.

    Setting up the extender was relatively straightforward, although I struggled a bit with the tiny print on the included instructions. It's worth noting that no listed support was available for this product.

    Given my experience, I hesitate to recommend this product until the speed issue is resolved. While the signal strength improvement was impressive, the substantial drop in internet speed is a significant drawback. I hope that the manufacturer addresses this concern in future versions of the product.

  8. David White
    1 rating

    Outdated Model

    Aug 28, 2023

    I first noticed that it's an old model, even considering the dates on the delivered product, and it's not from 2023. Secondly, the signal it provides is feeble. I had to use an extender to get it to work in the car parked outside the garage door because the WiFi signal was weak. I originally placed this extender in the garage, but unfortunately, the sign it's transmitting is even more vulnerable than the WiFi router I already had and was attempting to extend. Overall, it's an terrible product in my experience.

  9. Dawn Dunning
    1 rating

    No Improvement in Connectivity

    Aug 27, 2023

    I found that this product didn't improve the Wi-Fi extension in our home. Our garage has always had poor internet connectivity through Wi-Fi, so I hoped this product would make a difference. I tried plugging it in various locations around the house, including right by the door leading to the garage. However, no matter where I placed it, it didn't provide any help or improvement. It's disappointing that the product didn't have the desired effect.

  10. Craig
    1 rating

    Disappointing Experience with the Signal Tech WiFi Booster

    Aug 25, 2023

    I bought the Signal tech, plugged it in, and noticed it in my list of available Wi-Fi networks. I went ahead and connected to it, but to my disappointment, I didn't have any internet access. I attempted a reset and gave it another shot, but unfortunately, I still couldn't get an internet connection. Based on my experience, I wouldn't recommend it.

  11. Paula
    1 rating

    Instructions Do Not Work

    Aug 25, 2023

    I wouldn't recommend bothering with this. The instructions are terrible, and the technical support team seems unable to resolve the issue effectively. It's frustrating because they struggle with attentive listening, which only compounds the problem. Their so-called solution is sending a video, but even that doesn't address my issue.

  12. Patrick
    1 rating

    Wi-Fi booster does not work as it’s advertise

    Aug 9, 2023

    I couldn't get the SignalTech Wifi Booster to function correctly, even though I hold a master's degree in Computer Science and boast 40 years of experience in Systems and Network Administration (I'm not joking!). The configuration failed despite two attempts to use WPS with an Xfinity internet modem/router. I shot the manual process three times, and while there were some partial successes (at various stages of the process!), they ultimately led to failure.

    I faced a situation where the FAQ and online video did not assist, leading me to contact Customer Support. The representative I spoke with read through all the instructions on the paper, but unfortunately, they couldn't address even the most straightforward queries. For example, I was unsure whether to configure both Repeater and AP modes, as the instructions lacked clarity. Upon requesting to escalate the issue to a higher-level technician in hopes of salvaging the device, the representative surprisingly asked for our purchase date (entirely unexpected!). As it turned out, our sole alternative was for them to send us a replacement, provided we were still within the 30-day warranty period. There was no provision for higher-level technical support.

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Do you own SignalTech WiFi Booster?

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About SignalTech WiFi Booster

SignalTech is a brand that offers wireless connectivity solutions, aiming to tackle challenges associated with Wi-Fi signals in diverse environments. Their SignalTech Wifi Booster stands out as a product crafted to enhance Wi-Fi coverage, seeking to diminish areas commonly plagued by weak or no signal. While the SignalTech Wifi Booster is characterized as a booster and an extender, its operation closely mirrors that of a Wi-Fi repeater. This device captures the existing Wi-Fi signal and rebroadcasts it, broadening its coverage. Unlike certain extenders that utilize a new channel for this purpose, the SignalTech device remains on the original frequency. Such a method of rebroadcasting can influence factors like bandwidth and latency, which potential users might want to consider. In performance, the SignalTech Wifi Booster offers connection speeds up to 300 Mbps. However, as with many technological products, real-world performance can be influenced by various factors, including the environment and the strength of the original signal. Regarding pricing, the Wifi Booster has been listed on SignalTech’s official website at a retail price of $80. However, they often offer discounts, sometimes reducing the cost by up to 50%, bringing it down to $39.95. Additionally, the product is available on platforms like, priced at $19.99. SignalTech presents solutions with the intent of improving Wi-Fi connectivity. As always, potential users are encouraged to evaluate their specific needs and delve deeper into research to ensure the product aligns with their requirements.

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