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5 Reviews on Ginger6 Computers

  1. Daniel Kitschke
    Jan 19, 2023

    I will need legal action.

    My computer was purchased through amazon in the last few days, and I have had no issues. The computer is a costly paperweight. It is stuck in the blue boot loop of death. It has the stop code for adding. I’ve sent an email with their address on the website. So far, they haven’t responded. I did get a chance to contact the company once and received a reply that said the issue was software related and most likely occurred during a windows update and that I needed to restart windows. Although the computer does not include a CD drive, it does. It’s just a Windows disc. If I don’t hear back soon, I will need legal action.

  2. Jack Simpson
    Sep 26, 2022

    they gave me an item with a new look with no warranty

    The new hard drive has a crack on the plastic panel. Return it, verify first, and then wait for an answer from the manufacturer, and then you will receive the replacement item. This is about 2-4 weeks. This is unacceptable because I paid for the new item for ASP. I couldn’t wait that long, so they gave me an item with a new look with no warranty. It was a bit of a shock… I am now thinking about the possibility of new vendors…

  3. Karen Murley
    Jul 13, 2022

    I love my new PC

    I love my new PC. I am thrilled with it. It was easy to set up, it was easy, and its cable management is excellent. But, when it arrived, the RGB fans wouldn’t light up. I made a quick phone call, and the helper I spoke with helped me as the connection was not connected during shipment.

    A thing to consider is that they ship the PC and the accessories in a separate package, or at least in my situation, and I received one before the other. This meant that once I got the computer, I did not have a power adapter for a few hours, but I had spare ones lying around, so it wasn’t an issue. However, it is something you should keep in your head. All being said, I do love my new PC

  4. Israel Quezada
    Jun 28, 2022

    Excellent communication

    Excellent communication from Kevin is a great selection of parts, superior quality build, and management of cables. We are incredibly grateful for the fantastic work they’ve put into it, and I will be back for a new body! Top-of-the-line.

  5. Alex Palioudakis
    Jun 18, 2022

    this business the highest marks

    I’ve built various custom computers using Ginger 6 for many years.

    I recently purchased a custom computer, and I’m pleased that the Ginger 6’s support and build speed is excellent.

    I strongly recommend this business should you be looking to purchase a custom-built computer or a prebuilt one.

    Communication via email between the company and me has been excellent.

    I would give this business the highest marks and recommend them to others in the future.

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