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3 Reviews on IGS Energy

  1. Robert Farber
    July 13th, 2022

    friendly professional and helpful person

    My friend informed me of the rates for IGS, and I was unable to believe the price it was. The most significant part was that a friendly, professional, and helpful person answered the phone and was able to convey an “it’s my pleasure to help you” attitude.

    Wow! There are some of those who are good and want to be out in the field! They went over everything in detail, and I was able to change my mind at any time.

  2. Jessica Guillory
    June 29th, 2022

    I called to inform me that my IGS gas costs have been increased to $8.99/MCF

    I called to inform me that I was concerned that my IGS gas prices had been increased to $8.99/MCF. I read in the Nextdoor chat that there was an Stark County (Ohio) Gas Aggregation program which is available to all residents of Stark County (I think) where the cost of gas is $3.29/MCF. I called, spoke with an extremely personable professional, knowledgeable, and helpful IGS telephone representative.

    He was able to assist me to join the Aggregation program. The rate is still good until 2025. I am thrilled with the results of my conversation. But, I do have one issue. What is the reason this program isn’t made more widely known. I’m sure the same programs exist in various counties and states, but clearly it is necessary to inquire about these programs.

  3. Therandal Epps
    April 29th, 2022

    Awesome Rep. Awful Electric Rates

    I was impressed by the sales rep who came to my house. It was a pleasure to have him at my home and speak with me. After signing up, I created my account and reviewed the rates for the next three years. Although I was naive, I assumed that the rates would be affordable. That’s when things got a little crazy.

    Gas was not too expensive, so I could bear to go green. Electric….. Sheesh. It’s almost twice the price. If that’s the price of going green, I can’t even afford it. My account was not fully processed when I canceled my contract in less than 24 hours. Everyone, please be informed!

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IGS Energy, a private energy company, believes it is both capable and obligated to fight climate change. It also promotes sustainability and energy independence. IGS Energy serves over 1 million households and businesses across the country, providing sustainable technologies and services. These include 100% renewable electricity, carbon-neutral natural gas, solar energy systems, and other energy-efficiency products.

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