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5 Reviews on BES Utilities

  1. Artur Sargsyan
    Jan 21, 2023

    This business needs to be examined by OFGEM

    This business needs to be examined by OFGEM. They’re not the best company to handle. They will ask you for your direct debit information, requiring them to return the money! Once they have these details, they withdraw money to cover estimated billing. The employees are not cooperative and are not helpful. Do not deal with these people at all costs! I’ve probably spent more than 5 hours on the phone with various departments. Every day, an individual department calls you through a mobile, which means you’re unaware of the caller’s ID!

  2. Kathryn Shaw
    Sep 27, 2022

    Do not work with this business

    It is shameful that they are charging for no motive. We have reported them. Our business has been shut down due to severe health issues, and we’ve cut off all operations, but only one charge for standing charges for 12 months has gone up to PS146. ???? What is the reason? Do not work with this business.

  3. Andy Gorogiani
    Jul 13, 2022

    Please do not use this company

    Please do not use this company as They are hopeless. Further on my opinion in the following, I’m still trying to have the expiration date of the account taken care of. It’s been a week since my review, and they haven’t addressed the issue as they stated in their reply. I’ve been trying to contact them.

    Today I’ve been requested to provide contact information for the new tenant. The details were given on June 7th – five weeks ago. It is either a sign of incompetence, or they’re deliberately trying to delay the process to increase the cost of the property.

    Beware of this company. They are still chasing the payment of bills that they know are incorrect and are refusing to accept their account closing. Why would it take more than five weeks to close a bank account?

  4. Afton Howard
    Jun 29, 2022

    their computer systems were inaccessible

    BES employee called to request an electricity meter reading. I informed him that they were processed automatically. He explained that their computer systems were inaccessible, requiring manual reading. He gave me advice on how to access the lesson.

  5. Chwas Mohammed
    Jun 1, 2022

    I'm hoping the account will operate smoothly

    As a new customer, I could not log in to the portal after updating my meter readings.

    I tried using the chat feature, but it did not work.

    It was difficult to read the message because it was written with an orange background, so the writing was hard to read.

    However, my call was in good working order.

    My call was answered promptly and efficiently.

    Security was a little of an obstacle, but they rang me back immediately.

    I’m hoping that the account will operate smoothly from now on.

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