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Is Caplor Energy legit?

Caplor Energy has 20 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.7 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Caplor Energy customer care?

You can contact Caplor Energy customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 1432860644

Where is Caplor Energy located?

Caplor Energy is located at address Caplor Farm Eggs, Fownhope HR1 4PT, UK.

20 Reviews on Caplor Energy

  1. Julia Tuff
    4 rating

    Great Success

    Feb 22, 2024

    The enterprise employer finished the paintings on time and with minimum fuss. They had been very a notably capable, pleasant and excellent group. Dealt with some snagging problems very directly. We are ecstatic with our new heating machine that changed into retrofitted proper right into a Seventies home. It is now snug, environmentally-friendly and much much less highly-priced to run. We are very very happy and Very happy. Highly recommended.

  2. Daryl R.
    1 rating

    Installer Totally Messed Up

    Feb 22, 2024

    Installer absolutely tousled with battery connection with in all likelihood wrong e-mail entered changed into instructed he would need to touch Tesla to restore trouble haven’t heard anything yet and can’t touch caplor sent emails known as workplace no response very frustrating carrier UNPROFESSIONAL handiest want them to complete activity efficaciously and absolutely my recommendation to everyone who appears at caplor for something DONT will rethink evaluate if hassle solved.

  3. David Hoggett
    1 rating

    Major Failing In Communication

    Feb 22, 2024

    There have been a few minor troubles with the set up which have been resolved within the settlement. However, their most important failing is communique, specifically when some thing went wrong. Unfortunately the heating/warm water gadget failed slightly 2 months set up. It then have become apparent that there has been no emergency touch for restore.

    I had the smartphone variety of a group leader who supplied information of a neighborhood organization for repair. Yet again, now not sincere: each numbers have been for workplace and now not out-of-hours. The difficulty became unresolved via the New Year weekend 2023. An engineer from the second one agency came inside an hour but turned into not able to restore as it regarded a circuit board had failed.

    The manufacturer LG become no help because they too were tough to touch and, when an order changed into located, delivery turned into quoted as 5-7 days - hardly ever appropriate for such an important piece of system. The inflammation changed into stronger by having a top class price smartphone range for touch. Overall- garbage.

  4. Katrina Graholska
    3 rating

    An appointment was more challenging

    May 30, 2023

    The repair needed to the solar water system in our home - was not too bad after eight years of no service. They were excellent on the day they arrived, but scheduling an appointment was more challenging to do than it needed to be.

  5. Debbi Wootan
    3 rating

    The teams building scaffolding

    Apr 30, 2023

    It took a while to bring Caplor into action for an issue with maintenance on Solar PV, and then the service suddenly became much better. The teams building scaffolding, taking down some panels, putting in new equipment, and then getting everything back up and running was a success. I believe that the maintenance crew (they are great individuals) is overwhelmed.

  6. George Barnes
    3 rating

    No official system transition

    Apr 29, 2023

    My responsibility is to keep it fair since the work was completed amid the pandemic. However, I was not impressed with the results: There was no official system transition, and I am still figuring out the best method to implement it, and they did not send my installation packet for two months. Most of them were subcontractors. However, it seems similar everywhere today.

  7. Valentina Pineda
    2 rating

    Extremely disorganized

    Apr 28, 2023

    Extremely disorganized and slow in getting things going. After being told that I could not work on a specific date because it was my husband's funeral, They decided to do both days on either side. My contact regarding their anger over the thoughtlessness of their decision was very inconsiderate. Regarding work, I don't have any concerns other than the possibility that the solar thermal system isn't performing well. However, I guess that it isn't their fault.

  8. Hilary Kavanagh
    2 rating

    An insufficient response

    Apr 25, 2023

    I want to set up the air-source heat pump. As a four-story Victorian House with two existing gas boilers, it's difficult to determine the best option. I called Caplor due to their recommendation to me by Good Energy (my energy supplier). The initial response contained the form of the estimate, which was an insufficient response to the data I provided. It was followed with a positive reply, but I haven't heard from the company that provided the EPC. What does not exist is the specification and design method. The only thing that seemed to be available was an inspection followed by installing the details.

  9. Kathryn Howell
    5 rating

    I was highly impressed

    Apr 12, 2023

    I was highly impressed with the staff and company (the installation and customer service team). Highly professional and skilled. I had a solar system of 4Kw set up. It was an extensive process (site survey, scaffolding, physical panel installation, electrical and grid connection). From the beginning, they informed me about the progress and insurance, paid for the deposit, dealt with all questions, and set up the system according to the stipulated timeline. They were efficient, efficient, and courteous installers. They also offered all relevant certificates, such as building regulations and an MCS certificate. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering solar panel installations.

  10. Howard Davies
    1 rating

    Price Gouging

    Mar 3, 2023

    The company salesman from Caplor Enery visited my property and took details of the work to be done and quoted a total figure of £15,909.67 for the PV install. The work has just been completed and after some small teething problems I received an invoice for an extra £2755.00 saying additional costs for scaffolding, which was included in the quote, safety netting and a cherry picker wasn’t mentioned at point of sale.
    I don’t know if this is the way they do business but price gouging is totally unacceptable.

  11. Alvis Jenkins
    5 rating

    The result was a fantastic

    Jan 21, 2023

    Caplor energy has installed an Air Sourced heat pump in a quaint building. The honest advice on the installation by electrical and plumbing engineers was practical, highly professional, and perfectly suitable for the building. The result was a fantastic and well-designed system, optimizing existing components and only adding equipment when necessary to fit the specific design it was being installed. We were left with an efficient and efficient heating system. The entire installation team was courteous, efficient, clean, and easy to work with. And in a few ways, it was sad to see them go. I cannot praise them high enough. I would not hesitate to suggest Caplor Energy advise and install a heating system for your home.

  12. Colin jones
    1 rating

    Great at taking your money but not great at fixing the problems

    Dec 22, 2022

    I contacted caplor several times for issues with the dongle not connecting, so the system can not update. The system only fitted eight months ago, and I can only get sales that will pass on your message am ge; still waiting. Seem to use outside contractors for work, not keen to fix problems, have work to August next year, so could not care about previous customers.

  13. Brian Thomson
    1 rating

    I had to give it one star

    Nov 27, 2022

    I had to give it one star since it wouldn't allow me to write a negative review. It is worth zero stars—total lack of service from your company following the initial visit approximately six months ago. Chasing did not have any effect at all. You've left me with no solar power, and I have lost hundreds of pounds. How did you even bother to check the panels if you weren't planning to follow up by carrying out a simple repair? All that's needed is the replacement of two connectors, where the previous ones were burned out. Caplor's answer is not helpful. This isn't the way to treat a client; why bother visiting and checking the equipment, then promise an additional visit and never respond to emails and phone calls? Caplor deserves lousy publicity.

  14. Eric Nicoli
    1 rating

    Communication seems to have stopped.

    Nov 24, 2022

    I've been trying to find the solar system checked and sorted by Caplor for over nine months. Despite multiple visits by engineers, the system is not functioning. The last time I visited was May 10th, and despite numerous attempts to contact I'm still waiting on an answer. Communication seems to have stopped.

  15. John Simpson
    1 rating

    There was no coordination

    Nov 21, 2022

    There was no coordination between taking the order and getting the work completed. The technical representative negotiated a system with me and the roof that was supposed to be put on, only for the scaffolders to show up to put the scaffolding on another top. Many studies were employed who had no idea of the system. The structure required months to fall and be removed. The electricians were not equipped with tools to move the battery pack to the loft. The phone was on for hours, trying to connect to GivEnergy to solve fundamental problems. Glad that everything appears to be complete.

  16. East Lothian
    1 rating

    A waste of time!

    Nov 5, 2022

    Sales employees are more interested in cutting costs than their rivals and understanding the task. I was told they'd attempt to beat the price of another firm, and I provided the company with a detailed drawing detailing what was needed before reaching a deal on price. When the engineer arrived to examine the picture, they had no idea about the placement of the unit or that trenching and a lined pipe were required. Their recommendation...., "can we not clip it to the front of your property," i.e., install two large pipes along as well as up and over the r doors of a lovely old farmhouse! I suggested digging the trench for them, and they offered to supply the pipe for free but would charge the additional PS1500. After a quick search and with no effort, I could purchase the tube at a retail price of just PS1000. I underestimated the plan and tried to recover losses by using sub-par strategies. Quotes don't matter on the paper they're written on. A waste of time!

  17. Marie Pratt
    4 rating

    Fixed the issue

    Sep 27, 2022

    The event of an accelerated storm caused a frenzied local power surge, which damaged our air heat source. Caplor engineers quickly identified and fixed the issue in the circuit board, providing our customers with beautiful hot water.

  18. Teri Robinson
    4 rating

    Excellent service during an extremely difficult time

    Jul 13, 2022

    Solar PV panels were installed in June. I'd previously had a solar panel at a previous home, so I knew what was required. A fair price was offered with a variety of alternatives. We decided to use using the solar booster system that powers the heater.

    There were a few delays; however, the job was completed quickly on the day we agreed to, and it's an excellent job. The installers were unaware of the solar boost and needed to return a second time to make it work. The system has been operating perfectly, so I do not have complaints.

  19. Preston Berg
    5 rating

    We've had solar panels clean and serviced

    Jun 29, 2022

    I am a fan of this company because even their emails are short and informative (for example, about the new boiler upgrade system:) ). We've had solar panels clean and serviced and come punctually and efficiently.

  20. Chris Frith
    5 rating

    Solar PV design and installation

    Apr 28, 2022

    Caplor was able to help us design and install a Solar PV system for our barn roof and a Ground Source Heat Pump system that replaced our oil-fired boiler. Caplor's entire team was very helpful and knowledgeable. They delivered on time, and kept us informed if any changes were made to the plan.

    Caplor is a professional, trustworthy and friendly company that I would recommend to anyone in the space. Already, I have recommended Caplor to many of my friends, colleagues, and contacts. Richard Collins was our primary contact person and was a great help throughout.

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Caplor Energy is part of the giant Caplor Group, which evolved from family farms to four successful organizations based at Caplor Farm near Fownhope. Caplor Energy installs and designs renewable energy systems for homeowners, businesses, and communities. Our team is highly skilled and can provide objective, informed advice. After-sales support ensures customers can apply for financial incentives and understand the system's workings.

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