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3 Reviews on Pure Energy

  1. Michael Livingston
    July 13th, 2022

    Highly highly recommended

    We were contacted to arrange an installation date. Mike Sheppard went over everything in detail, and I decided to go to purchase. The installers quickly arrived and immediately got started on their way. They were top-quality and flawless installations—great company to work with.

    Three electricians arrived to put the batteries on and quickly ran the entire system. The company is very professional with the help of Mike, the rep, and the team who installed the system. Highly highly recommended.

  2. Ludwing Franco
    June 29th, 2022

    Disappointing sales tactics

    In light of the shocking price hike in energy, we decided to request an estimate for energy storage with batteries at our house, and we had a representative of Pure Energy come out to us.big mistake. When I walked through the front door , I saw his name from a visit several years ago, but using an unrelated company. A “free health check” cold phone call eventually led to the appointment. Afterward, I attempted to purchase the voltage optimizer and micro inverters for our four-KW solar installation. At the time, a six-year-old system in its current configuration was producing approximately at full capacity. Even though there was all the information and he was aware that the inverter had been repaired under warranty, he insisted it was the best choice; however, the payback numbers did not make sense. up.his estimation was between 6 and 8 years. However, based according to my calculations, it was closer to 25. Not worth the cost, and I did not take it up.
    In the end, I’m going to grant him the benefit doubt, and aside from revealing the fear of media headlines about impending power cuts promoted by the media, Everything was fine, at least that’s what I thought.
    As the discussion progressed, I realized that we might need the consumer unit also replaced, so any estimate I was offered to store the equipment was based on the fact that additional expenses would be incurred.as shortly as I stated we’d need a moment to consider the issue, his mood dramatically changed.
    The consultation was shut down, then he began to pack his belongings away and was unwilling to take on any additional questions.he left us without any answers to questions, no figures to discuss or documentation, only a price for the battery storage.I determined that I was satisfied with the cost and the installation would go ahead either way; however, we did not sign up at that time, and then was a rude snarl and told us that the cost would rise if we didn’t act now, no one else could complete the same thing for less or, if they could, it would be substandard and so on.
    A very juvenile MS and your actions have caused your business to lose the possibility of a sale. Well done.
    I’ll bet that the battery storage installation could have gone on without modifying the consumer unit, but it was a problem even though there were no slots available for other projects that are in the pipeline.I was interested in doing it all in one shot or having an electrician complete the installation prior to the installation. However, he was not given the opportunity to discuss this due to his eagerness to conclude the meeting.

  3. Mark Ingleby
    April 30th, 2022

    Excellent service

    Although I had some issues with the installation with this company, I was so pleased with the final product that I gave them five stars. My upgrade included a new solar edge unit and a LuxPower lithium battery unit. The total storage of the three batteries was approximately 11kw. All the original panels were found in good condition, but they were rewired in parallel instead of in series.

    It took them several visits over three years to get it working. I also had to ask if I could move my broadband closer to these units to see if that helped. It was finally moved closer to the teams, and it worked like magic. I’m not sure why they didn’t tell us to do this immediately. It works as expected. My panels produce 2500 kW annually.

    The rest of my power consumption comes from Octopus go tariff, a cheap overnight charge for batteries. The monthly electric bills for February and March are now PS18 and PS12 pounds, respectively, as opposed to the 90 and 80 in previous years.

    I use electrics to heat water and have an electric car (ok, 3000 miles per year). So, I use gas to heat my space. Although it will take some time to pay back my investment, it is a good investment for my pocket and the planet.

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