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2 Reviews on Electriciansimmediately

  1. Vincent Paladino
    July 18th, 2022

    I called the number and they said they would return my call.

    I called the number, and they said they would only charge the PS50 call-out fee and are not interested in scamming people. They were there in 35 minutes and looked into the issue. As I was watching the electrician, I observed that he flicked the switch, and I could hear the electricity start to kick into.

    He turned it off, after which he said the entire job would cost PS320. If I told him there was no way I could pay for this, he lowered the price to PS275. I said no again. Then he offered PS250.

    I explained that I was hoping to pay just PS120, which he claimed was impossible as testing the switches and plugs as necessary. I said no. His manager called me and told me the price was PS200. The PS50 I already paid, as well as PS150 more. I said no again. Then he left with the PS50 call-out fee, which took about 10 minutes.

    After he left, I flipped the switch on the fuse that I was watching him do, and everything worked and is still. I feel sorry for those who don’t know anything about electricity (like myself) and how these people make the most of every opportunity they have, and this is a pity.

  2. Rayanne Rivero
    June 19th, 2022

    The service was excellent

    I’m very pleased by the repairs they completed on my kitchen sink.

    I was unsure of what was wrong, but they fixed it very quickly!

    The service was excellent when they arrived promptly and were knowledgeable and explained everything I wanted to be aware of.

    I’m feeling much better knowing that I have nothing to worry about.

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