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12 Reviews on BV Electric

  1. Tahira Ikram
    May 27, 2023

    Fast and straightforward

    Very pleased about the quality of service offered. The whole process was fast and straightforward. The team was highly professional and efficient, from the consultation/estimate to the installation. We will be using BV Electric again for any electrical needs.

  2. Samuel Brazeau
    May 23, 2023

    Super Friendly and helpful

    Super Friendly and helpful! They quickly identified the cause of the problem and then fixed the issue successfully! I would recommend them in the future for any problems!

  3. Collin Prien
    Apr 29, 2023

    The test was friendly

    Many people came to my appointment on different dates on the same day. The charge was to conduct a 15-minute diagnosis and then leave an errant messy floor on which they performed their test. This isn't awesome. On an upbeat note, I think the staff who performed the test was friendly- which is worth two stars.

  4. Myhraa bell
    Apr 12, 2023


    Jose and Yonny helped us tremendously. They identified our problems quickly and were able to pinpoint exactly what had to be accomplished. Some companies did not recognize the issue and instead cost us a lot of money for unneeded repairs. The BV company was the best choice and is our first stop for all our electrical requirements. They're trustworthy, honest, and knowledgeable. We're grateful that we located these guys!

  5. Chris Kaikis
    Jan 19, 2023

    We are thankful to have discovered them!

    Jose, along with Yonny, were lifesavers. They identified our problems quickly and were able to pinpoint exactly what needed to be completed. Other companies could not find the issue and charged us enormous amounts for unneeded repairs. They're honest, fair, and knowledgeable. We are thankful to have discovered them! We chose BV, and it will be our first choice for all electrical requirements.

  6. Jan Sprague
    Dec 17, 2022

    I was pleased that the issue was solved.

    They were quick to respond and resolved my issue. I'm giving an average rating because they gave me an hourly fee per electrician. The surprise was that two electricians were on site, and it wasn't required to hire two electricians to solve my issue. They came to my house for about an hour. I didn't think I would pay an hourly cost for two electricians, so I would like the company to inform me beforehand that they always send two electricians. They even provided me with a total price of an hour to two electricians and not an hourly rate per electrician. I assumed that meant that I paid for an electrician to rectify my electrical issues. This meant I spent an hour with an additional electrician, who was a shadow of the main one. It was that I was paying more than I anticipated. The company must make the expectations clearer. I was pleased that the issue was solved.

  7. Joanne Beesley
    Dec 13, 2022

    I wouldn't recommend BV.

    I asked BV to repair an electrical panel heater. They were efficient in communicating and supplying an estimate. The price seemed expensive. However, I'm giving a below-average score because their installer was unwilling to remove the old heater. He told me a BS dance and song about the fact that the heater "would not fit in his van." The van was equipped with a RACK, meaning he was clearly lying. I wouldn't recommend BV.

  8. Rose Algreen
    Dec 11, 2022

    The equipment is not up to scratch

    The equipment is not up to scratch. I had them add an outlet and change three of the baseboard heaters. That was a bit of a hassle. They didn't inform me that they were running the wrong voltage, so they rewired me in under an hour. It takes three hours, $140, and costs me $900+ to rewire.

  9. Margaret Cologna
    Dec 6, 2022

    Unprofessional, undependable.

    I contacted them to set up an appointment. Confirmed. One day later, they informed us that they were in an emergency and we had to extend the work by one day. The next day, they told us they had trouble and changed the appointment time. The next day, they called to inform me that they could not arrive (emergency). I ended up working with another electrician. Unprofessional, undependable.

  10. John Brown
    Dec 3, 2022

    BV doesn't care about your issue.

    An estimator came to our house for an inspection. He stated that there were no issues. When they met with our inspector, another electrician arrived for some reason, and the story was changed. The reason was not that there had been any changes within the house but because a squatter claimed that we were doing illegal work. As if he even knew. We received an estimate for the complete renovation of the house but no explanation as to what exactly went wrong.

    I informed DBI DBI, and they did the legwork to make the correct suggestions. We now know that they did not conduct the proper investigation and instead chose to rely on the homeowner's words. When we asked for clarification, it took us ages to receive an unhelpful response that provided no clarity. Beware, BV doesn't care about your issue.

  11. Chris Nickelson
    Dec 1, 2022

    The most harrowing.

    The most harrowing. We've had a 10-x3x3 open trench in the front of our home (which was not their job for digging) for the past seven months. The work wasn't completed in compliance with PG&E's requirements, and they didn't meet all the paperwork required. They didn't contact PG&E back for more than one month, and we discovered after repeated calls from the utility PG&E had canceled the project. We needed to find another contractor to draw an initial utility drawing. They removed our internal panel but didn't identify it. We're trying to stay clear of legal actions, but we might be forced to do so.

  12. Rick Seen
    Jun 6, 2022

    Very responsive

    I was looking to find some estimates for the installation of 240V (planning to install the EV Charger) and additional electrical works.

    Rico and John spent a couple of hours running an electrical conduit into my garage and installing the 240V. Of all the quotes, BV Electric was the best option for me.

    They were very responsive via email and willing to work with me.

    They also addressed another electrical problem. They discovered that a fixture had to be replaced. I was able to pick it up.

    I called them back, and Rico visited to solve the issue. Rico also did more than examining the EV Charger installation and found very tight wiring between the 24V circuit and EV Charger and was able to fix it with a move of the frame a few inches closer to 240V.

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