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What is WeWe.Global?

WeWe Global is a company promoting cryptocurrency products and services. It initially revolved around a digital currency called WEWEX Ponzi points and later introduced new digital currencies, LYO and LFI tokens, through its associated entities LyoFI and LyoPay.

Is WeWe Global Legit or a Scam?

WeWe Global appears to be a risky investment. The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of New Zealand has issued a Ponzi and pyramid fraud warning against WeWe Global and LyoPay, indicating that they are not registered or regulated to provide services in New Zealand.

Who is Behind WeWe.Global?

Diego Endrizzi, identified as WeWe Global Presidential Ambassador & Global Master Distributor, is a central figure in this scheme. WeWe Global is not registered with a financial regulator in any jurisdiction and has been targeting individuals globally.

20 Reviews on WeWe Global

  1. Charale Ralabidi
    3 rating

    Defending a Legitimate Opportunity Against Misleading Claims

    Oct 14, 2023

    I've seen many scam artists here, and I don't think it suits your trust in this platform. They mislead the world by spreading false information. I don't believe these individuals have ever dealt with this company. As someone who has been here for a year, I can attest that I make daily money. It's unfair to let someone claim it doesn't work, especially when so many scammers are out there. When we find a company that genuinely helps us earn money, we should support it and not attempt to harm it with baseless arguments.

  2. Penny Bell
    1 rating

    A Regrettable Financial Endeavor

    Oct 5, 2023

    I would strongly advise against considering WEWE Global as a potential passive income stream. My husband and I have been highly disappointed with the disappointing returns from WEWE Global. I'm cautioning all my friends and relatives to avoid this short-sighted company!

    What a disappointing company it turned out to be!!! Thank you, WEWE Global, for absolutely nothing. We have no gratitude whatsoever for your actions towards our family.

  3. Ralabos Charalabidis
    1 rating

    Extortion in the Blockchain World

    Sep 21, 2023

    To do the KYC, they forced me to purchase their license to get my crypto back from the former global wallet. First, they were called Lic world, and the Lira coin was international; in The Blockchain era, myblockchainid, Lfi, and two other platforms are on the way.

    For the production that I had in Wewe Global blocked for three months for this new update for which I had already paid the activation fees, I had to buy their license for 110 euros to be able to take them out. It wouldn't produce anything unless I added another 220 euros of collateral. It felt like being at the bank, where they tell you that you have to pay them before you can withdraw your own money. I call this procedure extortion. Before, we used to do minting, but now the word minting has disappeared, and they talk about licenses.

    All the ambassadors and those who support these platforms in chats by attacking those who try to bring the truth must be persecuted by justice.

    I strongly advise everyone to avoid these scammers who tarnish the good name of blockchain and BTC.

  4. Ian Viney
    1 rating

    WEWE Global scam is rebranding to "The Blockchain Era"

    Sep 19, 2023

    WEWE Global is in the process of rebranding to "The Blockchain Era" at tbe.io (Sep 2023).

  5. Mekail Ferdush
    5 rating

    Journey with WeweGlobal and a Call for Simplified Coin Selling

    Sep 13, 2023

    WeweGlobal is the real revolution. Being part of this project has enriched my culture, has raised my knowledge, and has brought to the top step my significant predisposition to the new. Wewe has improved me thanks to individuals dedicated to continuous and constant learning. However, I believe the system of selling coins should be made much more accessible.

  6. Olga Martina
    1 rating

    Exposing The Deceptive Practices Of WeWe Global

    Sep 8, 2023

    I believe WeWe Global is fraudulent; it has players who recruit people to pay money constantly, and the company does not allow the withdrawal of earned money. They always ask you to produce something and invent reasons to spend. I strongly advise staying away from these fraudsters. Pyramid projects are unrealistic, and we should join hands to shut down this website.

  7. Aritinos
    1 rating


    Sep 5, 2023

    I encountered difficulty withdrawing my funds and couldn't receive any assistance from customer service. They asked me to provide information regarding my previous transactions on an account I cannot access. I am perplexed by the lack of professionalism the customer service representatives exhibited. I must express my disappointment to convey just how dissatisfied I am with this company.

  8. Bobhley
    1 rating

    Big issue with Fund Withdrawal

    Sep 4, 2023

    I had a tough time trying to withdraw my funds and couldn't get any help from customer service. They requested information about my past transactions on an account I can't access now. I'm baffled by the unprofessional behavior of the customer service reps.

  9. Deans
    1 rating

    Unmasking the Issues

    Sep 3, 2023

    In my interactions with WeWe Global, I haven't made any accusations; I've recounted what I've encountered. It's important to remember that just because someone disagrees with your perspective doesn't warrant a high-and-mighty attitude, as if you were working for WEWE and adverse to negative feedback. WEWE's mentioned that WEWE has transformed your life; I'm curious to know how, especially considering the relatively short time it's been available, which might make such claims seem implausible.

    Currently, the price of WEWE stands at $1.74, considerably lower than it was previously. Given this significant price drop, how this could be life-changing is perplexing. Furthermore, there's the issue of wallets being suspended for unpaid subscriptions that we never requested in the first place.

    I Cannot use my WEWE holdings even if i want to settle these charges. This has been my personal experience, and it's essential to clarify that I'm not making baseless accusations; I'm simply sharing the facts. What I've encountered appears to be illegal, as adding subscriptions to contracts without allowing customers to opt-out goes against standard practice.

  10. Dylan
    4 rating

    Transformative Impact: My Journey with WEWE GLOBAL

    Sep 2, 2023

    I can't call myself an Ambassador, but I'm working on it. WEWE has been much more than a platform or cash back for me. I started doing referral activity, and I can feed my family and build a future with the commissions I'm receiving. From a single father with three children: Thank you, WEWE GLOBAL.

  11. Nicholas
    4 rating

    Exploring the Wealth-Building Potential of the Wewe Global Platform

    Sep 1, 2023

    Being an active member of the Wewe Global platform has given me access to numerous services and the potential for a daily income from the fees generated using the Wewe app, launched this year. This income is based on the number of app nodes I've purchased, making it a promising source of passive income. I highly recommend that everyone conducts thorough research, reviews all the available data, and considers participating in this fantastic opportunity.

  12. Raffa Eleis
    3 rating

    Revolutionizing Global Cryptocurrency Adoption

    Aug 30, 2023

    My objective at WEWE Global isn't to emulate VISA or Mastercard, even though they're prominent financial services corporations. My role in the WEWE Global project revolves around enhancing the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies. I achieve this by collaborating with businesses open to cryptocurrency transactions, promoting them within our worldwide community, and developing user-friendly tools and applications that streamline cryptocurrency payments and transactions.

  13. Barry
    2 rating

    A pure scam and complexity with WeWe

    Aug 29, 2023

    I'm having some difficulty navigating the correct terms and conditions for the travel vouchers, as I think I might have received inaccurate information when I first started. Right now, I'm hesitant to use any activation codes because I want to ensure I don't waste them, given that my travel plans won't materialize within the next 90 days.

    I'm curious about how the activation codes work, particularly about booking hotels. I came across a mention in the reviews about a 70% calculation, but I'm struggling to grasp the whole concept. Let's say I want to book a hotel that costs $700. If I activate seven codes, each worth $100, will I be able to cover the entire hotel cost? Or does the maximum discount cap at $490, which would then leave me responsible for the remaining $210?

    It's frustrating not having a clear understanding of the intricacies. When I initially purchased my app's package (1500 WeWe Global), these details weren't readily available, and I'm concerned that I might have made a significant financial loss.

  14. Martin
    1 rating

    Deceptive Email Practices by wewe.global

    Aug 26, 2023

    I want to let you all know that I've noticed that WeWe Global has been sending out spam emails while pretending to be other legitimate companies. It's important not to trust any emails coming from them. If you receive any emails from Wewe Global, I recommend going into your email settings and blocking their domain to prevent further messages from reaching you.

    Also, please be cautious and avoid clicking on unsubscribe links they might provide. Clicking on those links could result in receiving even more unwanted junk from them. They seem to be trying to imitate various services you might use, from credit cards to online shopping, to deceive recipients. Stay vigilant and stay safe!

    1 rating

    Exposing the Deceptive Practices of a Troubling Company

    Aug 26, 2023

    I believe that WeWe Global is fraudulent. It seems like they have their people who are recruiting individuals with the intention of getting them to keep paying money. Strangely, the company doesn't permit the withdrawal of the money you've earned. They keep pressuring you to make more payments, providing various reasons to justify it. I think it's best to steer clear of these deceitful individuals. Pyramid schemes like this aren't feasible, and I think it would be a good idea for us to work together to expose and shut down this website.

  16. Judy Wes
    1 rating

    Lack of Transparency and Growth in Trading

    Aug 26, 2023

    If I wanted to maintain control over my trading, I made clear of Wewe Global firm! Throughout numerous lengthy phone conversations with their agent, I found none of my questions were fully addressed. It seemed like the representative was solely focused on increasing the trade capital. It was rare to see any substantial growth in the account, starting from a small initial deposit, which left me dissatisfied.

  17. Moffett
    1 rating

    Considerations Before Engaging with Wewe Global

    Aug 25, 2023

    After watching YouTube channels for over an hour discussing their business practices, I've concluded that I have a solid urge to caution individuals. Everyone must conduct thorough research before getting involved with Wewe, as there's a significant risk of potential financial loss.

  18. Peter Joroge
    1 rating

    Exasperating Experience with Customer Support

    Aug 25, 2023

    It's been incredibly frustrating trying to receive any assistance or clarity from what they label as "customer support." I've spent the last two days seeking help to finalize a Cloud Minting package purchase and update my email address. Despite providing all the necessary information they requested, there has been no headway—just a baffling amount of confusion. I'm at a loss for how to connect with an actual human being to resolve this.

    1. Ian Viney
      Sep 19, 2023

      The whole thing is a professionally-presented scam, as documented in numerous places on the web (e.g. https://cryptofroyobro.substack.com/) and in warnings from government authorities (e.g. https://www.fma.govt.nz/library/unregistered-businesses/wewe-global-and-lyopay/).

      If you haven't yet given them any money, walk away while you can.

  19. David Johnson
    1 rating

    An Unpleasant Experience with Company's Trading Platform

    Aug 25, 2023

    I found the customer support provided by the company for its intricate trading platform to be highly disappointing. The representatives offered only lukewarm assistance and could not resolve the issues I encountered quickly. Adding to the frustration, the platform itself suffered from sluggish performance, leading to extended transaction times. Faced with this unsatisfactory situation, I chose a better option. I chose Asllc primarily because of its superior customer service infrastructure that is both more supportive and highly responsive.

  20. BN JM0
    1 rating

    The Red Flags ???? ???? WeWe Global Scam!

    Aug 16, 2023

    When I first stumbled upon WeWe Global, it was pitched as a golden opportunity. The promise was simple and alluring: invest in their cryptocurrency products, and watch your money grow exponentially. The webinars were slick, the presenters charismatic, and the promise of returns was too tempting to resist. But here's my honest account of what unfolded:

    ???? The Red Flags Started Early ????
    I was initially excited, but as I delved deeper, I noticed red flags. The most alarming was discovering that WeWe Global and its associated entity, LyoPay, received a Ponzi and pyramid fraud warning from the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of New Zealand. They weren't registered or regulated to provide their services in New Zealand, a massive oversight for a company promising secure investments.

    ???? The Scheme Unfolds ????
    I learned that WeWe Global had a history. Initially, it revolved around a digital currency called WEWEX Ponzi points. In 2022, WeWe Global expanded its scheme with LyoFI and LyoPay, introducing a new digital currency called LYO to replace WEWEX. However, LYO collapsed towards the end of 2022, prompting the launch of another digital currency, the LFI token.

    ????️ The People Behind the Curtain ????️

    Diego Endrizzi, identified as WeWe Global Presidential Ambassador & Global Master Distributor, was a central figure in this scheme. Before pushing MLM crypto Ponzi schemes, Endrizzi was associated with other MLM companies and has since relocated to Dubai, a known haven for various MLM schemes.

    ???? The Global Reach ????
    What struck me was the global nature of this operation. WeWe Global is not registered with a financial regulator in any jurisdiction, effectively committing securities fraud globally. The top traffic sources to WeWe Global's website were reportedly from Germany, Italy, Argentina, and Bulgaria.

    ⚖️ The Public Response and Legal Actions ⚖️
    As I continued my research, I found articles by David Farrier, a journalist tracking WeWe Global's promotion in New Zealand. Jonathan Callinan, one of WeWe Global's New Zealand promoters, was cited in a February 1st article by Farrier. After the article was published, Callinan sent a cease and desist notice to Farrier, alleging "defamation of character," although the facts presented were documented.

    ???? A Warning to Potential Investors ????
    Given the FMA's warning and the scheme's characteristics, I would strongly advise anyone to exercise caution when dealing with WeWe Global and LyoPay. The FMA explicitly recommends caution when dealing with these entities due to their unregulated status and the nature of their operations.

    ???? My Conclusion ????
    Ultimately, I decided that WeWe Global was too risky for my taste. It is a classic example of a Ponzi scheme, using new investments to pay returns to earlier investors rather than generating profits from any actual business activities. The warning from New Zealand's Financial Markets Authority was my final straw, and I decided to steer clear.

    ???? Stay safe, and always do your due diligence! ????

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About WeWe Global

WeWe Global is a multi-service platform that aims to connect crypto services with people around the world. Launched in 2020, the platform integrates various products that users can pay for using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and the platform's own virtual token, WEWE. The platform encourages people from around the world to join its community, where members can discuss cryptocurrencies, learn from each other, and share their experiences with WeWe Global’s crypto products. The community is designed to be a space for collaboration and education. WeWe Global does not generate its own services but integrates the services of carefully selected third-party companies. This allows people to pay for these services with cryptocurrencies and WEWE virtual tokens. Some of the services and products offered through the platform include travel vouchers, blockchain courses, cloud minting solutions, a launchpad for high-potential crypto projects, and trading signals. Members of the WeWe Global platform can share the products with others and receive rewards every month. The platform has a referral system, where members can create their own teams and climb a career plan, which ranges from being a customer to potentially becoming a project Ambassador. Registering on WeWe Global requires a referral code, making it an exclusive club where an invitation from an existing member is necessary. This exclusivity is intended to foster a sense of community among its members. WeWe Global is managed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), meaning that its members can have a say in the project's development through a voting system. This approach aims to give the community a voice in the direction and operations of the platform. WeWe Global emphasizes that its virtual token, WEWE, can only be used internally on the WeWe Global platform. The token functions within the platform to keep services active and is not listed on any exchange. WeWe Global makes it clear that it is not an investment platform, and any profit from it cannot be guaranteed. As of the information available, WeWe Global has attracted 290,000 members from 86 nations, indicating its wide-reaching global community. WeWe Global presents itself as a bridge between the crypto world and everyday consumers, offering a range of services that are payable in cryptocurrencies. It fosters a community where members can learn, share, and grow in the crypto space, while also enjoying various rewards and benefits through its platform. Note:This information is based on the content available on the WeWe Global website. It is important for potential users to conduct their own research and consult with a financial advisor before engaging with the platform.

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