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  1. Angela Sampogna
    July 23rd, 2022

    The worst customer support

    The worst customer support I’ve ever encountered. The support team cannot solve anything; they’ve been scamming me. The text message to verify the withdrawal is not received, and the text message to open the account is also not accepted. I have already contacted them around six times, and they’ve responded daily with vague answers that do not resolve any problem. I have been the most disappointed with this service.

  2. Charles Knowles
    July 12th, 2022

    The withdrawal process did not have a TXID

    Oh dear StormGain – Dross CS. Live Support is an automated system. The withdrawal process did not have a TXID. My evidence was taken via screenshots, and I will now seek an attorney and submit my case to SEC. The payment is not on the blockchain, either… your hilarious email says reach us’ PMSL OKAY! Where is my XML?

  3. Carlos Gonzalez
    June 28th, 2022

    It's simple and legit

    It’s simple and legit. Mine ten usdt to convert them. Take the position with a maximum of 10 leverage. And you can sit and wait for a profit or two at the time.no worries. It’s free money. I am 61 usdt in total. Then I deposited a 50 USDt dash coin into my account at Binance 2 days later. I’m not an online bot. It’s real. sorry to use english, not the native language

  4. Arya Chakma
    June 1st, 2022

    love the application

    Dear Stormgain company, thank you for sharing my experiences in Nigeria with me.

    We, the people of Nigeria, the majority of us, don’t have international passports.

    We have a national identification number slip, so I am asking on behalf of me and all the Doe in Nigeria to allow us to use the app on storm gain.

    Please, I would appreciate your support when this issue is addressed.

    I would never want to go away from the app. love the application.

    We appreciate your help and your concern.

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