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NAGAX Estonia

NAGAX is an Estonia-based regulated cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform launched this year in March.

An initiative by NAGA Group, the German Fintech, this platform aims to revolutionize the blockchain industry, which is still in its nascent stage. 

What’s interesting is that NAGAX Estonia plans to grow its social trading feature further. This allows traders to collaborate through a ‘New Feed’ section and share their strategies. This way, even beginners would have enough room to progress and invest confidently. 

The exchange is operational for around 150 countries and plans to further its services to other nations. And if you are considering signing up with NAGAX, do not forget to read the complete review in detail.

What is NAGAX?

A centralized digital currency exchange, NAGAX offers a crypto wallet for users free of cost. Users do not need to pay a deposit fee to store their digital assets on the Nagax wallet.  

As discussed, the NAGAX platform has an exciting social feed feature. Hence, users connect and communicate while sharing their trading knowledge.

In addition, the NAGAX Academy offers an interactive way to learn about crypto trading. Additionally, one can enjoy many notable features under one roof – the NAGAX platform.

From spot trading to copy trading, many inbuilt features would help you make the most from this exchange. 

NAGAX Estonia Features

Unlike many other exchanges, NAGAX offers a one-stop solution for all your crypto trading needs. You can use this platform per your needs, from brokerage to trading functionalities. The platform flaunts many trending and popular digital assets too.

For instance, Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and whatnot. Plus, there are many small yet promising assets to trade with. 

Alongside, the platform has its own NAGA Coin (NGC). To further the demand for NGC, the platform keeps adding a variety of perks for the users who pay using this coin for trading purposes and other uses. One of the few assets showed instrumental success during its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) phase. 

When it comes to features, NAGAX has a lot to impress. 

  • Fiat Deposits – NAGAX allows users to deposit fiat currency to the platform for trading. Hence, users can use the fiat to crypto trading option for buying digital assets.
  • Secure Platform – Customers’ funds are secured inside the cold storage, and its security is very tight. For more safety, users can also use two-way authentication to keep their funds away from the hands of imposters.
  • More comprehensive Range of Assets – Using the NAGAX exchange, users can trade with more than 80 cryptocurrencies with the list keeps getting more significant. Plus, it is also available in over 150 countries. 
  • Attractive Low Fee for Users – The trading fee varies for customers on the platform. Those with a high holding of NGC tokens pay less fee. 
  • User-Friendly Interface – Resembling the NAGA Exchange, its sibling, the platform replicates the same intuitiveness, seamless design, and a very friendly UI. 
  • Regulated and Compliant – NAGAX has all the compliances to ensure its regulation. It complies with global financial standards and practices regarding Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorism Financing, and Proliferation Financing. Not just that, it is compliant with Estonia’s local regulations to abide by the crypto exchange law.

What Are NAGAX Estonia Products?

Let’s look at the various significant products that NAGAX offers. 

  • Spot Trading

There are many features for spot trading too. This is a unique product by NAGAX – Spot Trading. Apart from buying and selling, users can also trade between crypto pairs with around 50 supported assets. 

In addition, it is also possible to check real-time graphs and charts along with the order book. 

  • Social Trading

Trading with crypto might not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is why NAGAX provides social trading where users can share their trading strategies and techniques.

Plus, expert traders can also monetize their feed. All they have to do is, ask subscribers to pay the fee for viewing their posts. 

Beginners can easily follow the traders by checking the social feed in real-time. 

  • Brokerage Platform

This fantastic product makes it easy for the buyers to connect with the sellers and vice versa for direct cryptocurrency trades. 

  • Crypto wallet

The wallet by NAGAX has support from over 20 blockchains and thousands of tokens. On the flip side, traders might not be able to use assets for selling and buying stored in the wallet if the platform doesn’t support the trading pairs. However, keeping and withdrawing these digital assets as needed is possible.

  • NFTs

Once launched, the new product will allow users to trade NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain on the platform. Artists would also get the opportunity to design their virtual storefronts to flaunt their collections.

  • NAGA Coin (NGC)

NGC is the ERC-20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Starting as the ICO token, the coin is now an integral part of the NAGAX exchange. 

Benefits for Traders on NAGAX

Apart from the usual trading features that almost every exchange offers, NAGAX goes a few extra miles to attract investors.

  • NAGAX Estonia Crypto Academy – This is an add-on to the platform that enables beginners, and anyone looking to hone their crypto trading expertise can explore new techniques. 
  • News Social Feed – As discussed, this is where you will find tips and tricks shared by traders and experts. This is the default home screen and would show you the techniques other users are executing for profits in crypto trading.
  • Low-Fee – Offering its products and services at a comparatively low fee, NAGAX is one of the most cost-efficient crypto exchange platforms. It can help save up to 87.5% on transaction fees when trading with significant digital assets such as Bitcoin.
  • Secure Wallet – Ensuring the funds are secured within the cold wallet, the platform helps users keep their digital assets safe.


Every other crypto exchange usually charges three different fees:

  • Trading Fee – If you use your credit or debit card, you might be imposed with high charges that are pretty obvious with all other exchanges. However, the bank transfer is cheap and is 1%. It is around a 4.5% fee. 
  • Deposit Fee – Thankfully, NAGAX does not charge any fee for deposits. All you need to pay is the network fee. This will vary depending on your service providers.
  • Withdrawal Fee – This varies for different assets. You can check the complete detail on the platform’s website. 

Is NAGAX Crypto Exchange safe?

With no security breaches, NAGAX seems to be regulated and a safe option for users. It also uses various safety measures to ensure that the assets are secure. 

For instance, multi-party computation technology takes care of cold wallet keys. 

NAGAx also follows all the necessary compliances, such as the international financial regulations and relevant local laws within Estonia. 

Not to forget, users can also use the 2FA feature to strengthen the security of their accounts further. Overall, it is a new exchange, and we will learn more about the platform in the coming years.

However, it does look pretty safe and trustworthy.

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33 Reviews on

  1. Juanma Morales
    May 6, 2023

    The best group

    NGC may decline, but I invested because I believe this is the best group! I'm confident and ready to make some cash out of the platform! I have already used NAGA; therefore, I am sure of my chances to succeed.

  2. Robert Metroz
    Mar 6, 2023

    One of the best crypto exchange sites

    One of the best crypto exchange sites to buy and sell sites and trading sites with various features and earning strategies. It doesn't require skills, just a willingness to work and pocket cash. I visit this site every day as my second job, earning money working from Home.

  3. Sandhya Delgadillo
    Dec 15, 2022

    Nagax cryto trading is a disaster.

    Nagar crypto trading is a disaster. The fees are exorbitant, the customer service is nonexistent, and the platform is buggy and unreliable. Save yourself the headache and avoid this platform at all costs.

  4. Angelica Ocegueda
    Dec 13, 2022

    Stay away from this platform

    I signed up for Nagax and was bombarded with spam emails and fake offers. When I tried to opt out of top-marketing emails, I was met with more spam and no way to unsubscribe. Stay away from this platform.

  5. Vidal Rosado
    Dec 11, 2022

    Naga is unreliable and seriously untrustworthy

    Naga is unreliable and seriously untrustworthy. I've had multiple issues with their security protocols, and my personal information has been compromised. I wouldn't trust them with my money or my data.

  6. Gloria Walker
    Dec 9, 2022

    I've been using Naga for a few months and have had problems

    I've been using Naga for a few months and have had problems. The interface is clunky and confusing, and I've experienced multiple instances of lost or stolen funds. I wouldn't recommend this platform to anyone.

  7. Kathy Huster
    Dec 8, 2022 is a total scam is a total scam. I deposited a large amount of money into my account, which disappeared overnight. When I tried to contact naga customer support, I received automated responses and no resolution to my issue. Avoid this platform at all costs.

  8. Keny
    Dec 7, 2022

    Naga Never Fail to Impress

    NAGAX isn't like any other cryptocurrency platform I've tried. Essentially, they provide reasonable fees and offer users access to the native cryptocurrency. NAGA Coin, With their native NGC, they allow you to enjoy a wide variety of benefits and exclusive drops. I've had an excellent experience here and would recommend them without hesitation. I can't wait to see what's to come shortly... They never fail to impress.

  9. Janny
    Aug 31, 2022

    Their education, support, and platform are excellent!

    I feel that the team behind nagax takes the issue of customer satisfaction very seriously. Their education, support, and platform are excellent! You can't ask for more from nagax.

  10. Tom Howery
    Aug 27, 2022

    Everything was in place

    In essence, I stored my coins in a secure place, and when I returned, everything was in place, and I was eager to start making new trades again.

  11. Angelo Lobo
    Aug 26, 2022

    The platform is fantastic

    The platform is fantastic, with an exceptionally competent team offering an excellent benefits program. As a NAGA COIN owner, I gained access to exclusive discounts, drops, and even early news about other high-quality crypto products, making it simple to decide on my trading plans because everything is available in one spot. This is amazing!

  12. Niruijie
    Aug 25, 2022

    This is an amazing platform!

    This is a fantastic platform! An ideal place to start building up, particularly now that the market is falling! I believe it's an excellent long-term solution to my needs. Nice job, the nagas!

  13. Paul Sanders
    Aug 15, 2022

    It's probably the best platform

    It's probably the best platform I've had to use up until now, providing excellent possibilities for investors. After researching the market and spending hours using this platform, I suggest everyone be a member of NAGA Coin to get access to exclusive drops along with a dazzling variety of benefits.

  14. Nadhir Moatemri
    Aug 5, 2022

    Perhaps the most reliable platform out of Estonia

    Perhaps the most reliable Estonia based platform I used until now provides excellent trading opportunities to traders. After researching the market and spending hours on this platform, I would recommend everyone to be a member of NAGA Coin to enjoy exclusive drop offers and a wide array of perks.

  15. Tamara Johnson
    Aug 5, 2022

    Nagax is Estonia based regulated Crypto Exchange:)

    Since the NAGAX is an Estonia-based regulated crypto exchange, I do not give it a second thought to trusting this platform. They are not a scam, frauds, or dubious people. They are the truest legends in the crypto community.

    If you trade, you'll spend a much time learning and keeping up with the latest information available. It is remarkable to have NAGA's new finance community and a social investment network where every detail is shared along with the opinions of more than half a million traders across the globe. Based on other people's experiences, I've saved lots of time by doing my research and taking care not to make similar mistakes.

  16. Rubin Garcia
    Jul 23, 2022

    Overall they made me feel at ease and secure

    The issue I made on the feed was taken note of and resolved within the next day, as their support team is highly responsive and dedicated to helping whenever possible. Once my login was working for the first time on the platform, I went to the Academy section feed.

    Get for it! A wealth of free educational materials helped me learn much about crypto, markets, and strategy as an analysis of the market. Overall they made me feel at ease and secure trading on this platform...

  17. David Harman
    Jul 22, 2022

    Fantastic security

    I've spent a long time searching for a reputable firm, and not surprising considering that I've always wanted to invest my retirement funds! They're all this and more. Not only am I able to have my assets secure by the ultra-secure cryptocurrency wallet from internal and cyber-attacks and human error, and on top of that, their team has woven the most recent advancements in MPC cryptography and hardware isolation inside the wallet, ensuring the private keys will be difficult to access and my cash is secure even if hackers gain access to the servers

  18. Anonymous
    Jul 22, 2022

    The process is easy for new traders

    It is essential to be simple to me as a trader since it can save me time! Whether I need to buy cryptocurrency, sell it, or trade, it is quick and straightforward. The process is easy for new traders as well as for me as an experienced trader as well as their user.

  19. Jim Freund
    Jul 21, 2022

    This is the reason I've chosen to trade my cryptocurrency here

    You can never be safe enough with these matters but when I read about how they woven the most recent developments in MPC cryptography, with the hardware's isolation in the wallet. They also stated that the private keys they had created could not be extracted, and I no longer had to think about it. This is the reason I've chosen to trade my cryptocurrency here.

  20. Jimmy White
    Jul 21, 2022

    I am extremely happy with this

    So when I was researching this platform, I learned that their team incorporated the latest advancements in MPC cryptography and hardware isolation in the wallet. NAGAX private keys cannot be extracted, and therefore no hackers or malware can get control over the servers ' OS. This makes me feel very secure to begin investing and trading using cryptocurrency. I must say that I am thrilled with this. Thanks.

  21. Catherine Pickren
    Jul 20, 2022

    This site makes trading very simple

    Data encryption is, in a sense, uplifting as I'm always thinking about my currency and its security. Furthermore, the abundance of digital assets available for trading on this site makes trading very simple

  22. Micahel Lazarro
    Jul 19, 2022

    Friendly and helpful customer service team

    When I discovered they have the Estonian cryptocurrency license, I felt comfortable and decided to explore this service. Choosing an accredited broker is essential to be aware that there are many sharks in the market. Through my experiences, I discovered that they excel in providing secure and transparent trades and a friendly and helpful customer service team. I am thrilled with the entire package they provide

  23. Chad Brookshier
    Jul 17, 2022

    It's incredible

    It's incredible how they created an easy and clear system that includes all cryptocurrency and bitcoin currencies that I can trade them, store or invest them and this makes the entire process simple, transparent and cool. It took me a bit of time to organize all the information and trading advice, but I am content with the huge amounts of money that I earned easily.

  24. Susan Bush
    Jul 16, 2022

    Customer support is extremely efficient in their work

    Customer support is highly efficient in their work. They are very friendly and always there. I have never experienced any problems with this trading platform, and I'm just saying keep up the great work!

  25. Robert Pennington
    Jul 15, 2022

    The most enjoyable experience

    My primary goal as an investor is to win; when I do, it is crucial to keep my winnings secure. Thank NAGAX, for your assistance! NAGAX for the most enjoyable experience to date! It is the best location to reach my goals since they offer the most favorable conditions and top security.

  26. David Green
    Jul 13, 2022

    They resolved my issue quickly

    They resolved my issue quickly. It was a great experience to know how they treat their clients with kindness and respect. The amount of information and knowledge they provide and also own is impressive, and whenever I'm you are in doubt, they will surprise you further with speedy and insightful tips and advice

  27. Charles Metzger
    Jul 13, 2022

    I've had a nice and smooth start

    I've had a nice and smooth start; however, I'm a novice, and it's a big deal that I am constantly receiving assistance from their customer service, who has also sent me the free educational materials and all the info I needed. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  28. Cherrell Watson
    Jul 12, 2022

    Helpful customer service

    After discovering that they hold the Estonian cryptocurrency license, I was confident and decided to test this platform. Working with an accredited broker is essential because there are many sharks in the market. I have learned from experience that they're awe-inspiring in providing secure and transparent trades and a friendly and helpful customer service team. I am thrilled with the entire package they provide

  29. Jason Wright
    Jul 11, 2022

    Thank you NAGAX!

    I am at ease with them as they are always available, and they have supported me in my trading journey and assisted me throughout the process right from the beginning. I am grateful for their care and time in answering all my questions and concerns. Thank you, NAGAX!

  30. Michael Lilley
    Jul 10, 2022

    Tnx Guys!

    The entire system is secured, which is the most critical factor for me since I've traded using cryptocurrencies for years, and I know how everything operates. Tnx Guys!

  31. Lakisha Moore
    Jun 28, 2022

    They appear very reliable and authentic

    I appreciate Nagax's openness and transparency. They appear very reliable and authentic. I was skeptical about investing initially but was able to get great support from them. And they've continued to assist me when I'm stuck, and they have this do-anything attitude that gives me confidence and support. I appreciate it

  32. Mattie Gabriele
    May 18, 2022

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange

    It's fantastic that they have made it easy and transparent to exchange and store bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

    Although it took me some time to organize all the information and trade tips, I'm happy with the fantastic amount of money that I have made.

  33. jason denton
    May 4, 2022

    Highest quality assistance

    I need to have an excellent trading platform and top-quality assistance. This is where I found it. Their commitment to the customer makes the crypto trading process unique.

    Their wallets are protected with first-rate security. All data is encrypted, so hackers cannot compromise it. The platform is fantastic with a professional look.

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NAGAX, a revolutionary social investing cryptocurrency exchange platform, offers unlimited crypto trading, safe storage for your crypto assets, and a unique crypto community. Thanks to its simple design and user interface, the platform provides a seamless trading experience. It also has a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies.

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