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5 Reviews

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Is Trading Cafe India legit?

Trading Cafe India has 5 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.4 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Trading Cafe India customer care?

You can contact Trading Cafe India customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 9104733850

Where is Trading Cafe India located?

Trading Cafe India is located at address A-35, udhognagar, Jamnagar 361004 - Gujarat.

5 Reviews on Trading Cafe India

  1. Krunal Kava
    1 rating

    Reported to SEBI. Took 22K INR

    Jan 1, 2024

    They took 22k and only provided a tool that is useless as shit. They tell people to use 5m tf, but their traders trade in 1m tf. They do not show their profit screen properly; else, people would know the exact entry time and price. Aakash and Chinmay are the real con artist. I feel for Chinmay. He looks decent but is still conning others. I have written to SEBI, and they will be booked soon.

    1. Vicky
      Jan 3, 2024

      Can u give ur trading cafe India login so I can use and understand...I want to buy this setup

  2. Charan K
    1 rating

    Tredcode is a fake tool

    Dec 25, 2023

    I searched all social media for reviews about Trading cafe India’s Tredcode and found no mention of them other than Instagram. They also diligently deleted any comments, reviews, and criticism that were not promoting their posts.I thought this website would be a great place for traders to share their tips and make easy money day trading. I took their pro-mentorship and introductory courses. Now, I am an active day trader.

    I’m afraid they could remove my name from daily screeners, and I don’t want to post under my name. I made some observations after working with them for several months.Tradingcafe India is an association of traders who train and support students’ daily screeners. They verbally confirmed that the screener would last a lifetime for professional students.

    We do not have a contract with Tradingcafe India. At least, I don’t have it. I paid the 20k to a random man’s account and shared a screenshot. They don’t have a company bank address, and they probably haven’t registered their company yet.Therefore, I fear that if there is any disagreement between the partners, they could stop the partnership business, and all future screeners would be stopped.

    They use telegram to share daily screeners. I am also a member of their channel. There are about 200 students in this group. In the first minutes of posting a message, approximately 170 students saw it.Only 25-30 students viewed the most recent notification as time went by. About 100 students only check the updates at the end of each day.

    Although I’m not an analyst, it could mean that only 25 students are actively trading. The rest almost gave up trading when they realized that day trading wasn’t as simple as earning money at 10-5 desk jobs.Entry training classes teach us how to be disciplined and follow the rules. They also train us in opening range breakouts, waiting on retracements in 5-minute candles, etc.

    They do, however, violate all trading rules by posting entries to Instagram. They are usually aggressive entries that take less than 3-4 minutes, and the trade logic or reason they have access to other classes they never share. We are left to follow their lead by making blind entries and taking losses.

    Trainers hate scalping. They make long speeches about how scalping can destroy our capital. You can see their Instagram posts boasting huge scalping profits, 50k in three minutes, and so on. Students are still unsure whether to believe the Instagram success stories or the lessons. For the past few weeks, they have been promoting the new tool, “Tredcode.”

    This could be a great tool, without a doubt. They made a few trades using inputs from Tredcode and then posted the videos to Instagram. You can see that they aren’t talking about bad businesses that they have started based on Tredcode.

    Jublfood and 16-June 2021 took HDFCLIFE based on tried code suggestions. They immediately hit their stop loss. This is not a criticism. I also know that no tool can accurately predict the market. I’m confused by the success stories of students in Instagram posts.

    Many people say they are grateful for advice and support. Are there any special pre-training programs for students? Next, they discuss swing trading posts that they share on Instagram. They mention the cringe comment, “I share analysis and trade it as pure price action strategy.”

    They often post-analyze and don’t mention that they are trading on it. While I don’t deny that swing traders make huge profits, it is challenging to promote success. The scrip will make the excellent dough, and they will give you a post to pound your chest stating that it was said beforehand.

    You can verify it yourself by checking the PIDILITIND Instagram posting on 12-June-2021. Students also face the problem of not being able to continue studying.They should at least let us know what trade logic they use for every entry they make each day. It can help losing students learn some strategies and then implement them.

    Don’t follow his screenshots. I took the course with him and can tell you that it was a waste of my 15K (now I think he has raised his course price to 18K). He is also charging 10K for a tredcode to his students (some people pay a monthly subscription). I believe he is only trying to sell his course and tool, which are a total waste of time and money.

    Don’t let your hard-earned cash go to waste. Screenshots are fake!! Furthermore, most of his negative comments have been removed from his social media team. His close friends are the ones who lure him to positive comments on his courses.

    They are not interested in teaching or receiving support during trading hours to make huge profits via Instagram and lure people. For example, I am part of a batch that has 200 people on the telegram channel. Therefore, 200×15 (course fees) = 30L (per batch for 2-3months).

    Rest the tredcode cost once more for the derivative segment they have introduced before a couple of weeks for trading bank nifty and nifty.

  3. Irfan Khan
    5 rating

    Tred code is trustworthy

    Dec 20, 2023

    I was also a student of trading café India, It was a very good experience with them. from Being a noninterested person in trading/stock market to trading daily and making a profit of 4k-5k TCI changed my vision and my perspective about the stock market. They have perfect management compared to any other institute. Mentors are very much dedicated to their work and passionate about their students All I can say based on my experience is that it’s a wonderful choice if someone is looking for a comprehensive course on the stock market The course is designed comprehensively and it provides detailed knowledge of various aspects of the Stock Market.

    The course starts with the basics of the stock market and goes on to advance topics. the course unfolds in a logically defined format so that even a person who doesn’t know about the stock market can learn from scratch I can say the content is beautifully presented in lectures and delivered with good-valuable examples which makes it easy to understand. I am still wondering, How one can give such highly valuable content teachings for less than Rs.22,000/-., every lecture kept me motivated and shown what to do in the stock market to earn… at the end what I can say is TCI and their course is trustworthy,

  4. Darshan
    4 rating

    Tredcode is not a fake tool, they are genuine Trading cafe india

    Dec 1, 2023

    It is indeed a genuine course. Otherwise, you won’t find the kind of reviews which you see on google. They conduct two months of full-time courses having different modules which include teaching students right from the basics, trendlines, types of candles to candlestick patterns, chart patterns, reading price action, FnO, FnO strategies, OI interpretation, etc. I never knew about these things until I did the whole course. Not only are these concepts explained in detail but a student also learns how to trade based on these learnings. And no there are no exorbitant promises.

    Every student is told that they must first focus on studying and do a lot of backtesting and only trade with minimum capital. And once they develop conviction, students must move beyond a certain capital. Further knowing well that after the 2 months of course every student needs revision and follow up on their study and acknowledging the fact that what can be achieved collectively can’t be done individually, the institute has started funding their students so they can freely trade. Every past student has access to the tredcode. Now, I don’t know what more a teaching institute should do to qualify as genuine.

  5. Mahir
    1 rating

    Trading cafe India and Rushi, Chinmay are money hunter

    Oct 10, 2023

    I have attended all the sessions of Rushi sir and Chinmay. They only talk about the moving average of 5, 10, and 15 minutes. Chinmay is only good at making YouTube videos and faking screenshots. I exposed their fake screenshot and sent them, but they have blocked me after that.

    After lots of back and forth with Akash, the person who onboarded me for the lesions contacted me and scolded me.They told me to pay again for the TredCode access. That’s when I found Trading Cafe India, an unregistered company scamming innocent traders like me.

    Akash asked me to pay using Google pay into the random guy account, that was the red flag for me, but as they are very good at showing screenshots and setup, I paid them, trusting I would get the value of money invested.They never contacted me about my activities, lessons learned, progress, etc. They are seriously defrauding lots of money by showing fake screenshots on Instagram.

    Please avoid paying any money to them.

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Trading Cafe India (TCI) offers an online stock trading course to teach practical skills with proven strategies. Co-founded in 2018 by Chinmay Dudhane, who began trading at 17, TCI started as an Instagram community, and it grew to over 130,000 members who shared ideas and learned basic techniques. TCI provides a 3-month comprehensive program with live market sessions to apply real-time learnings. A key feature is their proprietary Tredcode scanner, which identifies opportunities and integrates Open Interest data. This tool helps traders explicitly select the right stocks and avoid random guesses. TCI emphasizes risk management and psychology as crucial to success. The support portal also lets students connect to experts for guidance. TCI focuses on practical education to offer institution-level strategies tailored to trading Nifty and Bank Nifty indexes. The hands-on approach aims to prepare traders with not just knowledge but experience.

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