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11 Reviews
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11 Reviews on Shiba Limited

  1. Sarah Draht
    1 rating
    Jun 3, 2023

    The business is fraudulent and scams

    The business is fraudulent and scams people into believing they will provide them with a specific amount of cash if they join Trustpilot and then rate it five stars review. They promise to trick users into believing that they can watch ads and then get paid back, but it is a scam and phony that also offers people's data to advertising campaigns. Kindly notify this website...

  2. Maura Hughes
    5 rating
    May 8, 2023

    Very easy to utilize

    Shiba Limited is very easy to utilize. I have been earning for the past several days from Shiba using my account and through the help of my friends. I'm making money at home from my computer. I withdrew my cash instantly within two days! The experience has been very positive through Shiba thus far. I strongly recommend using the Shiba platform to earn money online from the comfort of your home.

  3. Janis Murphy
    5 rating
    May 6, 2023


    The Shiba Inu website offers a variety of methods for you to make Shiba Inu. They include mining with CPUs or GPUs, Auto Faucets, Manual Faucets, PTC, Tasks, Links, Etc. These are all easy to complete and will pay you with Shiba Inu incredible amounts. Fantastic site!!

  4. Chewy Sweetart
    1 rating
    Apr 14, 2023

    Support shuts down

    They'll block you out of your account, which cannot be withdrawn, and their support shuts down. You can connect to them whenever they're ready to get their hands on you. was able to help me get my funds from Shiva Limited. Be cautious when using other sites. IIT is much more secure.

  5. Tess Green
    5 rating
    Jan 22, 2023

    It is an excellent method to gain Shiba Inu

    It is an excellent method to gain Shiba Inu. I am so glad to discover this app. I have been searching for an app similar to you and have... begun making Shib coin. I'm hoping that it will work... Please take a look and try it; it's a fantastic way to earn free Shib coins. In addition, you can choose different ways to earn tokens, which makes the website appealing and fascinating, and we don't become exhausted.

  6. LaKiyia Briggs
    2 rating
    Sep 22, 2022

    This is a natural platform

    This is a natural platform as I began to work with cryptocurrency. I receive my money instantly when I reach the minimum amount for withdrawal of 150,000. You can earn my Shiba Inu using manual faucets, tasks, PTC, the fortune wheel, offer wall, and lottery. So my Shiba Inu is an excellent platform for helping those who want to become rich.

  7. Dianna Oskar
    5 rating
    Jul 23, 2022

    The best website

    The best website is one that is money where you can easily hit the limit of withdrawal in one day through watching advertisements or ptc, mine faucet, etc. It is possible to easily hit the limit of withdrawal in just one day

  8. Sheila Goss
    4 rating
    Jul 12, 2022

    I'm satisfied with the phone

    I'm satisfied with the phone and deal I obtained from the firm. I wanted a smartphone that could do the job, and the website suggested one that checked all the boxes. Contacting the customer service department provided me with exactly what I wanted. The company needs to adjust its systems to let users know if items are available or not so that they don't create a false expectation that they will have the item in stock.

  9. Jennifer Garza
    5 rating
    Jun 28, 2022

    The most straightforward method

    If you're looking for coins in the most straightforward method, this is the most effective application on the market. I was able to get free coins and even purchase a brand new skateboard! Shiba Limited is by far the best app available on the market.

  10. Eden Padilla
    5 rating
    May 18, 2022

    A great site for earning shiba

    I was recently aware of how Shiba. Little works, and I'm excited to participate in earning Shiba through this site.

    I appreciate your easy and reliable methods. I will also recommend this site to my friends to reach maximum referrals.

  11. Sheluzo Soho
    5 rating
    Apr 25, 2022

    This is the very basic guide.

    This guide is fundamental and only teaches you basic commands. It was surprising that it didn't cover harnesses. My Shiba Inu's necks are more comprehensive than their heads, so collars can slip off regular collars. There is very little information on brushing and grooming.

    It's a good guide, but there are not many books about this breed. The main point is that they can be difficult dogs to train. Be patient, and they will reward you with great friends. I would have given it 5 stars if there had been more content, and not just a softback book.

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