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4 Reviews on Weed Seeds USA

  1. Woody Pentecost
    July 9th, 2022

    When I first received my seeds

    I will do another review since I need to credit it to the extent that it is due. When I first received my seeds, they looked like runts and took a long time to develop. I was not even planning to report the sources, but I did. After transplanting them, I’m pleased to say that the plant has grown exponentially in size and has seven finger leaves that are bigger than the palm of my hand! It’s time to see what I can find for buds. Fingers crossed.

  2. Domingo Barrios
    July 2nd, 2022

    They are selling useless genetic rubbish .... at a bargain price!

    I cannot say enough negative things about this company. From a total of twenty seeds that germinated, only four have been successful. Of those four, all were poor slugs. I paid $100 for nothing. This business is a money taker, here and gone the next day. Don’t let low prices seduce you. They are selling useless genetic rubbish …. at a bargain price!

  3. Jimmy Chancellor
    May 19th, 2022

    Gorilla glue

    Gorilla glue and Bruce Banner were ordered. The seeds arrived quickly and included an additional pack of seeds.

    They are very reasonable in price, and the seeds germinate quickly.

    However, one source came malformed and has yet to sprout, but they promised to replace it.

    I am not sure what to make of the reviews. No one can claim the seed market.

    I am happy with the quality of genetics for this price, but all I have seen are beautiful seedlings that look amazing.

    Although I was curious if the seeds were from spane seed farms, I am happy with them.

  4. Zuni Hunter
    May 7th, 2022

    The remaining 4 seeds did not do anything

    These positive reviews seem likely to be fake. Five auto seeds were purchased. One of them germinated and died. The remaining four seeds failed to grow. We bought many more sources at that time.

    As we try to germinate these seeds, I will be reviewing them. We are confident that we have the experience to germinate seeds successfully.

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WSUSA, also known as Weed Seeds USA, is an Oklahoma-based seed supplier that grows cannabis, marijuana, and other medicinal plants. Only licensed and souvenir marijuana seeds are sold to growers in Oklahoma and the USA. You can choose from high-yielding autoflowers, feminized flowers, and phenotype hunting to get regular marijuana seeds. Weed Seeds USA offers a wide selection of marijuana seeds online, including Sativa, Indica, hybrid, and ruderalis varieties. We sell hemp seeds to grow low-THC cannabis and CBD seeds for harnessing the benefits of CBD. Through a partnership between Blimburn Seeds, Licensed Local Growers, and Licensed Local Growers, our genetics are 100% done in-house. Weed Seeds USA is the largest online pot seed bank.

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