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2 Reviews on CBD Warehouse USA

  1. Leslie Molessa
    July 9th, 2022

    It's very disappointing

    According to the description, I purchased from this store on the internet last year, thinking it was located in Colorado. After a week , I contacted them about my purchase.ABQ delivered it within eight business days of when placing my order. Then I decided to visit their website and avoid the shipping cost. They aren’t located at the address listed on Midway. The address for Midway is not available through their site. It isn’t enjoyable.

  2. Lamar Trawick
    June 4th, 2022

    Terrible Customer service

    Terrible Customer service. The first time I ordered hemp seeds, they did not germinate (which arrived one month after I placed an order). After receiving my third order of sources, I was still waiting to receive the seedlings after three weeks.

    I couldn’t contact customer service for quite a while. Then I called a week later and was informed that they would be sent out in the next week (again and to be received one month later).

    I finally received an unintentional refund on my purchase with no explanation. They aren’t responding to emails and won’t contact their customer support phone.

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