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7 Reviews

Thunder Laser USA

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How much does a Thunder Laser Cost?

Thunder Laser prices start at $5,495 for the Bolt model. Prices vary based on the model and features, with higher-end models like the Odin starting at $17,900.

How do you use laser-guided bombs in War Thunder?

In War Thunder, laser-guided bombs are used by selecting them in the loadout, targeting with the laser designator, and releasing the bombs once the target is locked.

How do you use a laser rangefinder in War Thunder?

To use a laser rangefinder in War Thunder, aim at the target and activate the rangefinder using a designated key to measure and display the distance to the target.

What is the price of the Thunder Laser Nova 35?

The Thunder Laser Nova 35 costs $9,900 for the 80w version and $10,900 for the 100w version in the United States. In the UK, it costs £11,995, including VAT​.

7 Reviews on Thunder Laser USA

  1. Jackie
    5 rating

    Changing Manufacturers to Thunder Laser!

    Feb 11, 2024

    I'm so grateful for Eric as he listened to me rant approximately my modern laser producer and all of the issues I have had with their device. He offered me two solutions and took the time to give an explanation for how Thunder's lasers and technical guide might be a hugely distinctive revel in for me. I'm searching ahead to having more peace of thoughts with Thunder's merchandise! Eric turned into sincerely helpful explaining what would paintings first-rate for my commercial enterprise desires.

  2. Perez
    4 rating

    Prompt and Professional Support

    Feb 7, 2024

    Support was very spark off and expert with their responses and help in addressing my worries/problems. I actually have now not yet been able to verify whether or now not the hints given will paintings, however I assume they will. I will strive what turned into counseled, after I have the time. As for the Support crew, they seem very useful, real, courteous, informed and professional. Thank you for all of your help.

  3. Dennis Smith
    3 rating

    Too Many Irrelevant Information

    Jan 29, 2024

    A lot of irrelevant information, causing additional questions, and a concern over the answers given ... One last email sent by Chris .. providing the link for "Calibrating Axes in LightBurn" Do you account for the kerf using these measurements? I am unsure of information in the link Chris has sent me. I'm not sure of the significance of the question. It leaves me in confusion. Does the video make a mistake in not excluding the kerf accounting reference?

  4. Gabriel Jordan
    3 rating

    Many Time Lack Of Communication

    Jan 28, 2024

    I'm amazed by how educated they are! They've got that down! One reason why I gave them three Stars It's because while they're extremely knowledgeable, I believe that a quick phone call can solve problems in a matter of minutes but I'd prefer they attempted to resolve the issue just a few minutes or email, then extend the call to an email or a phone call in the event that they do not have an solution right now However, if I'm working with a client and they're demanding that I adhere to a timeframe, the minutes instead of days are important! Apart from that, I am very happy with my equipment and the results it gives. are more positive things to write concerning Thunder Laser than bad!

  5. Geraldo
    2 rating

    Customer Service Nightmare

    Jan 27, 2024

    I have purchased two lasers through the company, and am not happy with the experiences. The company doesn't offer any phone support which means you must watch many videos, which can are ineffective since when you receive lasers, they have been dated. My machines are great however, I'll never purchase another one from this business. I was sold attachments that don't fit on my machine. I'm feeling as though I'm now trapped with a device which I cannot even utilize. I am still waiting for the sales staff to reply to my request for a return. My experience is not pleasant for a buyer. Research prior to buying from this business is my advice.

  6. Mag K
    2 rating

    $1100 accessories but no response

    Jan 25, 2024

    It was challenging to get responses. I sent multiple emails to Rebecca, but no reply. I called her; she never called back. Grant sent the tracking number, Virina left, and Rebecca was unresponsive. Delivery dates kept changing; no updates on delays. I received the wrong laser head—poor packaging for $1100 accessories. Customer service is disappointing. I was still waiting for a resolution. I'm not impressed; I'm hoping the machine proves its worth.

  7. Engina Kurt
    5 rating

    Thunder laser reviews

    Jan 25, 2024

    I bought a Thunder Laser machine and have been blown away by both the product and customer service. Right from my first chat with the Thunder Laser USA folks, everything went smooth as butter. My sales guy Eric was real helpful in answering all my questions and making sure the sale went off without a hitch and i got the Thunder Bolt model and it has performed even better than I expected - the quality of work it produces is top notch. But what has really impressed me is their after-sale support. When some minor problem popped up, their team, especially Chris jumped right on it and got things fixed up lickety-split. As the owner of a small business, having that kind of service and reliability is huge for me. I'm very happy with my purchase and would tell anyone looking into a high-end laser machine to take a hard look at Thunder Laser USA.

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About Thunder Laser USA

Thunder Laser USA - a part of Luttrell Holdings LLC - makes laser cutting and engraving machines for various uses, such as teaching, manufacturing, woodworking, and leather. They've got little desktop lasers called Bolt and bigger, stronger ones for companies called Nova. The company talks about how their machines are reliable and fast but still easy to use, so you can depend on them to get stuff done precisely without needing a tech genius to make them work. Speed and reliability are critical for their business and personal buyers who rely on these machines daily. Thunder Laser USA gives its customers plenty of help from start to purchase and beyond so users can maximize what their equipment can do. The parent company, Thunder Laser, began around 2012 and now operates worldwide. Their mission is to make terrific laser gear and be a real force in the industry. They focus hard on quality control in manufacturing and have stamps of approval from places like the FDA. Their team has expert engineers, skilled technicians, and seasoned marketers aiming to churn out advanced lasers and give buyers the support they need.

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