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7 Reviews on Azure Standard

  1. Maribel Garay
    Jan 3, 2023

    the last three orders

    We were highly pleased the first time we ordered, and everything was delivered just as we wanted. Afterward, our experience quickly changed. When you make an order on the site, it informs you that the product is available and can be added to the cart, it is then you have to pay for the item and believe that the system takes it, but when the shipment arrives, it’s not as if they’re not in stocks. For example, we’ve been trying to get oatmeal for three months, and when we make an order, the oatmeal is available; however, just before the cutoff date, your order is canceled as it was not in stock. According to what I’ve heard from the employees (always pleasant customer service), even if it’s available when you place an order and then pay for it, be skeptical about it being a deal-to-close because frequently, they’ll be out of inventory. That’s been my experience with various products over the last three orders.

  2. Ryan C. Healy
    Jan 2, 2023

    Stay clear of these people

    Ordered purple Italian prune plums (pictured and described) were greeted with tiny orange plums of a type. They claimed that it was true and refused to assist. Stay clear of these people. Choose a firm that stands behind its products.

  3. Greg Thompson
    Jan 1, 2023

    I bought from Azure twice.

    I bought from Azure twice. I received a variety of things in the first shipment, including a 25-lb bag of Organic Raw cane sugar. The sugar was marked with the Azure branding on the packaging. We are so amazed by the flavor and quality that when I placed my second order two months later, I purchased a 50lb box of the same sugar. But what I got was a package that was marked with a different brand name on the front. Upon exploring it, we realized it wasn’t the unbleached sugar that was raw. However, it was clear white, and the Taste was distinct. I double-checked my purchases to determine if I’d purchased a different brand, and I did not. In tIn the particular order, I was also expected to receive three jars of the same item, but I received two of the right things and one pot of something completely different. When I inquired with the company about the two issues, which I was not likely to address about the jar that was mixed up initially, however, after I discovered I discovered the amount of sugar and the expense that it was made, I decided to reach out. I was informed that they would reimburse my account for the amount of the product that was not inside the container. The representative needed to talk with another person before discussing the sugar issue with me. He requested that I send photos. I sent pictures of my previous order, the bag it came in, and the package I received with the label and sugar. I was told that the sugar content is in line with the standard and white due to the extraction method used; however, this is a qualified endorsement that they agree with the product. The issue I had was not even discussed, despite being that it was not the item I wanted. I was looking for a 50lb bag of the product I purchased last time. That’s precisely what I bought in my cart. Azure could not retain me as a client due to the bad handling of this problem.

  4. William Taylor
    Sep 23, 2022

    The pick-up process was simple

    The pick-up process was simple, and all my purchases were adequately packed. However, I was disappointed that most of my fresh fruit and vegetables were terrible. I wouldn’t say I like to throw away food, but the grapes were moldy, the broccoli was suffering from black rot, and the kale also had a black breakdown. I was forced to throw the entire grapes container and half of the broccoli and kale.

  5. John Hudson
    Jul 11, 2022

    I was extremely disappointed

    I was highly disappointed with my purchase because the mandarin oranges I received weren’t very excellent. They appeared old in taste and toughness, and five of them were poor when they arrived, and I had to throw them out the whole lot immediately. The next day, I sent them an email the following day but didn’t hear any response.

  6. Daniela Collins
    May 19, 2022

    Quality products

    Excellent Service, especially given that it was right after the fire. We are sorry for the hardships and losses you have suffered. This was our first order with Azure.

    We have previously ordered from similar suppliers in the past, but most are no more or have restructured their product lines so that they can resell the same stuff as big-box stores.

    We are glad to see Azure offers quality products. (Grandma and Grandma are empty nesters! Ha!) We will recommend Azure Standard to our family and friends.

  7. Mary Fries
    May 9, 2022

    Incomplete orders make it not worth the journey

    To make the drop, I drive an hour each way. My orders are rarely completed to 100%. Orders are often missing up to 80%, so it’s not worth the effort and travel costs. A $350 order may have half to 1/3 missing.

    It can be very frustrating to discover how many items will not arrive at the last minute. These items could be left unclaimed for a month, and I might not receive them again. However, someone else could fill a truck with these items.

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