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18 Reviews on ACP Composites

  1. Linda Overton
    Jun 3, 2023

    The overnight shipping

    The process took more than 30 hours to finish a tiny shipment, and it was delivered a day later in the process of paying for the overnight shipping. It's not exactly what I consider good customer service.

  2. Precision Kiosk
    May 4, 2023

    Product is exceptional

    This product is exceptional, with five stars for quality. The star does not count for delivery. The item I bought measures 8"; it came as a tube with a length of just 6'. It was a bit loose and visible. I don't know why the second tube wasn't used as a cap. It was put tape on the junction. Thankfully, the shipping company took special care to ensure the item was in perfect condition.

  3. Ben Swenson
    Mar 16, 2023

    A loyal customer for many years with a simple request

    A loyal customer for many years with a simple request. No imagination or the initiative to assist. It's a shame this was an idea for a client, and they wanted another one. I was able to fill it out by contacting my current supplier.

  4. Octavio Corona
    Mar 14, 2023

    I don't know why my debit card wasn't approved

    I don't know why my debit card wasn't approved. I don't have any reason. I purchased resin with a hardener a year ago, but the product was deemed expired three months after the purchase. I was unaware that it was already over. It's not a trustworthy company.

  5. George Johnnidis
    Mar 13, 2023

    Thanks to Edwin and the ACP shipping team!

    Our company required carbon fiber tows in an emergency with national implications for the food chain. Not only did their customer service rep show up and assist, but the shipping department also came through, just minutes from completing their day. Thanks to Edwin and the ACP shipping team!

  6. Joseph Wolf
    Mar 12, 2023

    I am frustrated, but it was my error

    The fact that there was a defect in a portion of the fabrics I purchased. It wasn't how I thought it sounded to re-order a piece of lass mash I had purchased over the phone. I'm not familiar with the various types of mash weight scales or classifications. Self-rap attempted to obtain a refund at most on one, but it was not accepted. I'm left with two rows I could utilize. I am frustrated, but it was my error.

  7. Angela Oyervides
    Mar 11, 2023

    The quality of the tubing I purchased is exceptional

    The quality of the tubing I purchased is exceptional and, when I ordered the wrong tube, it was simple to cancel. The order was canceled before it was shipped, so I wasn't paid any amount. The only thing I found confusing was that the external diameter and internal diameters weren't in a similar order to various products. If I ever need more precision-engineered tubing, this is where to get it.

  8. Eric Swanson
    Mar 10, 2023

    I am a fan of this material

    I am a fan of this material (black sheet of fiberglass); however, the handling before shipping is consistently poor. I need to cut the scratches between them, which cuts down on the amount of part that can be fabricated on the sheet.

  9. Greg Pickle
    Mar 9, 2023

    The process was complicated

    The process was complicated, and it took a long time to locate the product you advertised. When I tried calling, I was told you did not possess it but could find it. I tried again, and finally...maybe through luck, I got it. A+ on quick shipment!

  10. John Petersen
    Mar 7, 2023

    I sent an email asking a few questions but I haven't heard from them

    The product was exactly as I expected, and I'd give it a 5. However, I sent an email asking a few questions, but I haven't heard from them. I have a few questions about purchasing additional materials, and I need further information on how to paint best or finish your items. Thank you - Mark

  11. David Dodd
    Mar 6, 2023

    I've received my order. It was a long five-day delay between the date

    I've received my order. It was a long five-day delay between the date I received the Release notice on the 8th and the shipping notification on the 13th. ACP generally is much faster in its delivery. As an international customer, I would prefer a carrier like USPS. Fedex ground is costly for small-sized orders. They charge an additional brokerage/customs clearance, and shipping costs are paid via ACP. USPS is not set this cost.

  12. Peter Knudsen
    Mar 5, 2023

    ACP must tighten its quality control

    ACP must tighten its quality control. The carbon fiber layup should be rectangular with 90o corner angles. In the piece it arrived at, the short side was 1/8" more extensive than the second. I had to square the work before it could be utilized. If a reckless or untrained user could have faced severe fit issues assuming the dimensions were all correct.

  13. Denise Mctear
    Mar 3, 2023

    It was too late to send a replacement. It was a pity.

    The carbon fiber with the giant diameter rod (wing spar) I was sent was bent. The wing had an angle of 2 degrees due to the spa's warped. The two other rods worked perfectly. I was forced to utilize the rods I was given by you. I was under time pressure to get this plane out. It was too late to send a replacement. It was a pity.

  14. Robert Weiss
    Mar 2, 2023

    Good product No complaints here

    Good product No complaints here. Great selection. I called sales several times and also left messages. They returned my call after a couple of days. Shipping seemed expensive for an unweighted box. I was charged $64.28. I handed over the notice of their label and took it to Post Office; they said the postage cost was around $38.

  15. Chris Munoz
    Jan 20, 2023

    I was extremely satisfied

    I was contacted for confirmation of my purchase. Then, my order showed up quickly. I was delighted with the customer service.

  16. Sammy Sanchez
    Sep 23, 2022

    A great site that has valuable products

    A great site that has valuable products. The pricing is reasonable, and the item description is clear and contains good specifications. I can't wait to tackle new projects. The process of processing orders and shipping was exactly as I expected. No complaints. I would recommend it. Thank you!

  17. Heather Davenport
    Jul 11, 2022

    Estimated delivery date and credit card charged

    The order was processed with an estimated delivery date and credit card charged. I received confirmation via email. But, the actual packing dimension of the box exceeded expectations, and the shipping costs are an increase by a substantial amount.

    A new price is sent; however, the credit card bill was automatically increased even before consent was granted, even though ultimately we have to agree. However, this increase in charge of the credit card before consent is not the ideal method for a pleasant buying experience.

    It is possible that the company could modify the system so that it gives more accurate estimates of shipping costs or the cost of the shipping charges later.

  18. Peter Lott
    May 30, 2022

    Very specific fiber types and configurations

    I was searching for a specific type of fiber and configuration. They were able to help me online via chat. This was the best way to ask questions, have them check out the product lot, and then get back to you as they find the answers.

    All the while, I worked. The customer service representative sent me a 1-yard sample to ensure I got exactly what I ordered. ACP was the best fiber company I dealt with. They had what you needed and were also very helpful in getting it to you. It arrived, and it looks exactly as they said and matches my requirements.

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