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5 Reviews on Monterey Bay Herb Co.

  1. Eleanor West
    July 26th, 2022

    Very positive experience

    The very positive experience thus far. It’s easy to navigate, and the directions at the checkout are straightforward. I love the fact that they have details and information about every spice. I’m looking eagerly awaiting my order.

  2. Mary Myers
    July 16th, 2022

    We're looking for more than an attractive letter or some free fiber

    It’s time to offer us wholesale discounts for our beverage producers. I’ve offered Herbco lots of money in the past and think you do not care about my loyalty to your company. One of the things that herb co did to show their appreciation was to give complimentary fiber samples.

    We offer discounts or even an extra 1 pound of tea. Or something significant to companies loyal to your business as I have been. We want to feel that you appreciate your patronage. We’re looking for more than an attractive letter or some free fiber.

  3. Barry English
    July 9th, 2022

    I saved several hundred dollars.

    Of all the websites I’ve visited to purchase my teas (and there’s been many), this was the most simple. I like not having to scroll through 20 pages to find the tea I’m looking for. It’s a fantastic layout. I’m happy I made an effort to compare prices even though I did pay to ship (which I wouldn’t say I like doing). After reviewing the price, including shipping, I saved several hundred dollars.

  4. Iliana Soliz
    June 24th, 2022

    Excellent customer service!

    Excellent customer service! I’ve retracted the one star because all the herbs I purchased were fresh and tasty. The old, stale product was immediately returned to me. My money, without needing me to replace it. They also told me they’d remove the item from their inventory to verify it since it was inside the “use-by” period. I’d certainly purchase from them again.

  5. Margaret Sperandeo
    May 11th, 2022

    I've always loved shopping at Monterey Bay

    Shopping in Monterey Bay has always been a pleasure. This order will replace many medicinal herbs (pretty well everything I’ve purchased over the last couple of years) that I lost in a fire in February.

    With so much going on, I am trying to restock. Monterey Bay is still the only place that I buy from. We are grateful for all the help you have given us over the past two years. All my best wishes for these “interesting” days.

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