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8 Reviews on Airmoto

  1. Karthik
    Sep 23, 2023

    Inflatable Product

    After seeing the ads, I purchased two of these products for my car and other inflatable objects (ball, cycle, etc.) and had a lot of hope and expectation that they would deliver. However, after a few attempts at inflating my kids' balls (several different sizes), I am very disappointed as none of them filled with air as I would have liked and expected. I tried playing with the nozzle and holding it with my fingers, etc., without much luck. Sad to say that it had a lot of promise but failed to deliver.

  2. John M
    Sep 20, 2023

    A Nightmare Shipping Company

    I was intrigued by the product, especially since I've had several different air pumps before. However, I ended up purchasing 6 of them, and honestly, I didn't think the price was justified at all (I mean, it still came out to over $120 each when buying seven pumps). I made the purchase well before Christmas, and what's frustrating is that several items I ordered from other vendors after this order actually arrived before Christmas.

    But here's the kicker – the air pumps didn't make even arrive in 2023! I had to wait until mid-August before I finally received them. To put it in perspective, my father came back into town for his birthday on July 8th, and the pumps still weren't here. So, I must say, the shipping experience I had with this purchase was by far the WORST I've ever had.

  3. Mike
    Sep 17, 2023

    Three Failed Air Pressure Units

    I ordered three Airmoto, and none of them work correctly. The fundamentals seem fine; they power on and toggle between settings okay. However, when I set the PSI for any application, they don't honor the PSI setting. For instance, if my tire pressure needs to be 15 PSI, and it's currently at 7 PSI (as measured by three different air gauges), the unit starts, but after a few seconds, it stops without pressurizing to my desired setting. It doesn't matter whether I'm inflating small tires, balls, or car tires—all three units fail similarly. I'm disappointed with all three of them.

  4. Michael
    Sep 14, 2023

    Unlucky Airmoto Purchase

    I've previously reviewed Airmoto. I purchased one directly from Airmoto, and it arrived in a broken condition. The button to secure the air hose failed to hold it properly. When I opened the box, I immediately heard a small piece rattling inside the unit. I now suspect that this was a spring that likely broke during shipping.

    The next day, I decided to buy another Airmoto from Amazon. To my dismay, I encountered the same problem right out of the box. When I contacted the customer service team, they suggested that the issue might have occurred during shipping, but I couldn't believe it was a coincidence.

    Experiencing the same problem in the same place twice seemed too improbable to be attributed solely to shipping mishaps. It felt more like a quality control issue or a production flaw. That's why I gave it the rating I did. I even had to show it to my friends in the garage for them to believe it, and they were just as shocked as I was.

  5. Jerome
    Sep 12, 2023

    Unanswered Support Requests and Missing Order

    Airmoto keeps emailing me to shop with them and write a review... which is incredible because they've ignored the last five emails/website chat support requests I've taken the time to send/log to ask for assistance with my missing order... ZERO RESPONSES from the company. So, I'm hoping this might prompt a response as they inquire why such a terrible review has appeared. It should be zero because... I haven't seen the $420 worth of pumps and accessories I ordered six weeks ago. So, is anyone at Airmoto monitoring this review undoubtedly? No one is paying attention to the support email in the online support requests. Good hustle, folks! I hope you've enjoyed using the money I donated to your company.

  6. James
    Sep 7, 2023

    Unanswered Queries and Inaccurate Readings

    It arrived, and I encountered some issues. I submitted my questions three to four times, and they promised to respond within 48 hours, albeit with some limitations. However, it has now been weeks, and none of my questions have ever been answered.

    I managed to pump air into the tires on my car and set the air pressure at 32 pounds. Later, I invested in an expensive tire gauge, certified by the American National Standards Institute, to assess the pressure in each tire.

    To my surprise, it showed that the pressure in my tires was 48 pounds, even though the Airmoto had certified that I had pumped them up to 32 pounds of pressure. This discrepancy is one of the issues I've inquired about in my submitted questions. Unfortunately, I have yet to receive a response to any of my questions despite several weeks having passed.

  7. Kenneth
    Sep 6, 2023

    Inefficient Airmoto Tire Inflator

    I finally had the chance to use this Airmoto device when one of the tires on my pickup was low. The tire was 15 psi low but not flat. I attached the Airmoto device to the tire and proceeded to inflate the tire, or so I thought. I didn't expect it to inflate the tire instantly, so I went back to transferring equipment from one vehicle to the other. I had been doing that when I noticed the tire was low. Transferring the equipment took me about 10 minutes, and the Airmoto ran the entire time.

    After that amount of time, I checked the tire pressure. The inflator was still running, but the tire pressure had only increased by about 2 psi. The unit was hot to the touch, and I had to put on a pair of work gloves to disconnect it. I can't in good conscience recommend this item for inflating vehicle tires, at least not unless you have all day to waste waiting for it to inflate the tire. Frustrated, I eventually gave up and turned on my air compressor, which had the tire inflated in a few minutes.

  8. Alphonzo
    Aug 14, 2023

    Worthless Devices and Untrustable Company

    I wouldn't recommend investing your time and money in this piece of junk. In my experience, it's simply not worth it, especially when reputable companies offer far superior products. Dealing with their customer service has been a nightmare - I've never received a response from them, and if the item malfunctions, you're left helpless with no recourse. It's best to steer clear of this company altogether.

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